Lately, I have been trying to limit the amount of videos embedded into the format but with this blog is it kind of inevitable. It would be pointless to talk about the Betty White Snickers commercials and then show a picture of her in her knit sweater. This Super Bowl had a lot of build up with the two most storied franchises in the NFL, being played in the house that Jerry built, and having over 103,000 fans in attendance and over 100,000,000 watching abroad.

With so much attention being drawn to a few hours of television programming, the bar was set pretty high for the commercials to live up to. I think this is what had people saying the commercials this year weren’t so great. Of the 100,000,000 I bet 30,000,000 were less interested in the game and more in the commercials/social aspect of the game, thus having more commercial critics than ever. However, there have been many other good ones over the course of the years and it is these ads that I would like to pay homage to.

10. Doritos – Snack Attack Samurai: This year we were shocked early with Doritos’ finger suckin’ ad which was more uncomfortable than good, whereas last year’s ad was pure humor. It had multiple funny elements including the commentary, funny 80s workout ensembles, and of course the Snack Samurai at the end (which I think would have been a great 2010 Halloween costume).

9. Dockers – I Wear No Pants: You can never go wrong with awkwardly funny guys with beards. Maybe we assimilate them to Allen from “The Hangover” but they are even more funny when they are singing in their tighty whiteys. This commercial even had the subliminal message that men need to be men and everything that goes with being a man, like wearing Dockers…

8. Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like: Many Super Bowl commercials run once during the game and are stuck on Youtube for the remainder of their media life. However, this Old Spice ad was able to transcend stereotypes and was burned into our brains for all of 2010 with consistent runs throughout the year becoming the most popular commercial of the year.

7. Doritos – House Rules: Short and sweet is sometimes the best way to go with commercials. Simplicity is key and it keeps you wanting more as you were shocked, laughed, and now it’s over and back to watching Christina Aguilera ruin the National Anthem. I wouldn’t be surprised if you catch this kid showing up in movies or Tyler Perry shows within the next few years either, so keep an eye out.

6. Career Builder – If you hate going to work: Then again, emphasis on repetition can be funny too. The first few reals were ok but the commercial really picks up speed when the Koala bear enters stage right. Seeing a stuffed Koala bear with glasses, get hit in the face spilling his coffee all over his pouch is nothing short of genius. Whoever thought of that for the commercial is a true patriot for giving people a mnemonic device (memory aid) to help them look for a new job and for that I salute you, Career Builder.

5. Chrysler 200 – Imported from Detroit: Speaking of America… Nothing says America like good old hard work and enguinity. And there is no city that better represents these qualities better than Detroit, which ironically enough is a French word meaning “strait” (which is neither here nor there). Eminem’s trademarked stoneface and the baseline for “Lose Yourself” playing in the background bring in the seriousness to the ad that you forget it even about a car and makes you want to cop that ish like Missy Elliot. Then if it wasn’t good enough already there is a black choir at the end, and you could throw a black gospel choir in just about anything for immediate chills.

4. Etrade – Baby Girlfriend: This commercial was the spawn of the many Etrade baby commercials (pun intended, get it? Babies? Spawn? No) and if you ask me it was the best by far. Talking babies have been funny ever since “Look Who’s Talking” and they will always be funny. The commercial also gets it point across with their key phrases: portfolio diversification, volatility in the market, and milkaholic.

3. Budweiser – Wassup: This commercial was an enabler. It enabled the goofy white guys of 2003 to think that they were hip and funny by quoting this commercial. A white guy in pleated khakis doing an impression of Lil Jon is not cool nor is it funny. This was one of those instances in which you were laughing at the guys who quoted the commercial more so than laughing with them. True. True.

2. Reebok – Terry Tate Office Linebacker: Before Reebok ZigTech hit the market, this was the last cool thing Reebok did. A smart commercial with sports references can never fail during the Super Bowl. Big Hits and profanity sit well with football fans and this ad sat with us for a while afterward. I only wish I was in the workforce when this aired to see people talk about this commercial at the office water cooler, looking over their shoulders for their own Terry Tate Office Linebacker. Here is an extended version of the original for extended viewing pleasure.

