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As little kids we grow up playing house with our “Little Tikes” toysets. Whether it is little boys pretending to drive in the infamous “Fred Flintstone style” red and yellow car or little girls pretending to do the necessary prep work for their tea-party with their Easy Bake Oven, kids grow up wanting to well, grow up. Little Boys wants to be Astronauts and girls grow up wanting to be teachers and housewives when they finally reach that pinnacle of being the “grown-up” it can be somewhat of culture shock to those who haven’t had practice.

Luckily for Danielle and I, we have had the luxury of being able to “play house” before we say “I do.” With her family on the road a lot as of late we have had the chance to be able to not only house-sit, dog-sit, but also be able to practice the day-to-day duties that go into taking care of a home. When you still live at home with your parents or still live like you’re in college, you take the smallest luxuries for granted and when they are stripped from you, you miss them dearly.

Things as simple as having your laundry done, unloading the dishwasher, and taking the dogs out are things that you may not account for them when you check off your “to-do list” before you leave for the day. But these are all things that take a certain amount of time and need to be done. They don’t take as long time like scrubbing the stairs with a toothbrush do but when chores pile up you realize you need to take more time out of your day to complete these simple tasks.

With these responsibilities we have had a crash course in taking care of a home and it has been a great and humbling experience as we make similar preparations for ourselves. Your day starts off earlier than you would like with the blind dog barking so that he can be taken outside to do “his business.” We then would bring him back in for a treat-filled with Glaucoma medicine until he wants fresh water.

Once his duties are done, you can return to your amenities by putting in your contacts, brushing your teeth, washing your face, and showering. Then it is time to make the bed (a chore I despise and find unnecessary unless you’re expecting company), then it is time to rush downstairs to start the coffee so you’re not late to work. Eating breakfast, making lunch, and defrosting dinner are all tasks to be done simultaneously and necessary to have a successful day unless you want to eat Chipotle twice a day, everyday.

When your day is over it is not over, it is only starting. Taking the dogs out (washing and feeding them when necessary as well), getting the mail, taking the trash out, prepping dinner, and cooking dinner, are all small yet forgotten tasks that need to be done everyday before you can sit down and relax to actually eat the dinner you worked so hard on. Then when the short 20 minute snack break is up, it is time to clear the table, wash the dishes, and put the dishes away.

By the time you hit the couch in time to watch TV you realize you have already missed the local news and “American Idol” started 15 minutes ago. You find yourself completing miscellaneous task during commercials now because you were so busy in the morning that you forgot to DVR your programs, so that you could save time by fast forwarding through the commercials. You say you want to go to bed but then you force yourself to stay up for the late edition of “Sports Center” or “Fox 5 News at 10.”

Then as you begin the hike upstairs the thought of waking up in a few hours hits you and subconsciously make you more tired than you actually are. You now begin to walk without picking up your feet and shuffle your socks across the floor because you feel more tired than you really are. Now, it is to wash and repeat again so you can un-make your bed and begin a daily reading, then falling asleep in the middle of your prayers only wake up and do it all over again. It seems like an episode of “The Brady Bunch” only there is no Alice helping you along the way.

This would deter some young couples but luckily it only excites us even more as we look forward to being able to wash our own dishes and make our own bed. And with the wedding day inching closer and faster than ever, making our living quarters decision and deciding where we’ll be residing has hit the top of our “to-do list” right after grocery shopping.

Over the last month or so I have done extensive research on the housing market in Las Vegas. As much as we would like to take advantage of the low economic state and “first time home-buyer discounts” we realize it is smarter to start off our lives debt free (thank you Dave Ramsey) and rent for the first year or so till we have our student loans paid off and some extra “money in the bank, shawty what ya drank”?

O-K-K-K! We set a few rules before house hunting which I highly recommend, because if it were up to Danielle we would live in her casita for the rest of our lives. Set limits regarding price, area of town, freeway access, and proximity of work. With these and other guidelines set, we circumvented a radius on the West Side of town with homes/apartments for rent in the $900-$1,100 monhtly price range. It was about 22 minutes into my search that I realized that renting a home is just as cheap and in most cases cheaper than an apartment.

In some cases we actually found apartments being more expensive than a home in a similar area with 800 more square feet when you take into account security deposits, utilities, and other miscalleneous community uses. Long-story shortened, we shifted our search to strictly rental homes in our respective radius by retaining Real Estate Mogul, Michael deCesare, who is available for all of your real estate needs at  The future Donald Trump (minus the power tie) took us on a tour, which eventually led to what seems like a perfect little house for us.

It is a 1,400 sq. ft. single family home with 3 bedrooms (dual master), hardwood floors, 2 car garage (with an extra work area big enough for the beer pong table), and a large backyard with covered patio. It is right in our area in “The Lakes,” within walking distance of Robertos, Fresh and Easy (so Danielle can keep me on track) and walking distance from Desert Breeze Park, so I can practice my new dunks on a whole new group of fools, all for the unbelievably low price range of $1,000 a month.

Right now, we are playing the waiting game to make sure everything is in order to make such a small step for man and giant leap for mankind. If for whatever reason it doesn’t work out we know it wasn’t meant to be and in God’s plans for us but we rest assured knowing that “she’ll be coming around the mountain, when she comes” and when she does we’ll be ready with the priceless practice that we’ve had playing house.