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It’s the (3rd) most wonderful time of the year. The fans are all yelling to see a better dunk than last year. It’s the (3rd) most wonderful time of the year. With the exception to Christmas and March Madness, NBA All-Star Weekend is my favorite time of the year and this year’s festivities kick-off tonight in Los Angeles.

The NBA has one of the most prestigious and fun-filled All-Star Weekends of all its competitors. The NFL Pro Bowl is a joke, the NHL All-Star Game is awesome but no one cares about it, and the MLB All-Star Game is over once the Home Run Derby ends. The NBA is a league based off individual personalities of the past and present and they have really been able to hone in on their strengths to maximize the entertainment aspect of the weekend.

While their selection system is flawed, they allow fans to have a say in voting for the starters. The events are integrated with celebrities, bringing in different demographics that may not necessarily be NBA fans. And most of all they pay homage to the legends that made the league what it is today.

The happy-hour of the weekend begins this afternoon with the BBVA NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. This game allows celebrities like Justin Bieber, Jimmy Kimmel, Rob Kardashian, Bill Simmons, and Common to play with NBA legends like Magic Johnson, Bill Walton, and Scottie Pippen. These games are always very exhibitionist but it allows you an insight into the surprising athletic ability that celebrities have, that you never knew.

Tonight’s headliner is the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge. This game tends to have the most competition of all the events in weekends past, and sometimes even has the best dunks. This year should live up to its reputation with rookie sensations like Blake Griffin, Landry Fields, and John Wall coached by Amare Stoudemire taking on the sophomore standouts like Stephen Curry and DeJuan Blair coached by Carmelo Anthony. If Blake Griffin plays I predict that the Rookies win, if not then the Sophomores should stomp on the Rookies.

Speaking of Carmelo Anthony… This may be the last time you see Carmelo wearing blue and yellow, blue and yellow, blue and yellow, blue and yellow. Before All-Star Saturday Night commences, Carmelo will hold meetings with the Knicks and Nets to hopefully close a deal. It is obvious that he wants to play for my Knicks, but with Jimmy Dolan begin stingy with our players (and rightfully so) the Nets and owners Mikhail Prokohrov and Jay-Z have been able to sneak back into the picture to try and swindle Melo at the 11th hour.

Another new event the NBA has implemented is the NBA D-League All-Star Game. The D-League has become a formidable breeding ground for players to step up their game in hopes of making it to the league. They have pro-affiliated teams in small to mid-sized markets, mostly throughout the South, and they will be holding their All-Star Game as a way of showing the level of talent they have and allowing NBA scouts to evaluate that talent, while they are all in town for the other events.

The opener of All-Star Saturday night is the Haier Shooting Stars where NBA players team up with legends and WNBA players in a game not much different from a halftime lay-up, free throw, three-point, and half-court shot contest. It is rarely taken seriously and is usually a time where fans in attendance are in line getting their popcorn for the following events.

The Taco Bell Skills Challenge is my second favorite part of the weekend and this year’s should be a doosy. This year’s participants are Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, and John Wall. They will compete to complete and basketball obstacle course in the fastest time. I really enjoy this event because it shows you the amount of talent and athletic ability that is prevalent in the NBA and that is in a league of its own, literally. My predicted winner for this event is MVP front-runner, Derrick Rose, he is the fastest player in the league and ultimately is passing that wins, and I feel he has the best chance.

The next event is the tFoot Locker Three-Point Contes with Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Daniel Gibson, James Jones, Paul Pierce, and Dorell Wright. This can be somewhat of a tiring event for players who continue on to higher rounds. The bigger players tend to better because they don’t have to try harder to jump higher to reach their apex with each shot. That being said I think Ray Allen, the league’s most pure shooter and best three-point shooter of all time, will fall short to the longer Kevin Durant.

And the coup de grâce of NBA All-Star Weekend, The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. I consider myself to be a connoisseur of dunks as it is my ultimate aspiration to be a Dunkologist and write a thesis on not only the quality of the dunkage but the mass varietals of dunkage. This event to me, is like archaeologist discovering a real Jurassic Park and having free reign to dust it off as he or she pleases.

