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With the aromatic scent of love still lingering in the air after Valentine’s Day, I felt it was appropriate to celebrate the love that society is so interested in. It is not the love between the lowly peasants like you and I, it is the love that blankets the magazines in line at the grocery stores.

I try not to get to wrapped up in Hollywood love but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t perk my interest from time to time. I don’t care that Spencer Pratt has a new single out or that Lindsay Lohan stole a necklace. I think all celebrity news, good and bad, are categorized together as gossip and I would like to take a very short amount of time to highlight the couples that not only stay out of trouble but seem to have something a little special as well.

10. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones:

With a combined age of 105 years of age, these two love-birds top the list being the oldest couple. They both have aged like fine wines and despite their bumps in the road over the years they are still together. They have battled cancer and divorce and still come out on top, which says a lot about the strength of their relationship.

9. Seal and Heidi Klum:

Seal was definitely kissed by a rose. One might wonder what the world’s most esteemed super model saw in Brit with one name and who wears leather trousers year round but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Her great genes and his lack of jeans have produced two of the cutest little chaps to ever have American/British/German accents. Heidi is obviously the more outspoken half of the team but Seal shows his love in other ways by spending time with the kids and writing her little ditties.

8. A-Rod and Cameron Diaz:

Aww isn’t puppy love just precious? With both of these kids having their own laundry list of past relationships, it is nice to see them show their love for each other even if over 100,000,000 people are watching. I know I would have some insecurities about being hand-fed popcorn in front of the entire country. Their love is still fresh and new, they probably had a fight last night where Cam brought up the past, talking about Justin Timberlake but I think they have what it takes to last. Stay tuned.

7. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock:

It is nice to see that the spark that was originally ignited on the set of their movie, “The Proposal,” was able to eventually catch fire. The chemistry between them was obvious but the timing was poor as they both had their own significant others. However, everything happens for a reason and it seems as though fate had a little bit to do with these two reconvening at a time in their lives where they both probably needed each other. Awwww.

6. David and Victoria Beckham:

Becks and Posh Spice are to bloody pretty for their own good. They have the most major relationship to come out of Great Britian since Prince Charles and Lady Diana. It is amazing that with both of them being such high-powered stars from their country were able to outlast and outrun the dangerous British paparazzis and that alone has to stand for something. Posh in her 8 inch pumps and Becks in his Adidas Predators have been able to prove all the critics wrong as they take Southern California by storm.

5. Jay-Z and Beyonce:

This video tells it all as Beyonce and Jay-Z truly are the Bonnie and Clyde of our generation. HOV’s thuggish ruggish bones have been able to go from project housing to managing multiple projects at the same time. With both of them having insanely busy schedules they have been able to maintain a stable relationship. They are the exception to the rule concerning long-distance relationships and give hope for everyone else going through what they go through on a much larger scale. They’re down to ride to the very end.

4. Bennifer 2.0:

Normally, I don’t like anything that comes out of Boston but I have a great amount of respect for Ben Affleck. Beniffer 1.0 (with Jennifer Lopez) didn’t work out in the end and the more down to earth, Jennifer Garner seemed to be the right fit for this new catch phrase and family. They seem like they are happy together and it is evident through their interactions and interviews with each other that what they have is different from most.

3. Brangelina:

Their relationship didn’t start of as smoothly as most do, with Brad cheating on Jenifer Anniston with Angelina Jolie while they filmed “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” together but they are by far the most followed celebrity couple. They definitely are a little out there but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a healthy relationship. I’m not convinced they have what it takes to remain together until they both look like “Benjamin Button” but that is just me.

2. Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Bruce Willis:

Speaking of followers, Ashton Kutcher isn’t punking anyone when he buys billboard space across the country to get people to follow him on Twitter and it is actually a great investment for him in the long run, but that is a whole other story. Demi is definitely robbing the cradle a little bit with her having kids with Bruce Willis almost the same age as Ashton but to me it the fact that Ashton, Demi, Bruce, and the kids are all on great terms with each other that makes Kutchers, Moores, and Willises the most functional dysfunctional family in Hollywood.

