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On this My Life Monday, I feel it is only appropriate if I touch on the topic of my birthday. It’s not like it was the most eventful or ragerific birthday ever but I can honestly say it was the best birthday ever. And for that I feel like my birthday is obviously a part of “my life” and therefore allowable to speak upon. I don’t mean for it to come of as conceited at all,l I wll just simply report on the activities that took place and thank all parties involved.

My actually birthday is today but Monday birthdays suck especially in post “Monday Night Football season” so I decided to celebrate the preceding weekend. I kicked off the weekend not with happy hour but with an exhilarating hour of doing what I’m best at… grading Danielle’s 2nd grade spelling tests. The little tikes did great this week and had a class average of 95%, in case anyone was wondering.

Then it was time to kick off the weekend. In years past I have set up extravagant “3 birthday weekends” but this year I felt it was unnecessary and wanted to tone back “hey look at me” factor and celebrate with a fellow birthday mate of mine, Katie Jozsa. Her fiance’/baller, Luke, threw her a surprise party of which activities included Ketchup/Grape Jelly infused meatballs (which were, “Minute To Win It” games, and beer pong. I fell short of being able to complete “Johnny Apple-stack” by stacking 5 apples but did succeed in winning 5 consecutive games of beer pong, which really led me to feel young at heart again because I still got it.

The following morning started right where I left off with a Coors Light before noon at the Red Room before the UNM vs UNLV basketball game. That was a lot of prepositions and I’m not exactly sure about the grammar. For Rick’s Birthday this coming weekend, I let him take me to the breakfast open bar. I had a bunch of bacon to stop the hangover before it had a chance to take over and had 6-8 beers by the time the Rebels could close out the New Mexicans.

Danielle then treated me to my third favorite food, Kobe “All You Can Eat” Sushi. After about 9 Ashley Rolls and 3 Sake Bombs, I was just barely to keep the sushi down long enough to take a power nap and shower for later.

Sorry, if you were one of those people who throw up when they see someone else throw up. However, I apologize more for that horrendous music. Then the festivities continued (late of course because Danielle is never on time, never) at Bilbo’s for a night of $2 Kokanees (or as I like to call them “Canadian Coors Lights), shuffle board, and darts. Thank you to everyone who showed up, especially everyone who made the commute from Hendertucky. I couldn’t win in shuffleboard but was able to nail the bullseye on the last shot as we headed out to Chicago Brewery.

I hate this word but Chicago Brewery was “legendary” because for the first time in my life I was “Buffalo Clubbed” by one Bocephus Dwayne Murphy. It was tough to suck down an ice-cold, thick, 22oz. Amber something or other, and that is where things started to get blurry. One of the last things I remember vividly was trying to run a post route on an ex-UCLA cornerback we met and a discussion of what the politically correct term is for a baby’s private parts. We heard everything from donut, to hoohaa, to niney, to some other special phrases that are too vulgar for my PG-13 blog.

I then needed my Jack In the Box grease with probably some dog-food tacos and a Breakfast Jack. Little did I know however, that I was being documented via video-phone. Unfortunately Danielle’s phone doesn’t exist anymore so I cannot upload the videos but in one scene I was asked to describe my birthday in one sentence, upon which I replied abruptly with “I. Am. The. Real. World.” I guess I felt like I was on “The Real World.” Then what I was most afraid of, happened. I slept walk again. Thankfully I made it to the toilet and didn’t urinate on anyone or anything and everything remained in tact.

After such a sinful night, I needed to repent in church, which along with a coffee and asprin, was a great wa to start off my day. After church we met Danielle’s cousin, Deanna, for my second favorite food, Grimaldi’s pizza, which Deanna treated us too and we are very thankful for. I then cleansed off my palette with a Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato from Samabalatte, while Danielle decided to take her phone for a dip in her coffee.

I then let the food coma begin to set in while blobbing on the couch watching the biggest pansy in football, Jay Cutler, throw away the game to affirm my prediction that the Bears are garbage. The Steel Curtain was also just strong enough to hold off the out-spoken Jets as my Super Bowl predictions were correct. Too bad I didn’t bet it. Told ya so.