This year’s participants are Serge Ibaka, DeMar Derozan, JaValle McGee, and the infamous Blake Griffin. With the entire world (myself included) hopping on the most emphatic strawberry-blonde dunker ever, some of the other contestants have been able to fly under the radar. When he first announced that he would participate he held a contest for fans to submit videos for him to complete in the dunk contest. I have a feeling his one downside might be his lack of creativity, so if he were able to plagiarise this dunk he has an even higher chance of winning.

Serge Ibaka is on my fantasy team, so I have a vested interest in his success but he has done nothing to impress me this year. DeMar Derozan is the smallest of the competitors so his hangtime gives him a slight edge. He also is very athletic and able to do some things others can not with his more quaint stature. He also has a few tricks up his sleeves (even though basketball jerseys don’t have sleeves) and if he can pull off whatever he is trying to accomplish with this, it may be one of the best dunks of all time.

JaValle McGee, however, is the tallest and longest player in the contest which can take more effort to achieve the “wow factor.” You would think that being from UNR he would lack intelligence (I had to throw my Reno dig in) but he must have been one of the few that slipped by. If he can take these few practice dunks to the next level he will give Blake Griffin a serious run for his money. I also want to point out that I have done half of these dunks 10 years ago on 8 foot hoops. I’m not saying I’m better than them but I did think of them a long time ago.

The real winner will be someone who can use their size to their advantage and combine dunks of the past to spawn a new dunk that no one has ever seen. I think it will come down to Blake Griffin and JaValle McGee and being a Blake Griffin fan I win whether he wins or loses because he will still be nasty, so I will taking the underdog, JaValle McGee to win off pure creativity in a dunk contest that has the pieces to be right up there with the 2007, 2001, and 1987 contests. And if it sucks than next year they should just let Team Flight Brothers run the contest.

As if that isn’t enough theatrics for one weekend, there is still a game to be played. The game itself tends to have absolutely no defense, complimented by 30 foot three-point shots and fast break power dunks and is more humorous than competitive. The players are all mic-ed up and that provides more entertainment than the game itself. I feel the East has more talent and veterans, so I think they will be the ones to be able to hunker down at the end to get the “W.”


With the aromatic scent of love still lingering in the air after Valentine’s Day, I felt it was appropriate to celebrate the love that society is so interested in. It is not the love between the lowly peasants like you and I, it is the love that blankets the magazines in line at the grocery stores.

I try not to get to wrapped up in Hollywood love but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t perk my interest from time to time. I don’t care that Spencer Pratt has a new single out or that Lindsay Lohan stole a necklace. I think all celebrity news, good and bad, are categorized together as gossip and I would like to take a very short amount of time to highlight the couples that not only stay out of trouble but seem to have something a little special as well.

10. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones:

With a combined age of 105 years of age, these two love-birds top the list being the oldest couple. They both have aged like fine wines and despite their bumps in the road over the years they are still together. They have battled cancer and divorce and still come out on top, which says a lot about the strength of their relationship.

9. Seal and Heidi Klum:

Seal was definitely kissed by a rose. One might wonder what the world’s most esteemed super model saw in Brit with one name and who wears leather trousers year round but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Her great genes and his lack of jeans have produced two of the cutest little chaps to ever have American/British/German accents. Heidi is obviously the more outspoken half of the team but Seal shows his love in other ways by spending time with the kids and writing her little ditties.

8. A-Rod and Cameron Diaz:

Aww isn’t puppy love just precious? With both of these kids having their own laundry list of past relationships, it is nice to see them show their love for each other even if over 100,000,000 people are watching. I know I would have some insecurities about being hand-fed popcorn in front of the entire country. Their love is still fresh and new, they probably had a fight last night where Cam brought up the past, talking about Justin Timberlake but I think they have what it takes to last. Stay tuned.

7. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock:

It is nice to see that the spark that was originally ignited on the set of their movie, “The Proposal,” was able to eventually catch fire. The chemistry between them was obvious but the timing was poor as they both had their own significant others. However, everything happens for a reason and it seems as though fate had a little bit to do with these two reconvening at a time in their lives where they both probably needed each other. Awwww.

