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I apologize for fibbing a few weeks ago about the tentative blog schedule. This should have been wedding media files and it should have been last week. However, the photographers and videographers union have been “locked-out” of their facilities until they can agree on a new collective bargaining agreement and salary cap.

Needless to say, the wedding was a perfect mess and it was still a magically enchanted night with fireflies and unicorns. We had a great time mooning our honeys and will have the pictures of white people dancing, videos of Danielle’s Dad balling, and instagrams of our make-shift photo booth and props from the wedding back and up hopefully by next week. But that is not the context of the blogging expedition…

This typing trip will address the ‘now what’ in our lives? ‘Our time to shine’ has come and gone quick but that is okay because all good things come to an end. And with that ‘end’ a new ‘beginning’ is upon us and we are ready to spearhead the next chapter like a South African fisherman hunting a Great White (Shark Week starts 7/31).

Now, that all the wedding hoopla has toned down it has been nice to be able to go bed at a decent hour with my fingertips still intact, without having burned them off with a hot glue gun. There are no more late nights wasting our time doing seating charts that we had to throw out the window anyway because we had 20+ people come who either RSVPd that they weren’t coming and came, brought an unaccounted for guest, or just flat out weren’t invited and came because they assumed their invite was lost in the mail, awkward!

This frees up more time for the little things that are important in life like working-out after work, perfecting my cooking skills, and watching my DVRed programs like “Pardon the Interruption” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” Those are great but this is more about the bigger things in life.

Where to go? What to do? Who to see? And how we’re going to do it? This is where I would like to open up rush and start recruiting people. In the short term, the first place in want to go is Portland/Eugene, Oregon. Ducks football, Nike Headquarters, Tillamook Cheese, and Rogue Brewery are calling my name.

Who doesn’t want to see football in the fall in the loudest stadium in the country? You can turn your swag on and step up your show game at the hub of sports culture. I like cheese, you like cheese, even lactose intolerants eat cheese and deal with the consequences later because cheese is so good. And why not wash all that creamy fun down with an ice cold beer that is so good that some might say the’re “Oregasmic.”

The timeline I’m looking at is the Jewish holiday weekend of Sukkot, 10/13-10/16 and it’s the ideal weekend to go! Let me tell you why. The Ducks will be taking on the Sun Devils of Arizona State. Which means the mustard and maroon will be rained on with the sickest uniforms in the game both literally and figuratively. If you’re a UNLV fan and don’t want to miss a glorious tailgate (if they even exist) don’t fret for even one sec because we will be in the quaint town of Laramie, Wyoming visiting the Cowboys that weekend.

Oregon in the heart of Fall is absolutely breathtaking, or so Google Images tells me. Not to mention flights are ‘farely’ cheap right now. We would fly into PDX  the evening of 10/13 or morning of 10/14. Your trusty tour guide will make sure you get all the bathroom breaks and photo opps you need to complete your tourist experience at Nike, Tillamook, and Rogue.

Right now, the game time Saturday 10/15 is officially TBA but I have read some forums which indicate an 1:00pm kickoff time. Which can only mean one thing “Kegs and Eggs”!!!! Relive your Freshman year by waking up in a hotel room and start the day off right with a beer for breakfast. We’ll ‘road-trip it’ into the beautiful college town nice and early. I will even provide complimentary “The Oregonian” newspapers for the short and scenic ride.

During the game we’ll make friends in the student section to get the buzz on the post-game festivities. We’ll walk by random houses, see goofy white kids in basketball shorts playing beer pong on their porches and be welcomed exuberantly to join because everyone in Oregon is either happy or high.

We’ll stumble home and crash in our comfy yet small motel room sleeping three-to-a-bed for real estate purposes. Head out first thing in the morning stopping at the Original Original House of Pancakes to soothe any rumbling tummies before we board the short flight back home.

SO WHO’S COMING WITH ME?!?! Please come… if no one wants to come I will be stuck trying to convince Danielle that Oregon is for lovers not Ohio and that the Rose Garden is the most romantic place on Earth.