I then decided to close-out my birthday with my family and with my most favorite food of all time, Lucille’s pulled pork. I’m a sucker for suckling and emptied half a bottle of their Memphis BBQ sauce on top that kept me bloated throughout the night. All though I have to say one night of gas and pain was totally worth the 30 minutes of pleasure. I want to thank everyone who contributed to my birthday and for all the nice words on the Facebook streaming in as I type. I am thankful for all of you and am very blessed. Holla.


“Has it sunken in yet”? That is the question we have been getting a lot lately as we are coming down the home stretch of being only months away from the ringing of wedding bells. As every newly engaged couple gets, we get the rundown of questions every time it’s been two weeks since we’ve seen someone at Miller’s Alehouse. conversations usually go something like this: “Hi! How are you? Have you set a date yet? Oh my God, that’s so exciting! How many people are you inviting? Have you picked your theme? Are you ready? Has it sunken it yet”?

Seeing as though it is a “My Life Monday” I felt it was appropriate to answer the many interrogative posed to us as we are turning the corner into marriagehood (not a real word). The 14 month engagement all comes to a close as a new anniversary is born on The Seventeenth Day of June in the Year 2011 (I tried to write it fancy like some people do on their invitations). Danielle andf I both have huge families and lots of mutual friends. However, we set a few rules for ourselves to keep the wedding to people we love and want to be there for us on that day.

One rule we like was that we didn’t want to both be introduced to anyone at the wedding. If after four years we still haven’t met people of supposed importance then there is a good chance that they aren’t “too close” to one of us and therefore, they don’t “need” an invite. Unless of course they have deep pockets and in that case I will disinvite one of my friends my taking him to lunch. Also, with close friends being invited we limited their “+ 1s” to needing a six month dating requirement. There are plenty of people we would love to have at the wedding but can’t invite due to Roman Numerals. We don’t want people bringing “+ 1s” who we could care less about and who are just there to take advantage of the open bar and re-gift us a gift card they’ll never use.

Now, the next most popular thing we are asked is what our theme is. The theme is my favorite part of the wedding. Danielle and I are both very casual people. It is outdoor summer night wedding so it will be cool at night but at the same time we don’t want people wearing gowns and tuxedos with tails and tophats. We want people to be as comfortable as possible (I tried pulling for basketball shorts but the warden shut that down quick) so the mens attire will be light summer suits and “linen shorts so my balls don’t get hot.” (1:16)

I could really care less what the women wear and I don’t think that will be an issue. When we were discussing the kind of wedding we wanted to have it was an easy compromise. We both wanted good people, good music, and good food. Danielle wanted rustic/vintage and I wanted a tailgate/BBQ. So what we both wanted was possible and “we met halfway right at the borderline is where we’re gonna wait for you.”

Right now I’m working on getting beer pong tables signed off on but don’t hold me to it. I’m trying to position them as “cute” beer pong tables that will match the “vintagey” theme of the wedding as it would be fun to watch Grandparents try to play flip cup.

There is no question that both of us are ready but I don’t believe it has really sunken in for us yet. We have made tons of plans, gone through tons of save the dates/invites, booked plenty of transportation, but we haven’t really seen the effects of the planning and picking yet. I think once the house shopping begins and the parties/showers start rolling in over the next few months, that is when it will really begin to feel like we’re getting married.

Only because it’s not like much has really changed in our daily lives as of now. We still reside in our respective residences, we haven’t bought all of the pending furniture yet, and now it is kind of just a waiting game. We both are really excited for all the happenings that will occur over the next few months. Danielle is excited to see it all done and I am excited for all the envelopes and cool appliances because our church pre-marital counselor’s test said “I feel loved when I’m given things.” (cough Tri-Kegerator cough)

Now, that I am conveniently on that topic we are registered at, Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and are opening a Bank of America account to make gift deposits into if anyone would like to get me any birthday presents (only 3 weeks away).

That pretty much covers the basics as we obviously want to leave some things to the imagination. If you girls are looking for more insight into what the wedding will look like (because us guys don’t really give a shit)  you can go to That website has been like Danielle’s wedding Bible and she checks it more than she checks her voicemail and/or text messages (which she reluctantly apologizes for).