6. David and Victoria Beckham:

Becks and Posh Spice are to bloody pretty for their own good. They have the most major relationship to come out of Great Britian since Prince Charles and Lady Diana. It is amazing that with both of them being such high-powered stars from their country were able to outlast and outrun the dangerous British paparazzis and that alone has to stand for something. Posh in her 8 inch pumps and Becks in his Adidas Predators have been able to prove all the critics wrong as they take Southern California by storm.

5. Jay-Z and Beyonce:

This video tells it all as Beyonce and Jay-Z truly are the Bonnie and Clyde of our generation. HOV’s thuggish ruggish bones have been able to go from project housing to managing multiple projects at the same time. With both of them having insanely busy schedules they have been able to maintain a stable relationship. They are the exception to the rule concerning long-distance relationships and give hope for everyone else going through what they go through on a much larger scale. They’re down to ride to the very end.

4. Bennifer 2.0:

Normally, I don’t like anything that comes out of Boston but I have a great amount of respect for Ben Affleck. Beniffer 1.0 (with Jennifer Lopez) didn’t work out in the end and the more down to earth, Jennifer Garner seemed to be the right fit for this new catch phrase and family. They seem like they are happy together and it is evident through their interactions and interviews with each other that what they have is different from most.

3. Brangelina:

Their relationship didn’t start of as smoothly as most do, with Brad cheating on Jenifer Anniston with Angelina Jolie while they filmed “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” together but they are by far the most followed celebrity couple. They definitely are a little out there but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a healthy relationship. I’m not convinced they have what it takes to remain together until they both look like “Benjamin Button” but that is just me.

2. Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Bruce Willis:

Speaking of followers, Ashton Kutcher isn’t punking anyone when he buys billboard space across the country to get people to follow him on Twitter and it is actually a great investment for him in the long run, but that is a whole other story. Demi is definitely robbing the cradle a little bit with her having kids with Bruce Willis almost the same age as Ashton but to me it the fact that Ashton, Demi, Bruce, and the kids are all on great terms with each other that makes Kutchers, Moores, and Willises the most functional dysfunctional family in Hollywood.

1. Will and Jada Smith:

How friggin’ cute are they? The real Mr. and Mrs. Smith have produced the most adorable family of all time. Trey is one of the best prep wide receivers in the country. Jaden is busy becoming the ultimate triple threat of actor/rapper/ninja. And Willow is busy whipping her hair back and forth making people all over the world wanting to just pinch her cheeks. If my kids can be half as cute, athletic, and talented as they are I will be one happy man.

In the wake of all the hype stemming from the release of the acts for Coachella 2011, I decided to do a little research. First, I had never even heard of Coachella before and found out that it was a music festival near Palm Springs, CA similar to a modern version of Woodstock where hipsters come together and camp out for 3 days while doing shrooms and trippin out to 162 (if I counted correctly) different acts.

Of the hundred plus different acts I recognized Kanye, Wiz, Lauryn Hill, The Black Keys, and like 4 DJs. I understand that their lineup stretches across a multitude of genres of music, bringing thousands of people with different tastes of music and different types of marijuana from afar to a single patch of grass. However, this obviously isn’t necessarily my cup of tea.

Therefore, I have devised a set list for the miniscule percentage of the population like me who only get their music from listening to and “Tiger Beat Magazine.” Mackinchella 2011 will feature the latest in “hip-pop” music ranging from Drake to 5ive. Aside from the presumably obvious headliners from this genre that will be in attendance, I would like to focus on the openers and more forgotten acts of the last 10 years. I have gone into great detail so that you don’t have to familiarize yourself again with the music of our recent past and childhood.

Nick Lachey

I feel that SAE, Nick Lachey, is completely underrated as an artist and a husband. He was the driving force behind 98 Degrees and had a decent solo career while riding the coattails of Jessica Simpson. This song is obviously about the infamous breakup over Buffalo Wings but is a great song nonetheless. Swear to God, I would listen to this song on repeat for hours on end while sleeping on stand, lifeguarding at Caesars Palace.”Falling faster, barely breathing, give me something to believe in.” I mean they just don’t make music like this anymore.