1. Budweiser – Frogs: This commercial was the “Joe Camel” for beer. It introduced drinking to people of all ages, including minors. It had amphibians of which we were learning how to dissect and it probably embedded thoughts into our heads early on that drinking beer was cool and fun. Maybe I am reading way to far into it but this commercial that has nothing but toads croaking was generational in that we correlate this commercial to one of our first remembrances of alcoholic advertising and it is still talked about today (See: slippery slope).


As little kids we grow up playing house with our “Little Tikes” toysets. Whether it is little boys pretending to drive in the infamous “Fred Flintstone style” red and yellow car or little girls pretending to do the necessary prep work for their tea-party with their Easy Bake Oven, kids grow up wanting to well, grow up. Little Boys wants to be Astronauts and girls grow up wanting to be teachers and housewives when they finally reach that pinnacle of being the “grown-up” it can be somewhat of culture shock to those who haven’t had practice.

Luckily for Danielle and I, we have had the luxury of being able to “play house” before we say “I do.” With her family on the road a lot as of late we have had the chance to be able to not only house-sit, dog-sit, but also be able to practice the day-to-day duties that go into taking care of a home. When you still live at home with your parents or still live like you’re in college, you take the smallest luxuries for granted and when they are stripped from you, you miss them dearly.

Things as simple as having your laundry done, unloading the dishwasher, and taking the dogs out are things that you may not account for them when you check off your “to-do list” before you leave for the day. But these are all things that take a certain amount of time and need to be done. They don’t take as long time like scrubbing the stairs with a toothbrush do but when chores pile up you realize you need to take more time out of your day to complete these simple tasks.

With these responsibilities we have had a crash course in taking care of a home and it has been a great and humbling experience as we make similar preparations for ourselves. Your day starts off earlier than you would like with the blind dog barking so that he can be taken outside to do “his business.” We then would bring him back in for a treat-filled with Glaucoma medicine until he wants fresh water.

Once his duties are done, you can return to your amenities by putting in your contacts, brushing your teeth, washing your face, and showering. Then it is time to make the bed (a chore I despise and find unnecessary unless you’re expecting company), then it is time to rush downstairs to start the coffee so you’re not late to work. Eating breakfast, making lunch, and defrosting dinner are all tasks to be done simultaneously and necessary to have a successful day unless you want to eat Chipotle twice a day, everyday.

When your day is over it is not over, it is only starting. Taking the dogs out (washing and feeding them when necessary as well), getting the mail, taking the trash out, prepping dinner, and cooking dinner, are all small yet forgotten tasks that need to be done everyday before you can sit down and relax to actually eat the dinner you worked so hard on. Then when the short 20 minute snack break is up, it is time to clear the table, wash the dishes, and put the dishes away.

By the time you hit the couch in time to watch TV you realize you have already missed the local news and “American Idol” started 15 minutes ago. You find yourself completing miscellaneous task during commercials now because you were so busy in the morning that you forgot to DVR your programs, so that you could save time by fast forwarding through the commercials. You say you want to go to bed but then you force yourself to stay up for the late edition of “Sports Center” or “Fox 5 News at 10.”

Then as you begin the hike upstairs the thought of waking up in a few hours hits you and subconsciously make you more tired than you actually are. You now begin to walk without picking up your feet and shuffle your socks across the floor because you feel more tired than you really are. Now, it is to wash and repeat again so you can un-make your bed and begin a daily reading, then falling asleep in the middle of your prayers only wake up and do it all over again. It seems like an episode of “The Brady Bunch” only there is no Alice helping you along the way.

This would deter some young couples but luckily it only excites us even more as we look forward to being able to wash our own dishes and make our own bed. And with the wedding day inching closer and faster than ever, making our living quarters decision and deciding where we’ll be residing has hit the top of our “to-do list” right after grocery shopping.

Over the last month or so I have done extensive research on the housing market in Las Vegas. As much as we would like to take advantage of the low economic state and “first time home-buyer discounts” we realize it is smarter to start off our lives debt free (thank you Dave Ramsey) and rent for the first year or so till we have our student loans paid off and some extra “money in the bank, shawty what ya drank”?

O-K-K-K! We set a few rules before house hunting which I highly recommend, because if it were up to Danielle we would live in her casita for the rest of our lives. Set limits regarding price, area of town, freeway access, and proximity of work. With these and other guidelines set, we circumvented a radius on the West Side of town with homes/apartments for rent in the $900-$1,100 monhtly price range. It was about 22 minutes into my search that I realized that renting a home is just as cheap and in most cases cheaper than an apartment.

