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Well, it has been a long run but the Palace Station is no longer my favorite Las Vegas casino. They’re $.99 22oz bone-in ribeye steaks have been outplayed by the new and swanktastic Cosmopolitan. The Cosmopolitan sits nuzzled in between the monstrosity that is City Center and the Bellagio and directly on top of The Jockey Club, which I bet you didn’t even know was lodged in there.

The newest addition to the infamous Las Vegas Strip has got a lot of attention leading up to its soft opening this week and it is all fairly credited. I did some on-site reporting last night to give you an insider’s take on the new resort and casino. Unfortunately, my press pass for was denied and I was not given my comped suite, meals and New Years Eve concert tickets, (looks like I’m going to have to fire another personal assistant) so Youtube videos and pirated pictures from Google Images will have to suffice.

I will begin by highlighting the overall theme and of this little gem. It is not their aim to attract the whales from Dubai and Macao, instead they would like to focus in on the 25-45, college graduate, with $75K + income. If they wanted more senior citizens playing Bingo and Keno they would have built another MGM Resorts property. OOOOOhhhhhh burn! And President John Unwin definitely knew the type of guest he wanted to attract when this was still in the planning stages.

The overall theme of the property is representative in the decor from the chandeliers throughout the casino to the warm and inviting suites. Planning a wedding, I have come to learn the terms “vintage” and “contemporary,” which would both be applicable on this new classic. It puts a modern twist on traditionally swanky hotels. If you took the casino out you would think you were in some original Hollywood boutique hotel. If you took the hotel out you would think you were in a purple version of the Monte Carlo in Monaco.

That is how they tailor their gaming, suites, and also food and beverage. You can find all of you standard beverages at any of the bars throughout the Cosmopolitan. However, they try to embrace their uniqueness by having customized beverage lists ranging in craft beers, rare wines, and spirits that cannot be found at your local CVS. They have mixologists pouring and shaking up drinks that have never been made before bringing their individuality points up. They even took the typical casino center bar and stretched it across three floors and draped in a giant chandelier.

The dining options are nearly endless. Every high-end casino has about 10 options with cuisine stretching across the whole gamete. They have interesting takes on their steakhouse/lounge STK, buffet, French fusion, and many others. They even have a walk-up Mexican/Chinese take-out spot for all of you late night cravings. It is the little touches like this that really set them apart from other pretentious hotels on the strip.

The nightlife is run through Marquee Nightcub and Dayclub in the warmer months. “The venue is more than 62,000 square feet, with 50-foot-tall ceilings and an unparalleled multi-million-dollar sound stage designed to cater to any performer’s whim. Coliseum-style seating surrounds a focal dance floor, where one can marvel at the four-story LED screens and projection walls that will display customized light and image shows distinctly tailored for each performance. In addition to the Nightclub space, Marquee will debut its Dayclub in the warmer spring months. Featuring Grand Cabanas with individual infinity pools, the Dayclub also boasts a multitude of three-story Bungalow Lofts, complete with a cabana, living quarters and a party deck on top.

Resident DJ, DJ Vice, will be spinning his Serato with the lastest in hip-hop and fist pumps. The grand poohbah of all parties will be this New Years Eve when the Jiggman hits the stage with Coldplay. Jay-Z and Coldplay cover a demographically sound fan base that makes seeing Kim Kardashian seem like Roseanne Barr. This concert will also be showing on their giant marquee along Las Vegas Blvd. Normally you could not pay me enough to go to the strip for NYE but I might consider this if H.O.V.A. sent me a fruit basket.

I always surprised to find out that they had a little shopping promenade and pretty good shopping at that. I spent all of my time in “CRSVR” trying on UNLV snap-back hats and staring at Air Max 95s but there was a bikini store for the ladies and “AllSaints” which looked like the clothing out of “The 5th Element” and the only good musical ever made “Newsies,” but whatever floats your boat I guess.

Now is the time to seize the day and go pretend to be a tourist and check it out. We even got lucky and were given a guided tour just because we looked like lost Europeans (I think it was either my peacoat or Danielle’s top hat). “The Cosmo” as it will come to be known is bringing Vegas back to some of its old roots by being classy without being gaudy, being fun without having to sacrifice quality, and being “just the right amount of wrong.”