BB Mak

“Back Here” is very similar to “What’s left of me” melodically and that is why I like it. Actually, I’m lying, I don’t even really know what melody means, but it reminds of this song a little a bit. I remember sitting around brainstorming songs for serenades in 2006 and when this little gem hit me, it had the panties flying from Lied Library to the old SU. I don’t know if it was our fake British accents our Pete’s sweet and innocent guitar skills but this song just leaves you feeling all tingly inside.

Backstreet Boys

Danielle isn’t exactly ecstatic that this is my favorite BSB song of all time but at the same time she can’t help but singing along with me. “Black and Blue” was their best album to date that is if their collaboration with NKOTB doesn’t knock them off. It had the nice flamenco guitar, plenty of bass to make your trunk rattle rolling down MLK Jr Blvd, and even enough snare for Eminem’s headphones.


This rap joint has a nice summatime/bubble gum pop feel to it, right? Fabo is one of my all time favorite rappers. Some of the bars he comes up with is absolutely unheard of. This song almost made me propose by saying to Danielle “But since you been ‘aksin’ bout da friends, how’d you like it if bof ah names had Mackin on da end”? Almost, but I felt like I didn’t wanna feel like a wigger when I was old telling people how I proposed.

Spin Doctors

This is just one of those where if it catches you in a good mood on shuffle you will pretend to know the lyrics by scating along but in reality you are off. Then the only lyrics you do know are “And if you wanna call me baby, just go ahead now baby.” That’s it. You can pretend to know the rest by mumbling or looking away when you bob your head (that’s what I do) but everyone will know you don’t know them because they don’t know them either.

En Vogue

En Vogue was Destiny’s Child when Kelly Rowland was still in playing “Skip It” and Beyonce was taping up Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters to the back of her door. I feel like this song is what Cougar and Jaguar divorcees worldwide, play when they have “tupperware parties” once they’re all red wine drunk and feeling slippery. They had some pipes on them and could really belt out some high and powerful notes across the whole Mackinchella Valley.

Brandy and Monica

I feel like “The Boy is Mine” was the theme song for most girls in middle school to act like they were cooler than they were. They would act a little more ghetto than they were and pretend to have serious relationships with guys they hugged for the first time walking into 4th period and break up with them before 2:11pm. They then would run home and call their boyfriends on their personal land lines and try to “punt” the other girls off of AIM.


If this song never came out back in the day, and came out tomorrow it would still be hot. People think T-Pain was the Godfather of Auto-tune when in reality it is Cher, that Jay-Z should be writing songs about. Especially with all of the house and techno beats infused into hip-pop music today, you could hear this song on the radio and think it was Ke$ha.


Goosebumps right? Yeah, Ashley Parker Angel does that to me too. This song is for the long awaitied return of the 2nd best form of man-made and manufactured music from Orlando They weren’t the best boy bad ever but let’s be honest they had some stiff competition and at least this song was a lot better than “Liquid Dreams” lol.

I hope this little snippet gives you an idea of the type of music you can listen to in a fun and completely drug-free environment. The event will be hosted by Snooki from “The Jersey Shore” and Rex Ryan from the New York Jets (now that he has plenty of spare time) and Sean Hannity. While the acts’ groupies are switching out the instruments (not that any of these acts play instruments, but their bands do) one TV screens we will be showing episodes of “Boy Meets World” in 3D, “PTI,” and “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drives.”

Tickets go on sale 1/31/11 and can be purchased from any Foot Locker location or online at Be sure to get your tickets fast because hotel rooms will fill up quick. Thank you.

When I first dreamt up this task I knew it would be a tough one at hand. I am a fan of hip hop and boy band pop. I listen traditional rock music against my will in bars I normally don’t want to be in. However, I know that I am not the masses and most would not agree with taste in music. I seek to appease my readers and did a lot of research trying to find a route in which I can run with to compile an accurate set list of bands. I went back several eras finding bands I’ve heard of, heard their songs, but would not be able to connect the dots if you put me on “Jeopardy.”