In some cases we actually found apartments being more expensive than a home in a similar area with 800 more square feet when you take into account security deposits, utilities, and other miscalleneous community uses. Long-story shortened, we shifted our search to strictly rental homes in our respective radius by retaining Real Estate Mogul, Michael deCesare, who is available for all of your real estate needs at  The future Donald Trump (minus the power tie) took us on a tour, which eventually led to what seems like a perfect little house for us.

It is a 1,400 sq. ft. single family home with 3 bedrooms (dual master), hardwood floors, 2 car garage (with an extra work area big enough for the beer pong table), and a large backyard with covered patio. It is right in our area in “The Lakes,” within walking distance of Robertos, Fresh and Easy (so Danielle can keep me on track) and walking distance from Desert Breeze Park, so I can practice my new dunks on a whole new group of fools, all for the unbelievably low price range of $1,000 a month.

Right now, we are playing the waiting game to make sure everything is in order to make such a small step for man and giant leap for mankind. If for whatever reason it doesn’t work out we know it wasn’t meant to be and in God’s plans for us but we rest assured knowing that “she’ll be coming around the mountain, when she comes” and when she does we’ll be ready with the priceless practice that we’ve had playing house.

Pull up your orange couch, postpone your reading of the back of the cereal box and deter your eyes to this blog because today I’m going to bring you back to your childhood. Today I will be highlighting and analyzing the Top Ten 90s Nickelodeon Shows.

This was our era! When we are retired and crossing kids back and forth across the street in a reflective vest, this is the era that we will look back on. It will not be the 2000s, where we talk about MTV’s “Made: I want to be a hip-hop dancer” or the 2010s with “The Jersey Shore” and their multiple spin-offs. This was our time to shine and I plan on bringing all of the spotlight back for our remembering pleasure just like it was a SNICK Friday.

10. Are You Afraid of the Dark?: I realize this may shock some of you that the SNICK headliner is this far down on the list. And those dropped jaws are justified however, I am a little girl when it comes to scary stuff. I don’t like roller coasters, I don’t like scary movies (realistic or unrealistic) and I DID NOT like Are You Afraid of the Dark?. This was a pivotal time on my pre-adolescence and was the epitome of everything scary. Just listening to this intro (because I wouldn’t watch it) brings back bad memories, so let’s move on.

9. Clarissa Explains It All: Shut up Ferg-breath! Clarissa was a big sister to all of us. She was the ultimate hipster before hipsters existed. She was always on the cutting edge of fashion and was the PG version of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City for boys and girls of all ages. This was Melissa Joan Hart’s first big hit before she could make the jump that all 90s child stars aspired for, from SNICK on Nickelodeon to Sabrina the Teenage Witch on TGIF.

8. My Brother and Me: This show had a profound impact on my life and shaped me into the person I am today. Even though the acting was horrible and the laugh machine was antiquated, it was My Brother and Me that made me want to be black. I wanted to have a haircut like Alfie and have a little brother to pick on like Dee Dee. I remember wearing the same shirts as them, granted in a smaller size but the same shirts nonetheless. And I don’t know what I would have done without Goo and his punch in my life. Who knows I could be listening to country music and in theatre or something if it weren’t for them.

7. Gullah Gullah Island: This was the show we all watched but didn’t tell anyone we watched because it was on “Nick Jr.” It was educational and taught us many life lessons at a young age that “Ren and Stimpy” could not. Maybe a younger sibling wanted to watch it and we would pretend like we wanted to watch the much more mature Hey Arnold but we really didn’t because we wanted to see what Binya Binya Pollywog was up to next.

6. Doug: Doug Funnie was most guys in middle school. He was post-puberty but still awakward. He had his dog, Porkchop, and main squeeze, Skeeter, to help him through the trials and tribulations of maturity. He had the many crushes on Patty Mayonaise and was always getting picked on by Roger Klotz. These were all great characters with great storylines revolving around them but we forget the great music that Doug brought us by the “The Beets.” Hits like “Killer Tofu,” “Bangin’ on a Trash Can,” “Shout Your Lungs Out,” or my all time favorite “I Need More Allowance.”

