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Today was originally supposed to be a blog dedicated to the scholars of the world as they embark on a new beginning of post undergraduate education. However, with breaking news in the world of the uniforms there are much more pressing issues to be discussed than graduation.

This morning at a media event and press conference from Cowboys Stadium, Nike unveiled its BCS line of Pro Combat Uniforms for four of its Elite schools. The schools given this high honor of rocking cutting edge and innovative uniforms are the University of Oregon, Texas Christian University, the University of Florida, and Boise State University. These uniforms were presented by Ndamukong Suh, Steven Jackson, Desmond Howard, and many others.

Starting at the top with my Ducks. In a perfect 12-0 season trumped somewhat by their bright and loud uniforms it is only fitting that they stick to their roots and end their season on the same note. They are not my favorite colorway of the 80 combinations they have at their dispose but I can definitely appreciate the creativity. Nike was somewhat limited in options with Oregon being the #2 seed to #1 Auburn and thus the away team but they still did pretty well.

I am one for uniformity when it comes to uniforms. I like themes, all-blacks, all-whites, and alternating colorways with helmets matching pants and jerseys matching shoes/socks. But I understand not everything is going to go my way and Nike knows what they’re doing. While I would have preferred a combination similar to what they wore against UCLA these will suffice for the time being as they hopefully bring home the crystal ball.

They decided to go with the carbon-fiber helmets, white jerseys, and white pants. But the real fun comes in with the base layer and footwear. The base shirt is customized to have a fast design and each individual players’ number on the sleeves which is nice for individuality. The shoes are the Zoom Alpha Talon Cleats that are brand new for Nike and won’t be available for other schools till next year and the socks add a little pizazz with the highlighter yellow.

I would like to defer to my NFL blog for a second to validate the authenticity of the leaked Nike NFL Pro Combat uniforms for 2012. If you notice they have the same pant design, same structure throughout the upper half of the uniform. Further verifying that NFL uniforms are not fake and that Nike “leaked” them on purpose to start the buzzing of the bees.

See? Now on to TCU. TCU is the only Texas school I will allow my sons to go on recruiting trips to and for that they get my seal of approval. Even though they did just cheat on the Mountain West with the Big East. Which if they would have stayed with the additions to Boise State, UNR, and Fresno State we would have been a better conference but that is an entirely whole new issue in itself.

But I digress, these TCU unis are sick. Thanks to Nike, one of TCU’s new school colors is red which is attributed to the venom that the horned frog produces. I assimilate it to how the Lady Vols of Tennessee wear light blue in with their creamy orange. Anyways, the old school style jersey is countered with modern pants with scales throughout and revolutionary helmet with red stripes as well.

Now on to one of the newest members of the Mountain West that I previously alluded to, the Boise State Broncos. These are the unis in which Kyle Brotzman will be missing field goals in and the rest of the returning Broncos will be getting acclimated to Sam Boyd Stadium in. At first glance they look like their standard all-blues that they wear at home on the smurf turf but there are some subtle differences.

Nike designed a new jersey which can be noticed around the collar and with the difference in fonts. They also incorporated more orange into this makeup with the cleats, base layer, and logo on the helmet. Which anyway to brighten up a boring uniform for me is a good thing. These unis are clean and to the casual fan are the same but are much more detailed to the avid sports/fashion enthusiast.

Along with Urban Meyer went any sort of creativity for the Gator Pro Combats. Maybe it is the fact that Florida is a traditional university and doesn’t want to piss off boosters by wearing some ridiculous uniform or maybe it is because they are only playing in the Champs Sports Bowl that Nike wanted to allocate their work to the preceding three teams. It’s not that these uniforms are ugly it’s just that they aren’t much different from what Emmitt Smith and Tim Tebow have been wearing for 20 years.

In conclusion, (I love doing that as unprofessional and cliché as it may be) Nike did a pretty good job with the designing of their Bowl Series Pro Combats. I would have gone into it with a completely different mindset and strategy but that is why they are getting paid to do what they do and why I am writing about it. All in all there weren’t any monstrosities but I would have liked to have seen some more creativity.


What a crazy weekend for college football? It is weekends like this that hold collegiate athletics above professional athletics on my shelves of sports right below Buzz’s tarantula. Boise State was upset by UNR (not Nevada) UNR because of a limp-legged kicker who will be the highest scoring football player of all time. This just furthers my opinion that we should shoe the place-kickers out of football and let soccer players kick point afters.

My dude, Randy Shannon, is now filing his unemployment claims after being fired from The U. On paper he didn’t look that good going 7-5 this year but they had a tough schedule and had a lot of injuries. Not only did he better the image of the “Thug U,” he did his most important job by recruiting kids with dreads in South Florida. He then took those kids from the hood and produced the third highest graduation rate behind Army and Navy.

Auburn overtook Oregon’s top spot with their win over Bama. Oregon smashed Mike Stoops and a good U of A team but it all really comes down to this weekend. Both of them play good teams in South Carolina and Oregon State in an away Civil War game. I pray my Ducks beat the confederacy but I would not be surprised if in-state rival upset them. Cam Newton is too dirty to lose and God knows he probably has some sort of personal monetary incentive for making it to Glendale.

If one of them were to lose I believe TCU should be able to play in BCS Championship regardless of their conference. Let’s just say they have a better defense than another professional team in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area. If they don’t lose they should be heading to So-Cal to play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl who they will handle with ease.

“The BCS does not define TCU, TCU defines the BCS.” Says TCU Athletic Director, Mike Del Conte. Most people were shocked that TCU decided to join the Big Eat because of the geographic unnaturality of it. I think I pulled a “George W. Bush” and made that word up but Spell Check didn’t say shit, so whatever. The average distance from TCU’s student union to Big East schools is around 1,200 miles. That may seem like a lot but TCU isn’t exactly walking distance from Wyoming either, so that doesn’t really bother me.

The Sugar Bowl has dibs in which they decide to play in the Sugar Bowl. It will most likely be the battle of the 6th and 7th ranked teams with the 3rd and 4th best quarterbacks with Arkansas and Ryan Mallet vs. The Ohio State University and Terrell Pryor. I foresee the Buckeyes coming out on top because Ryan Mallet looks like a redneck and TP has a fresh high top fade.

I think the Orange Bowl will have a few trees in it with Stanford playing the ACC champion VA Tech. This would be an awesome game with the relentless power of Andrew Luck and his tough smart kids vs. the shifty and quick Hokies. If Stanford wears the black unis, then they win. If Va Tech wears their Nike Pro Combats, then they win. If for some weird reason they both were all black than the game will have a rain delay and upon the return, the game will result in a stalemate in which the score will be settled by a game of Connect Four that Stanford’s long-snapper will lead to victory.

If potential Big East Champion Pitt/WestVirgina/UConn doesn’t get their Vitamin C in the Orange Bowl they will be partying in the Fiesta Bowl against the overrated Big 12. I’m guessing we’ll see Pitt because I like Larry Fitz and Oklahoma because I like Adrian Peterson. If Larry Fitz’s Dad and Adrian Petersn’s Dad got in a fight, then I would take All-Day’s Dad all day. Thus, Oklahoma wins the Fiesta Bowl.

Boise State will ending up playing in their hometown Humanitarian Bowl against UNR again and will probably beat the Pack by 31 points but it will have come too little too late. No one really cares about the other bowls like the Poinsettia, Fight the Hunger, or Las Vegas so I don’t want to go to in depth on those. Besides, someone will probably lose and throw off the list and 35 minutes I took to write this. Go Ducks, Jon Grudens, Horn Frogs, Buckeyes, Hokies, and Adrian Peterson’s Dad.