The count is 0-2 and I have a pitch to waste so I’m going to throw junk. This once fastball up and in is now going to be a backdoor curve. Rather than highlighting bands I know little about for historical accuracy, I have decided to throw the Jack in the Box wrapper out the window and do what I like. And I had like the rap/rock fusion and semi-punk rock music of the 90s and early 2000s. With musical political correctness aside, I basically give you the top ten artists I guess I could listen to if I was on a road trip with someone I didn’t know in the car so I wouldn’t pitch a fit.

10. Limpbizkit: Fred Durst and the rest of the nookies are the inspiration for my obsession with collecting hats and for that reason alone they make the list. They had a few hits on TRL, stirred it up a little with Carson and Christina, and most importantly featured rap artists. My favorite song of them is “Rollin” because the video had cute girls wearing Yankee hats which sent my 7th grade raging hormones into overdrive.

9. Nirvana: Suicide is the most selfish thing someone could ever do to their friends and family so I am throwing them on the list for the other members of the band not the smelly guy who dated Courtney Love. I can’t understand a word they say in their songs but they were the pop culture pioneers of the grunge punk era or what from what I’ve been told. Which honestly is something I could give two shitzus about. I appreciate a good sense of humor and without them, Weird Al wouldn’t have been able to do this…

8. Oasis: From what I hear frontman, Liam Gallagher, was a real diva and could have really used a Snickers. They were British, so I guess that accounts for most of the arrogance. I don’t know if they were a one hit wonder to everyone else but I only know one of their songs and it is a “one hit wonderwall.” This one always comes on at the right time during my runs where I’m already in the zone (thanks to DJ Khaled) but I’m needing a mellow song to bring my heart rate back down. It also reminds me of Serenades 2008…

7. Hootie and the Blowfish: Darius Rucker may have vetured out to be the Jackie Robinson of country music but he will forever be Hootie in our hearts. I appreciate their sense of humor and their AFC fan affiliation, the Miami Dolphins. How funny would it be if you knew a guy who still dressed like their drummer? The fettucine hair and backwards hat he got at GAP, right? You’ve seen him at gas stations before and laughed to yourself

6. Bush: Lol. Sorry, I like Gavin Rossdale for some reason. Maybe it was because he looked like he showered at least once a week or maybe it was his guitar riffs. Either way for some reason I act like I love this song when it comes on the radio (because God knows I wouldnt waste money on iTunes downloading it) and I pretend to know all the lyrics as I bang my head and realize all I know is “breathe in – breathe out, breathe in – breathe out.”

5. Matchbox 20: When you think of Matchbox 20, you think of driving in the car to the grocery store with your Mom. They were that typical 90s Mom-rock that was a little too old for us to understand but we still sang along to the choruses. Elementary school wasn’t mature enough for us yet to have control over the radio stations yet so Mix 94.1 it was and we heard this song every hour and a half, on the hour and a half.

4. Beastie Boys: I actually love the Beastie Boys and feel they are a hip hop artist more than rock but I felt weird not putting them on the list. I always felt white people were almost a little racist towards them because they were Jews from New York who rapped, while they were just doing what they loved. I almost even waited in line over night senior year of high school for their MTV $2 Bill Concert series but decided to go play basketball at 24 instead. They have so many good songs so it is hard for me to choose but this one is probably my favorite.

3.  Red Hot Chili Peppers: My first remembrance of a Pepper is in “Point Break” when Johnny Utah is chasing Anthony Keidis’ character and he accidentally shoots himself in the foot. For someone who listens to rap you would think I would be able to make out his lyrics but he was even to quick for me sometimes. They are legends to me and really really good to people who know rock and roll music. Is it weird that I feel like a douche even saying the phrase “rock n roll” or even “rock” for that matter?

2. Blink 182: These were the awkward middle school years which made you choose your path for life. You were either going to be normal or wear JNCO jeans that covered your Soap shoes for the rest of your life. Hopefully you’re not wearing those while reading this and if you are, I apologize. Travis Barker is the best drummer ever and I used to have a huge crush on his ex-wife before she was his wife, Shanna Moakler, when I would watch her on “Pacific Blue” Saturday mornings.

Also, notice how few tattoos they all had at the time before the blew up.