5. Hey Dude: I was one of those kids that never wanted to go away to sleep-away camp (until I saw Bug Juice but that is a blog for another day) but if I were to go on vacation I wanted to go to The Bar-None Ranch. Everyone just was always having a good time. It was a place where you could forget all of your worries and relax amidst the great Wild West culture.

4. GUTS: Do you have it? I friggin love this show! Mike O’Malley got his big break here on GUTS before he could move on to bigger and better projects like Glee? Conquering the Agro Crag was a goal for not only American kids but kids around the world. It was basically the kids version of Gladiators. It taught us life skills like teamwork, perseverance, and pride for your country. It was just a good overall show and it’s sad that kids these days don’t have anything like GUTS to teach them things like GUTS did. Instead they’re learning how to have sex at 11, watching Skins. Now, that I have hopped off my soapbox, “tell em what they’ve won, Mo”!

3. Rugrats: The best cartoon of all time! I wasn’t a big cartoon fan as a kid but Rugrats broke animation barriers. They were the Jackie Robinson and Billie Jean King of 90s Nickelodeon Shows. The characters made the show for us. Tommy and Angelica Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Phil and Lil DeVille, Dr. Lipschitz, and Reptar. The adventures that the toddlers and infants were going on seemed impossible to us even as we were much older as we still admired them for their bravery.

2. The Secret World of Alex Mack: I never like it when girls wore baseball hats but Larisa Olyenik was the exception to the rule. Although I never stood a chance because she had a crush on Ray in what seemed like every episode. She was the queen of the “90s tom-boy look” and had magic powers. I now see the subconscious and political undertones taking shots at oil spills and the effects on society but it was a great show with a lot more drama that you would expect. She could zap things, morph into liquid, all the while never messing up her hair.

1. Salute Your Shorts: “Camp Anawanna, we hold you in our hearts, and when we think about you, it makes me wanna fart! It’s hold you in our hearts, get it right or pay the price.” This was the best show Nickelodeon ever aired and completely underrated if you ask me. You just cannot replicate characters like Donkey Lips, Ug Lee, ZZ, and Budnick. We could relate to them. There were the bullies, popular girls, jocks, and nerds. They embodied everything we ever went through as kids in a few summers on a lake and the credit is all due to them.

Doppelgänger: ˈdä-pəl-ˌgaŋ-ər, definition: a ghostly counterpart of a living person. This simple German phrase took the Facebook by storm last year and it is bound to blow up even bigger this year. It is the one week of the year where people all over the world change the profile picture to the person or celebrity that people tell them they look like, they think they look like, or the person they wish they looked like.

I have been waiting for Doppelgänger Week on the Facebook for some time now for multiple reasons. The first being I am old and with age comes less frequent pictures. I need a new profile picture and haven’t had very many candid moments that were captured on film. The second reason is that I am a huge creeper and like to see the choices by some people for their ghostly counterpart, both accurate and aspirationaL.

I get it, I mean no one wants to put a picture of someone who us uglier than them for their Doppelgänger but at the same time we as a society don’t want to come off as conceited by putting up a picture of Brad Pitt and Meghan Fox because they have the same hair color. I think they whole idea of Doppelgängers should just be changed to good-looking celebrity that we maybe kinda look like and wish we looked like more.

I also feel like I have a knack for saying who assimilating people to their Doppelgänger and solicited my services on the Facebook yesterday. 5 lucky contestants were chosen as I will try to match them up with a fair Doppelgänger. I know now that some will be better than others but you can be the judge and let me know how well you think I did. First up is model/actor/red-shirt quartback/fraternity brother, Zack Kay.

Channing Tatum

Wow, I really feeling gay right now. To his credit, Zack’s a good lookin’ dude but then again he is wearing Ed Hardy so you have to dock some points but I think my choice was pretty good. Next, up is an even bigger hunk. Your Student Body President, Mr. David Rapoport.

Stephen Colbert/Bob Saget

That one was tough! I was Google imaging Colbert for a while and then tried some others including Bob Saget and settled with this picture. I was looking for younger pictures of both of them but it was tough for these two to look as young and presidential as D-Rap does. Now for a lady. Caity Brewer is a San Diego native so I tried to stick with the So-Cal beachy theme…

Kate Bosworth

Girls are a lot harder than guys I think but the one in the middle from “Blue Crush” is close enough. Next up is Senor Santana. Santana is conveniently the man of many faces. He has a Doppelgänger for just about everyday of the week but I am going to stick to just Monday-Thursday.

