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I knew it was going to be a successful Memorial Day Weekend when I left the office early and the first song on the radio was the “Thong Song.” Sisqo just has such a way with words and it really kicked off my  MDW2011 the right way. “She had dumps like a truck truck truck, Thighs like what what what, Baby move your butt butt butt,” I mean that kind of lyricism just doesn’t come around every day.

With this blog, I would like to highlight the fun and eventful weekend. With the afternoon off on Friday I made myself useful by doing a little groomsmen gift shopping. I have always been a creative gift giver but I really have outdone my usual work this time by incorporating a little arts and crafts touch. I didn’t actually craft it myself but the idea dawned on me to contract the crafting out to Danielle.

After a long afternoon of getting in and out of a hot car (the thing I hate most in this world) it was time for a little PTI with @MrTonySays and Insanity with @shaunTfitness. Then I mashed on some bomb Seafood Ravioli from Salvatore in honor of the wise Nicholas H. Wesling’s graduation. With the carbs I needed to ignite it was time to perform by welcoming the lovely Emily Beckman, Lance Agostino, and their other roommate to the neighborhood with the house-warming present of our presence.

With a good night’s rest and morning workout under my belt it was time to shower for the shower. I believe it was Nicole Minaj that said it best with “I’m not lucky, I’m blessed.” We are very blessed to have friends like CJ Morley and Katie Ford who threw the shindig for us and very blessed to have many friends with such quality taste in movies that they were so nice to pass on to us. Thank you, all of you!

Unfortunately, Saturday’s and Saturnight’s activities left me out of commission Sunday morning and I was too lazy to go to church, which I regret. The afternoon was spent and grillin’ and chillin’ poolside as I showed off my Bobby Flay skills with burgers, ribs, and pork loin. I have always thought he should open a restaurant called “Flayvor.” Doesn’t that make sense? I feel like it too perfect and too obvious not to take advantage of.

Then comes Memorial Day… the whole reason for the weekend’s activities. A day to remember the soldiers of the past and pray for the soldiers of the present as they keep us safe all over the world. We went and met the fam at GVR pool and scoped out some good photo opps for the pre-wedding.

We then got our “liberal” on and spent some time hugging trees and walking around Whole Foods at Town Square in our Teva sandals trying the free flaxseed samples before a quick flick. I highly recommend you pick up some Aussie licorice there next time and sneak it in next time you decide to go to Rave. Aussie Licorice is the Parmigiano-Reggiano of the Anise-flavored product line and makes Twizzlers Pull N’ Peel look like string cheese.

The Hangover was an amazing and groundbreaking movie for our generation and others to revel at and quote for the last 2 years. That being said, any proposed sequel is going to have a tough time comparing to its predecessor. I don’t think anyone would say it was better and I think it is a knee-jerk reaction to say it sucked. I think it lacked creativity as it was an Thigh-version of the first movie, Alan didn’t have as many good one-liners, and the “shock and awe” factor was used less frequently and efficiently.

If the first movie had never existed I think people would have loved the second as a stand-alone movie. No one went in thinking it was going to be better than the first and it still ended up being the highest grossing R-rated Memorial Day movie EVER! I personally would recommend it and think it could have fared better if it were titled “The Hungover” but that’s just me.

The weekend was capped off with a Turkey Fatburger and a little bloggage, which you are now reaping the benefits of. I’m getting married in less than 3 weeks and will be doing mildly important to highly important things every day from here on out and next week I’ll blog expressing my nerves with the 10-day forecast… (cliffhanger) dun dun dun!


In the wake of all the hype stemming from the release of the acts for Coachella 2011, I decided to do a little research. First, I had never even heard of Coachella before and found out that it was a music festival near Palm Springs, CA similar to a modern version of Woodstock where hipsters come together and camp out for 3 days while doing shrooms and trippin out to 162 (if I counted correctly) different acts.

Of the hundred plus different acts I recognized Kanye, Wiz, Lauryn Hill, The Black Keys, and like 4 DJs. I understand that their lineup stretches across a multitude of genres of music, bringing thousands of people with different tastes of music and different types of marijuana from afar to a single patch of grass. However, this obviously isn’t necessarily my cup of tea.