1. Linkin Park: Once again it took a rapper to wide my musical horizons to music that was made with real drums instead of a drum machine and keyboard. I wasn’t one of those rebellious “Screw you Dad” kids but their music reached out to all those kids and I thank them for that. A lot of those kids would be in a bad place right now if they weren’t able to cope with their “issues” if it weren’t for Linkin Park. I used to listen to their mash-up album with Jay-Z , “Collision Course” (that I downloaded on Napster) on repeat in the stock room of Champs. This is one of my favorite songs of all time because of the creativity and because H.O.V.A. refers to me when he says “Not for nothin’ ever happen, I be forever Mackin.” I see you too Jigga, I see you bruh.

Well, it has been a long run but the Palace Station is no longer my favorite Las Vegas casino. They’re $.99 22oz bone-in ribeye steaks have been outplayed by the new and swanktastic Cosmopolitan. The Cosmopolitan sits nuzzled in between the monstrosity that is City Center and the Bellagio and directly on top of The Jockey Club, which I bet you didn’t even know was lodged in there.

The newest addition to the infamous Las Vegas Strip has got a lot of attention leading up to its soft opening this week and it is all fairly credited. I did some on-site reporting last night to give you an insider’s take on the new resort and casino. Unfortunately, my press pass for was denied and I was not given my comped suite, meals and New Years Eve concert tickets, (looks like I’m going to have to fire another personal assistant) so Youtube videos and pirated pictures from Google Images will have to suffice.

I will begin by highlighting the overall theme and of this little gem. It is not their aim to attract the whales from Dubai and Macao, instead they would like to focus in on the 25-45, college graduate, with $75K + income. If they wanted more senior citizens playing Bingo and Keno they would have built another MGM Resorts property. OOOOOhhhhhh burn! And President John Unwin definitely knew the type of guest he wanted to attract when this was still in the planning stages.

The overall theme of the property is representative in the decor from the chandeliers throughout the casino to the warm and inviting suites. Planning a wedding, I have come to learn the terms “vintage” and “contemporary,” which would both be applicable on this new classic. It puts a modern twist on traditionally swanky hotels. If you took the casino out you would think you were in some original Hollywood boutique hotel. If you took the hotel out you would think you were in a purple version of the Monte Carlo in Monaco.

That is how they tailor their gaming, suites, and also food and beverage. You can find all of you standard beverages at any of the bars throughout the Cosmopolitan. However, they try to embrace their uniqueness by having customized beverage lists ranging in craft beers, rare wines, and spirits that cannot be found at your local CVS. They have mixologists pouring and shaking up drinks that have never been made before bringing their individuality points up. They even took the typical casino center bar and stretched it across three floors and draped in a giant chandelier.

The dining options are nearly endless. Every high-end casino has about 10 options with cuisine stretching across the whole gamete. They have interesting takes on their steakhouse/lounge STK, buffet, French fusion, and many others. They even have a walk-up Mexican/Chinese take-out spot for all of you late night cravings. It is the little touches like this that really set them apart from other pretentious hotels on the strip.

The nightlife is run through Marquee Nightcub and Dayclub in the warmer months. “The venue is more than 62,000 square feet, with 50-foot-tall ceilings and an unparalleled multi-million-dollar sound stage designed to cater to any performer’s whim. Coliseum-style seating surrounds a focal dance floor, where one can marvel at the four-story LED screens and projection walls that will display customized light and image shows distinctly tailored for each performance. In addition to the Nightclub space, Marquee will debut its Dayclub in the warmer spring months. Featuring Grand Cabanas with individual infinity pools, the Dayclub also boasts a multitude of three-story Bungalow Lofts, complete with a cabana, living quarters and a party deck on top.

Resident DJ, DJ Vice, will be spinning his Serato with the lastest in hip-hop and fist pumps. The grand poohbah of all parties will be this New Years Eve when the Jiggman hits the stage with Coldplay. Jay-Z and Coldplay cover a demographically sound fan base that makes seeing Kim Kardashian seem like Roseanne Barr. This concert will also be showing on their giant marquee along Las Vegas Blvd. Normally you could not pay me enough to go to the strip for NYE but I might consider this if H.O.V.A. sent me a fruit basket.

