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It has been a little over a year since I proposed and the wedding planning began. Now we are officially 10 days out of the official wedding activities commencing. As the Las Vegas weather has been heating up, so has the wedding. Right now the forecast for the ceremony and reception time is 77, sunny, and no wind. This is ideal weather for an outdoor evening wedding in Las Vegas, so please keep the current forecast in your prayers for us.

For the last few months everyone has been asking “has it hit you yet”? “Are you nervous”? And I can honestly say that for the first time “Yes, it has hit me and yes I am nervous.” (Gasp!)

Now wait a tick… “I’m not nervous to be married, I’m nervous to get married” (big difference) a phrase I have coined as of late. Danielle and I knew we would get married a long time ago and nothing has changed on that front whatsoever, so this is not a case of cold feet. It’s more that more anxious and excited feeling that has us nervous. After over a year of planning, both of us are ready for it to be here already and to be relaxing getting all loopy wine drunk in Napa.

Maybe it’s because we have so much time invested in the wedding that we want everything to go as we see it in our heads that has me a little nervous but most of the butterflies derive from the performance factor of the wedding. All eyes are on us. With every tear and every beer there will be 300 eyes (150 pairs of eyes, no Cyclops invited) watching. I can’t go to the bathroom for a “pee/tweet” without anyone noticing.

I know 85% of the families in attendance will be hysterically crying and I just don’t want to be part of that population. I’m good for a few salty tears on my behalf, I just want to keep them to solid “man tears.” Welled-up eyes with a little overflow is cool, I just don’t want to have a whimpering lip sucking in and out while I’m reciting my vows.

After literally hundreds of hours licking envelopes, hot-gluing, folding, sticking, stuffing, and fluffing we are ready for it just to happen. All of the arts and crafts sessions are done, the alterations have been made, the tastings have been sampled (devoured by me), all of the payments have been made, and we can finally hear the faint sound of auto-tuned wedding bells off in the distance.

We have done everything we could have possibly done over the last year or so and now it is just a waiting game. Luckily we will be busy breaking down Danielle’s classroom, entertaining incoming guests, and setting up the actual wedding itself to keep us from going stir-crazy at night, after we have been in over-drive for the last few months. We are ready to see all of our hard-work paid off by enjoying it and soaking it all in with the short allotted amount of time we have.

And that’s the most important thing. That we don’t worry about friends doing something dumb in their drunken stupor, not to worry if a bridesmaid is 15 minutes late to pictures, and not to get pissed if I’m in the bathroom when “Teach me how to Douggie” comes on (which very well could ruin my whole night, R.I.P. M-Bone). The most important thing is that we enjoy our wedding and make the best of it while it is happening because it will pass even faster than we think.

It is crazy how fast time as flown in the last 4+ years and we are so excited to open the next chapter of our “Choose Your Own Scare” Goosebumps book. I’m not sure if there will be a blog next week with all the hosting we will be doing this weekend but there will for sure be a post-wedding and honeymoon blog and maybe a special limited/members-only edition next month (God-willing).