Therefore, I have devised a set list for the miniscule percentage of the population like me who only get their music from listening to and “Tiger Beat Magazine.” Mackinchella 2011 will feature the latest in “hip-pop” music ranging from Drake to 5ive. Aside from the presumably obvious headliners from this genre that will be in attendance, I would like to focus on the openers and more forgotten acts of the last 10 years. I have gone into great detail so that you don’t have to familiarize yourself again with the music of our recent past and childhood.

Nick Lachey

I feel that SAE, Nick Lachey, is completely underrated as an artist and a husband. He was the driving force behind 98 Degrees and had a decent solo career while riding the coattails of Jessica Simpson. This song is obviously about the infamous breakup over Buffalo Wings but is a great song nonetheless. Swear to God, I would listen to this song on repeat for hours on end while sleeping on stand, lifeguarding at Caesars Palace.”Falling faster, barely breathing, give me something to believe in.” I mean they just don’t make music like this anymore.

BB Mak

“Back Here” is very similar to “What’s left of me” melodically and that is why I like it. Actually, I’m lying, I don’t even really know what melody means, but it reminds of this song a little a bit. I remember sitting around brainstorming songs for serenades in 2006 and when this little gem hit me, it had the panties flying from Lied Library to the old SU. I don’t know if it was our fake British accents our Pete’s sweet and innocent guitar skills but this song just leaves you feeling all tingly inside.

Backstreet Boys

Danielle isn’t exactly ecstatic that this is my favorite BSB song of all time but at the same time she can’t help but singing along with me. “Black and Blue” was their best album to date that is if their collaboration with NKOTB doesn’t knock them off. It had the nice flamenco guitar, plenty of bass to make your trunk rattle rolling down MLK Jr Blvd, and even enough snare for Eminem’s headphones.


This rap joint has a nice summatime/bubble gum pop feel to it, right? Fabo is one of my all time favorite rappers. Some of the bars he comes up with is absolutely unheard of. This song almost made me propose by saying to Danielle “But since you been ‘aksin’ bout da friends, how’d you like it if bof ah names had Mackin on da end”? Almost, but I felt like I didn’t wanna feel like a wigger when I was old telling people how I proposed.

Spin Doctors

This is just one of those where if it catches you in a good mood on shuffle you will pretend to know the lyrics by scating along but in reality you are off. Then the only lyrics you do know are “And if you wanna call me baby, just go ahead now baby.” That’s it. You can pretend to know the rest by mumbling or looking away when you bob your head (that’s what I do) but everyone will know you don’t know them because they don’t know them either.

En Vogue

En Vogue was Destiny’s Child when Kelly Rowland was still in playing “Skip It” and Beyonce was taping up Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters to the back of her door. I feel like this song is what Cougar and Jaguar divorcees worldwide, play when they have “tupperware parties” once they’re all red wine drunk and feeling slippery. They had some pipes on them and could really belt out some high and powerful notes across the whole Mackinchella Valley.

Brandy and Monica

I feel like “The Boy is Mine” was the theme song for most girls in middle school to act like they were cooler than they were. They would act a little more ghetto than they were and pretend to have serious relationships with guys they hugged for the first time walking into 4th period and break up with them before 2:11pm. They then would run home and call their boyfriends on their personal land lines and try to “punt” the other girls off of AIM.


If this song never came out back in the day, and came out tomorrow it would still be hot. People think T-Pain was the Godfather of Auto-tune when in reality it is Cher, that Jay-Z should be writing songs about. Especially with all of the house and techno beats infused into hip-pop music today, you could hear this song on the radio and think it was Ke$ha.


Goosebumps right? Yeah, Ashley Parker Angel does that to me too. This song is for the long awaitied return of the 2nd best form of man-made and manufactured music from Orlando They weren’t the best boy bad ever but let’s be honest they had some stiff competition and at least this song was a lot better than “Liquid Dreams” lol.

I hope this little snippet gives you an idea of the type of music you can listen to in a fun and completely drug-free environment. The event will be hosted by Snooki from “The Jersey Shore” and Rex Ryan from the New York Jets (now that he has plenty of spare time) and Sean Hannity. While the acts’ groupies are switching out the instruments (not that any of these acts play instruments, but their bands do) one TV screens we will be showing episodes of “Boy Meets World” in 3D, “PTI,” and “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drives.”

Tickets go on sale 1/31/11 and can be purchased from any Foot Locker location or online at Be sure to get your tickets fast because hotel rooms will fill up quick. Thank you.