1. Will and Jada Smith:

How friggin’ cute are they? The real Mr. and Mrs. Smith have produced the most adorable family of all time. Trey is one of the best prep wide receivers in the country. Jaden is busy becoming the ultimate triple threat of actor/rapper/ninja. And Willow is busy whipping her hair back and forth making people all over the world wanting to just pinch her cheeks. If my kids can be half as cute, athletic, and talented as they are I will be one happy man.


Most Mondays I like to start off with a “My Life Monday” but with nothing Earth-shattering or ground breaking happening in my life over the weekend, I thought I would give a review of last night’s Grammys. After all the dust has settled and the rumors of the after-parties are swirling, some people may actually forget there was an actually an award show last night.

So, I feel it is my patriotic duty to provide a quick recap for all those who forgot what happened or went to bed early. This blog will focus less on the writing format and will be in more of a play-by-play format, so that you can read the blog in a few minutes.

What a better way to open up the show with a real soulful woman, Aretha Franklin. Jennifer Hudson looks great! I guess Weight Watchers really does work and I’m just glad Christina Augilera got the words right even though she took a little spill still. I bet she could make me some bomb chicken and waffles too. Ricky Martin wore silver pants, typical.

Lady Gaga disgusts me! I’m sorry I just cannot stomach her. Only she would perform a song called “I was born this way” while wears horns implanted into her shoulders and forehead. Yeah, that’s not hypocritical. Her backup dancers looked like a bunch of WWF Golddusts.

Miranda Lambert is good, she just not my cup of tea. I can’t believe Lenny Kravitz cut the dreads! Muse scares me. B.o.B. is the homie and a lot more than just a rapper. Did anyone else notice that Bruno Mars and the Janelle Monet have the same hair-do? They probably get their coke from the same dude too. The Mo-town flare on “Grenade” was unique and good because I was getting sick of hearing that song in its original version. Janelle Monet was cute I guess but I prefer me some Willow Smith though. I love me some Mo-town.

Guess who? Jaden Smith with leopard skinny jeans, he is friggin adorable! I want to rent him as my future son. Justin Bieber is talented I don’t care what people say about how manufactured he is. Will, Jada, and Willow clapping almost brought a tear to my eye watching their son/brother during his first performance. Usher is so wack with his same dance moves from when he did my way.

Muse is cool I guess they’re the only rock band who I actually knew had an album out this year. Selena Gomez is cute, I just hope she stays innocent and doesn’t get corrupted by the Lindsay Lohans of Hollywood. And presenting with Donnie Wahlberg probably isn’t the best start. Then handing off the Grammy to Lady Caca (as I like to call her) doesn’t help either, I just hope whatever it is that Lady Gaga has, isn’t contagious. It all makes sense now that she looks up to Whitney Houston even though her new stuff is ripped off Madonna.

The lead singer of Mumford and Sons looks exactly like Tim Tebow! I almost did a double-take but then remembered that Tim Tebow isn’t emo. The Grammys is a big step up for the Avett Brothers, their last Las Vegas performance was at the Silverton, literally. I didn’t even know Bob Dylan was still alive but apparently “he aint gonna work for Maggie’s Pa no more. So, I guess that shows how musically diversified I am.

Clay Matthews is a beast! Lady Antebellum is one of few country artists I know of and like, (probably because they are crossover artists) anyway, their performance was good and the really cleaned up on awards. Miley Cyrus’ “country roots” weren’t the only things that were showing with Kings of Leon. Jamie Foxx had a Grammy and Oscar!

Who knew? Cee-lo has the most annoying voice in music and he wore the most ridiculous outfit I have ever seen. He looks like the love child of Scott Steiner and a peacock with his muppet band. Gwyenth Paltrow was surprisingly good and she was even better in “Country Strong,” good thing she didn’t fall off the piano.

Katy Perry’s voice isn’t great but she is nice to look at so I give her performance a B+. You can tell she started off probably the singer for a rock band and whoever discovered her said “lose the guys with the ripped jeans and tattoos, we have back-up dancers with N* Sync choreography for that.” She had a Powerpoint presentation of her wedding behind her while performing, which was cool I thought. She should have done “Teenage Dream” with Keenan Cahill, that would have been really smart.

“Jolene” performed by Keith Urban, Johnny Depp’s stunt double, John Mayer, and Norah Jones for Dolly Parton was pretty good. It had some fancy guitar playing that I appreciated. Seth Rogen has broken the curve of going from fat to skinny while remaining funny, a task hard to overcome in Hollywood.

