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That video has no relevance to this blog, I just thought I’d try to get everyone in a good mood Monday morning because you can’t not watch this video and not want to #shuffleatwork. If you haven’t noticed lately I have been throwing #ahashtahgonjustaboutanythingandeverything. I’m not stupid and think that it works on Facebook comments, most of my #motivation derives from wanting to piss of @Shukis.

I’ve had a Twitter account for a years but have used it sparingly, not seeing a need for it. I always appreciated its perks of trending topics, following cool people, and retweeting but it wasn’t until the “Facebook to Twitter linkage” capability became available that I really started to utilize it.

As a society, we strive for appreciation and recognition. Facebook acts a forum for people to post whatever they want and have their friends like, bicker, and boast all in one box. Whereas, Twitter was more of a place for straight self-branding with less room for feedback, which is we why post things anyway. If we didn’t want people to see it we wouldn’t post it and we would all be writing in diaries.

You could always “favorite” a tweet, reply, and retweet but those features weren’t as popular as liking and commenting on Facebook. There are a Half Billion people on Facebook so the odds of someone interacting with you are much higher than on Twitter. Twitter is a little more niche, a little more confusing, and took a longer time for people to pick-up on.

I’m all about the here and now, the 15 minutes of fame, and reflecting back on the semi-nostalgic things I can make jokes about that were cool five years ago but really lame now (see Fallout Boy). Twitter provides a great platform for me to conjure up these figments of our recent past and poke fun at how they are no longer relevant.

Most of us peasants have followers that are very similar to our Facebook friends and bots, so why would we post something Facebook for all to see, then go to Twitter and post the very same thing for pretty much the same people to see the same exact thing? But being on a first-handle basis with the world’s most influential people gives us a personal experience that Facebook has yet to conquer.

Twitter gives me that little glimmer of hope that someone like Tony Kornheiser (@MrTonySays) or Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) might catch a glimpse and appreciate one of my @Mackinisms, adopt it virally, spike my followage, and ultimately enable me to become an international social media superhero.

I also recently got a Droid which has allowed me to sync all my accounts much easier than before on the MackBerry. I used to be addicted to the CrackBerry but now I have caught Tydroid (like Typhoid). With everything N* Sync I have am able and willing to post freely, whereas in the past I was willing but less able. Now I’m tweeting, blogging, posting, and check-ining with no regard whatsoever as to how annoying it can be.

How bout Justin’s pants? I remember watching that performance on the Disney Channel right before “Brink.” I used to think Twitter was a fad and I still am not 100% convinced it will be around forever. I think Facebook is eventually going to take over the world with “Branch Out” (Facebook’s Linked in), “Deals” (Facebook’s Groupon), and eventually incorporating a viable music competitor with iTunes or Music Beta.

However, I don’t necessarily think that becoming the Wal-Mart of socialnomics is a good thing. It is a new thing that is still changing everyday and they all have a ridic-a-lic-a-lous amount of room to grow. (I know I’m going back to posting too many videos that I’m probably the one thinks are funny but PLEASE watch this video! It is my second favorite 90s movie, behind “Matilda.”)


I come to you all on this “My Life Monday” with a little conundrum that is currently occupying my brain. I have been in a long-term relationship with Verizon for about 10 years now. We have had our ups and downs over the course of our relationship just like any other and I am officially changing our relationship status to “it’s complicated.”

Having the best network for the last decade just isn’t enough anymore. I need Verizon to put just as much into this relationship as I am and I can honestly say “it’s not me, it’s you.” For the last 5 years I have been dumping $140 a month into a little line item in your accounts receivable and I am finally fed up with your shit. If we’re going to make it through these time tough times we’re going to have to do it together.

I’m at the breaking point right now where if Verizon doesn’t make some serious changes I’m going to call it quits and take my business elsewhere. I currently have an offer on the table to take my talents to T-Mobile for the same minutes, unlimited text messaging and data for $89.99 a month. On the real though, there is a lot more to a relationship than a carrier and minutes, there is the “coup de grâce” of a cellular experience, the mobile device.

Over the last four years I have been addicted to the CrackBerry pipe. I have taken what was normally a business phone for boring people and completely rebranded it as the MackBerry. I started off with the World Edition, adopted the black sheep of the Blackberry family, the Storm, and dropped it like it wasnt hot for the Tour which has taken me everywhere and back. I get choked up just at the thought of leaving my BBM and memos behind but I believe I have found greener grass.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side but I do believe as though I have found better options. Danielle has been with T-Mobile for over ten years and they are trying to convert me from the Verizon Red to T-Mobile Pink. The monthly plan is definitely nice but it is Charles Barkley, D-Wade, and Superman and their MyTouches with Android operating systems that are really making me take this life decision seriously.

I have been a huge texter over the course of my cellular career and have always been a huge advocate for real buttons opposed to touchscreens. However, with new “Swype” technology texting has become even easier. It allows you to swipe your fingers across the keyboard from letter to letter without having to pick up your little chicken fingers. It is like playing connect the dots with words.

Cool right? I have not completely given up yet though. Right now, I’m Carmelo Anthony playing for the Denver Nuggets (Verizon) while the New York Knicks (T-Mobile) is really where I want to be but there still are those pesky New Jersey Nets (Sprint) out there in a bidding war for me.

Sprint has some pretty good players that are definitely tempting. The have the EVO, the BlackBerry Style, and a fairly priced plan with a really good network. However, they just don’t have the “it factor” for me. They sponsor NASCAR which goes against everything I believe in and I’m not a big fan of black and yellow color scheme unless it’s being rocked by the Pittsburgh kid, Wiz Khalifa.

Like I said, I have not completely jumped ship yet and am still entertaining offers. That being said, I will not host an hour-long special on ESPN to let the world what service provider I will take my talents to for the next two years. Instead, I would like to surround myself with the right entourage of people who care about me and my interests instead of the people who are hanging on to me just for my BBMs.

This is a big “decision” and I want to make sure I don’t rush into it and choose hastily for the mere approval of my crew and cronies. I would like to solicit for the help and expertise of people who are educated on these subjects. People who can compare both the pros and cons for me so as to assist me in making the right choice, for myself and my lifestyle. If you have any advice for me on this dilemma, insider trading tips, or a cool app to download polyphonic ringtones it would be greatly appreciated.