I always surprised to find out that they had a little shopping promenade and pretty good shopping at that. I spent all of my time in “CRSVR” trying on UNLV snap-back hats and staring at Air Max 95s but there was a bikini store for the ladies and “AllSaints” which looked like the clothing out of “The 5th Element” and the only good musical ever made “Newsies,” but whatever floats your boat I guess.

Now is the time to seize the day and go pretend to be a tourist and check it out. We even got lucky and were given a guided tour just because we looked like lost Europeans (I think it was either my peacoat or Danielle’s top hat). “The Cosmo” as it will come to be known is bringing Vegas back to some of its old roots by being classy without being gaudy, being fun without having to sacrifice quality, and being “just the right amount of wrong.”

On this Frivolous Friday, I have decided to put my music producer hat on. I am always thinking of different mixes that could be made by songs with similar lyrics rather than beats. By setting them both on a similar beat it would allow for a seamless transition unrecognizable by even the most sober person when the beat drops in Tao at 3am.

Every Christmas, different Christmas albums are released by pop and country music artists but it is on rare occasion that hip-hop or rap artists release a Christmas album. And rightfully so, an entire Christmas album by Soullja Boy might not do to well, but what if it were a compilation album put together by super producer, Mix-Masta MC Mackin? Well, this is no longer a fable and this highly touted project is now in the works for Christmas 2011. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect.

“Little Drummer Boy” by Jay-Z and Travis Barker: The holes that Travis Barker drills in his snare for an even louder baseline will provide a modern take on a Christmas classic. Jay-Z is mainstream enough now to have this be the first single off the album as it will be performed live on SNL as well. If you can’t imagine the blending of the 2 songs, this will give you an audio sense of what the track will emulate.

“Santa Baby” by Nikki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne: Nikki has completely exploded on the music scene and has already surpassed Lil Kim and Foxxy Brown with only Missy Elliot left to conquer as the best female rapper of all time. She has the delivery and sultriness to make this flirty song a song that you wouldn’t think twice about if it were heard on “Pink Friday.” Wayne will step in da boof on the third verse for his take on “Weezy Baby.”

“The First Noel” by Juelz Santana and Jim Jones: Santana Aightttt! It’s Dipset! These two aren’t the most talented in their craft but they do have their demographic and fan base in New York. So, I would like them to perform this version in Rockefeller Center at the lighting of the tree ceremony. Just imagine “Juelz” being said in the same note as “Noel.”

“Jingle Bells” DJ Khaled and T-Pain: We da best! Who?!?! Jingle Bells! Auto-tune may have died but this holiday staple will resurrect it back to life. The opportunities for a typical Terror Squad beat combined with the bells are exponential. This one is a little hard to describe, so I guess the best way is to just let your mind wander by listening.

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” Wiz Khalifa: Wiz is just young enough to make this playful song seem like he didn’t have to entirely reinvent the wheel for this “joint.” His creative word play would allow for many puns comparing The North Pole to Pitt, the elves to Taylor Gang, rolling up Christmas list scrolls to something else that Wiz is good at rolling…

“Let It Snow” Girl Talk and Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne: This song was made famous by Dean Martin and none of the original quality will be lost as Girl Talk mashes up this classic on New Years Eve 2011 live from Prive’ at Planet Hollywood. The performance will start out as fake snow begins to fall from the rafters then Fat Joe slowly but surely jumps behind the boof and makes it rain as Wayne runs through the crowd frantically.

“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” by Kanye West and Kid Cudi: The hook will be sung by Kanye’s trademark chipmunked voices. Cudi will provide a little hope for the city of Cleveland because God knows they need it with LeBron gone. They both are a little out there so the result of this track could go anywhere but I’m guessing it will sound somewhat along the lines of this…

“Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” by Justin Bieber and Rihanna: I had throw one pop song on the album. And what a better way to recreate the youth and innocence than with the cutest young pop star since Justin Timberlake wore shiny, light blue Adidas track pants when he performed live from Disney World with N* Sync. Rihanna will hop on at the end in a mini Santa dress to sing some back-up and do her knee wiggle dance.