Rihanna has looked better but she is still my RiRi. Adam Levine from Maroon 5 on the keys was a nice touch to performance. Eminem went H.A.M. as usual and I’m glad he finally stopped wearing super baggy pants. I would love to see him in a nice suit (no homo). I hate to say it but Dre needs to stay behind the scenes from now on, instead of on stage. He looked like Pro Bowler and ESPN Analyst, Marcellus Wiley up there.

Jewel looked pretty and I never really like John Legend, I don’t know why. Who is Esperanza Spalding? JB or Drizzy Drake should have won best new artist, but that is just me. Mick Jagger is legendary but when it comes to drug-ridden, rock and roll lead singers with wide mouths, Steven Tyler has my vote. Mick’s tapping of his right foot was to a completely different beat of his left foot, it just didn’t do it for me. Barbara Streisand is well Bobra. That’s enough about her! Nicki Minaj just has balls and that’s why I like her and her hair helmet.

Detroit stand up! I’m happy Eminem won best rap album because he is a handsome man even though I’m partial to my boy HOVA, who sadly wasn’t in attendance. P. Diddy is officially the goofiest dude in hip hop, I feel uncomfortable for him, he tries way too hard and just needs to give it up.

Now, that’s the RiRi I like, no one does the knee wiggle dance better. If anyone knows where she got the African drummers from, let me know because I wanna book them for my wedding. J-Lo looks good as always even though Marc Anthony looks like her cracked out little brother.

I’m going to be honest, I had no idea who Arcade Fire was prior to Jason Siegel introducing them and I wish it would have stayed that way. I have never been so happy to have been blinded by flashing strobe lights during a musical performance. I just thank God that Matt Hoffman and the other BMX riders weren’t hurt. I don’t know how they won album of the year! Either it was rigged, or I have been living under a rock for the last year.

I am not the most cultured person when it comes to music but I would like to think that when something is new and interesting that I can give credit where credit is due. With all of the resources the academy had available to them, I thought the collaborative performances seriously lacked creativity. All in all,  I would give this year’s Grammys a C+.

First of all, I would like to apologize for my Top Tensday Wednesday last week. I knew trying to rate bands and music that I rarely listened to was a shot in the dark and would like to apologize to anyone who felt discouraged by my attempt to broaden my horizons of music culture and writing abilities. However, I did appreciate the criticism (both constructive and not) and have put together a more versed and accurate list for this week.

I miss hockey. I wish I liked it as much as I used to when I was a kid. I remember a time around 4th/5th grade where I liked hockey more than football, basketball, and baseball combined. And during this era soccer wasn’t even on my radar outside of my gifted 1994 World Cup t-shirt. As most American hockey fans have, we have become less interested in hockey and more interested in football, basketball, and soccer.

However, within the last year the “working man’s” league has started a slow yet steady resurgence. Renewed rivalries, young superstars, and well-calculated marketing has brought hockey back almost to the point for ESPN to take “NHL Tonight” with John Buccigross and Barry Melrose off the shelves and put back on the air. And just in case they do I will be ready for their comeback with my correspondence and top ten hockey players of all time.

10. Sergei Fedorov: Sergei may not have made the list for being the 10th best hockey player of all time. But he has made the list for his contributions to the game and his era. He made the game fun and interesting to a younger generation of viewers in mid 90s. He played on the one of Hockeytown’s best teams with Stevey Y, Igor Larionov, Nicklaus Lidstrom, and Dominik Hasek (who I sat next to at the All-Star Game in Toronto). He claims he was married to Anna Kournikova (although her reps denied it, which I don’t know how you can allegedly be married but whatever). He was extremely fast, Russian, and brought a new style of finesse play that hockey was missing at the time.

9. Martin Brodeur: I feel Marty is the best goalie to ever wear an airbrushed helmet. You could easily make arguments for Patrick Roy, Dominick Hasek, or even for Ryan Miller to eventually top the list. But Marty has been doing it, and doing it, and doing it well in the league for 20 years and he’s still playing. He’s been a consistent wall for Canada in the Olympics both playing and as a mentor. He has spent his entire career in Jersey which if it weren’t for hockey would suck because come on it’s Jersey. He’s got 4 Vezinas, 2 Gold Medals, and has kissed Lord Stanley 3 times.

8. Jaromir Jagr: What do you think of when you see a Jofa helmet? Jaromir right? His game was in Czech! Get it? He’s from Czechoslovakia. Anyways, not only was one of the best players ever but also the right hand and right wing to Mario Lemieux. He had possibly the dirtiest mullet ever known to man, however he is a handsome man with his hair short and corporate-like. #68 has 2 cups, tons of records, Arts, Harts, and his only fault may have been his affinity for the adrenaline rush of gambling.

7. Mark Messier: Mess was my favorite player of all time. When the Rangers won the cup in 1994 and he held it up I cried and that is saying something because 7 year-olds don’t really cry happy tears. Him, Richter, and Leetchy brought home a long-awaited Cup for one of the greatest series ever. He came up with Wayne in Edmonton, branched off, and did the damn thing elsewhere. I was at his birthday dinner All-Star Weekend in Vancouver in 01 and it was a grand time. He’s a nice guy, old school, and no one rocked a bald head amidst a Cooper helmet better.

6. Ray Bourque: Hockey players are tough and they play forever if they want and Ray Borque was one of the toughest. He’s the not the only Boston defenseman on the list. He wasn’t the biggest guy or an enforcer but he was a great leader. #77 will forever be known as a Bruin but it took him going to Colorad(a) to win a cup and when he did there weren’t a whole lot of people who weren’t happy for him and it was one of the better moments in hockey. Put a sweater on because you are about to get chills.

5. Bobby Hull: Takin it back to the old school, cause he’s and old fool, who’s so cool. And if you wanna get down he’s gonna show you the way. Lefties were always a little qwerky, not Jared Loughner qwerky, just a little off and Bobby was the best at being a little nuts. Bobby and his Blackhawks were some of the toughest guys around. Not to mention he had good genes producing son, Brett (hockey legend), Bart (Boise State RB), and Blake/Bobby Jr. who played Juniors. He won a shitload of trophy’s but won the most expensive award in all of sports in only once in his 26 year career in 1961.

4. Bobby Orr: I probably know the least about Orr of anyone on this list so I had to bust out the archives for him. 8 NHL All-Star Games, 3 OHA First Teams, 8 NHL First Teams, Calder( ROY), 2 Ross Trophies, 8 Norris Trophies, 3 Hart Trophies, 2 Conn Smythes, Voted 2nd Best of All Time, Best Defenseman, Best Boston Athlete of All Time, and probably best known for this goal…

3. Gordie Howe: What is there to say about Mr. Hockey? He pretty much did it all. Cups, awards, and records. Most of which were broken by these next two guys but it doesn’t take back the fact that he did it and that he did it in a caveman’s era. He didn’t wear a helmet and did it from both sides of the rink. He was a right winger but presented issues for defensemen as he was ambidextrous. He played in Canada and in Hartford but it is only fitting that Mr. Hockey played and retired in Hockeytown. He is an ambassador to the game, a toothless gentleman, and a scholar. He makes Brett Favre’s career look like Terrell Davis’. His last season was Wayne’s first as it was extremely symbolic of his passing of the torch.

2. Mario Lemieux: Much like the preceding few players, Super Mario has countless records and awards that mean nothing when it comes to what he did for the city of Pittsburgh. He did his impression of Michael Jordan by retiring and “comin’ back like Jordan wearin’ the six six.” However, he has done what Jordan could not do, become successful in the front office, post-playing career. He has put together a cast of players to win a cup and as long as Sidney Crosby doesn’t get subsequent concussions there should be more for him to hold up as an executive. He is probably the best stick-handler ever and produced some of the best goals ever scored.

1. Wayne Gretzky: The Great One. He holds almost every offensive record. He is synonymous with the game. For people who don’t know or like hockey they know who Wayne is. He’s been in movies, commercials, and is the best to ever to play the game. It is even fair to say that Michael Jordan is the Wayne Gretzky of basketball because Wayne did that much for the sport. He took hockey mainstream with his boyish good looks and flashy play. He won with my Rangers, in Edmonton, and short stint in St. Louis but his glory days were with the Kings. No other hockey player could have had N.W.A. wearing an LA Kings hat. I mean you don’t see to man gangbangers rockin Columbus Blue Jacket jerseys. He like MJ isn’t the best in the office but whatever. His older son got lost in the shadow like Jeremy Jordan but his younger son is one of the better football prospects in the country playing with Will Smith and Joe Montana’s kids. The Great One.

Who doesn’t love a good movie? Over the last few years, there has been a major influx of remaking classic movies and they have been huge at the box office. Instant classics like “The Dark Knight” and “Robin Hood” have made a strong argument for the bringing back of more classic movies and updating them with popular actors, better technology, and a newfound sense of nostalgia.

We all have our list of favorite movies that we would like to see in a new and improved version of. We also hold these films dear to our heart and don’t want to see a piece of art ruined by someone who was just trying to make a buck. The movies should stick to their guns and not stray to far from what they were originally intended to be. These are a few movies that I think could use a little revamping as they would only improve the value of the film line as a whole…

Back to the Future: McFly! Michael J. Fox is such a sweetheart and his boyish good looks could probably pull of another sequel if he really wanted to. I think his character should be portrayed by Zac Effron as he goes back to the future with Doc being played by Robin Williams. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to see that movie? My man crush on Zach Effron is not biased because I think he has a lot of potential to pull off a role like this and Robin Williams is crazy. Biff could be played by Seth Rogan?

Dirty Dancing: The lady friends are going to love this one. The late Patrick Swayze would need an actor with an air of confidence to carry on his role in a deserving way. I thought about this role for hours and the only person who was a great dancer and a great actor is the one and the only Justin Timberlake. “Nobody puts baby in the corner.” Another tough role to cast because Baby needs to be played by somewhat of an ugly duckling that could mature into a beautiful swan. And Taylor Swift has the innocence and ability to “have the time of her life.”

White Men Can’t Jump: Beelly! Nike remade the Air Flight 1s into a Hyperize so why not remake the movie too. Beelly Hoyle will be played by Paul Walker as he tries to hustle the courts of Venice Beach with Jamie Foxx. Ebony and Ivory are back with their love/hate relationship and. Nothing bugs me more than when a non-athletic actor portrays an athlete in a role and these roles would need to be played by actors with serious athletic prowess to match Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. I’m thinking Rosario Dawson could try emulating Rosie Perez as she studies for Jeopardy.

Neverending Story: You know you all had a secret mythical love for this movie. Bastian being played by Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter could completely reinvent this timeless movie. Technological improvements coupled with Morgan Freeman’s voice as the creepy, big, flying dog provide the necessary elements to make this movie even better than the first one.

Ghostbusters: Who you gonna call? I’m gonna call Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifinakis, Justin Bartha, Heather Graham, and Mike Epps to epically (I hate that word but whatever) play Dr. Venkman, Dr. Spengler, Dr. Stantz, Louis Tully, Dana, and Winston respectively as they recreate the movie that had me wearing goggles for a 2 years straight (true story). They all meshed so well on “The Hangover” so don’t fix it if it ain’t broken and let them redo one of my favorite movies of all time.

Top Gun: “Maverick” and “The Iceman” are characters that will forever be in that big VHS collection in the sky. They need to be played by actors who are at the top of their game and could play the patriotic role well. Josh Duhmel has the strong jaw line and military acting experience from “Transformers” to accurately illustrate the role of “Maverick.” “Jarhead” Jake Gyllenhaal not “Brokeback Mountain” Jake Gyllenhaal will bring “The Iceman” back to lifein  this historic remake.

Men in Black: It may be a little to soon to remake this 90s hit but fuck it. Will Smith was hilarious and made about 22 trillion on this movie alone. Tommy Lee Jones was serious and this was his last good movie. I have casted Drizzy Drake as “Agent D” and Robert Downey Jr. as “Agent R” to rock their wayfarers and black slim fit suits in this hip sci-fi hit. RDJ will mentor the hoodest Canadian Jew there is in his breakout film.

Pretty Woman: This was a tough one. It was hard to find a pair of actors with the maturity to do Julia Roberts and Richard Gere justice. I wanted them to be able to have that classy look while still being able to break the law and I think the best fits fall with Rachel McAdams and Patrick Dempsey. They are both good-looking people and I think they have the potential chemistry to make you feel like this was just a remastered version of the original.