Brian Wilson

Silent Bob

Kenny Powers

Lance Agostino

Doppelgänger week has to be such a fun week for a man with such facial versatility to go with his cunning wit. He should be an international man of mystery. Last but not least is fellow blogger-extraordinare, Topher Abelarde.

Vinny Chase (short hair)

Toph was the hardest of all of them, so I chose the picture with goggles to act as an optical illusion, thus validating my choice more.

All of these were chosen at their discretion but without their input. They were completely objective and I was not influenced in any way by Cam Newton’s father, Cecil. Obviously, some are better than others but I can’t win em all. If you would like to featured in the Doppelgänger next year please make it known now as seats are filling up and they are projected to be sold out by 1/31/12, so make sure you get yours fast.

I know it is a shock that man of scholarly aptitude such as myself, is only reading his second book at the ripe young age of 24. It just goes to prove that the education system currently in place needs to have a larger emphasis on reading, while I put the emphasis on writing. You are never to young to further your education and that is exactly what I plan on doing with this fine piece of literature.

I have been listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio show for sometime now and have decided become even more of a dedicated listener. Dave Ramsey started out in Real Estate and then became an entrepreneur by opening his own business which has blossomed into a diversified corporation. He has written multiple books, does public speaking, has his own radio show, and he is the founder of Financial Peace University.

Financial Peace University is an accredited 12 step class to help people achieve financial fitness. Dave lays the bricks for any kind of financial situation, from budgeting to dumping debt. This highly acclaimed class has helped millions become debt-free and while saving millions of dollars and has become a staple in church classes around the country due to Dave’s Christian background and influences.

You can become certified either through these classes that are available within many church groups, chambers of commerce, and even complete the course on your own by purchasing the dvd set. After completing the book, I plan on taking the classes so that I too can call into his show and do the official Dave Ramsey “I’m debt-free scream.” Mine may not be as dramatic as the many people who have dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars in fairly short amounts of time but student loans and credit card will be good enough for me.

The 13 chapter, 223 page book, unfortunately for me does not have any illustrations to pad the page count. It is a full 223 pages of text. I’m “notgonnalie,” this scares me a little bit. I want to be proactive and not take a whole year to read the book but also don’t want to bite off more than I can chew by setting a goal, that I will likely break. I also like to live by the conservative speaking motto of “under-promise and over-deliver.”

I will set the realistic goal of reading one chapter a week. I know that seems pretty elementary but when it comes to reading books I am well, elementary. I don’t have the attention span to completely envelop myself in a book, but then again it has never really happened because “kid can’t even read.” But hey, if for some reason I just cannot put the book down I will of course expedite my course and finish earlier than I have originally planned.

I just don’t want to say I’m going to read a chapter a night and try to finish in 2 weeks when my track record would suggest otherwise. We all know that when we set a goal and stray off track a little bit, that we decide to pop all of our tires than to try and push through and finish because we already already screwed up. Thus the “under-promise and over-deliver” approach should successfully correlate to my financial fitness index.

Some of you may be wondering what the book is about, well I am too but I do have a fairly good idea of what to expect. So, I will give you a prelude to some of the tips that I have already learned from “Big Wave” Dave just from listening to his show and then I will write a blog upon the completion of the book and in hopes of helping others, much like how Dave’s influence on me inspired me to help this little gem become debt free.

In just a few short months, a limited and strict spending process has allowed Danielle to rid herself of the looming credit cards inside her Juicy pocketbook. Many of you may have credit cards sitting stagnant with high balances as well and the best way to start paying them off is simple. Make a list of your debts and list them in ascending order, largest to smallest. You then begin to pay of the largest debt first with as much as you fiscally can, while paying the minimum balances on the remaining debts.

There are many rumors of paying of the highest interest debt first is the way to go and if that motivates you then “you can do it, just put your back into it.” However, it has been proven that by paying off the largest first and working your way down the list works faster and more efficiently, ridding yourself of debt in a much faster time frame than you would normally expect.

“Yaaay Yaaaayeee”! You will not attain financial freedom by living an extravagant lifestyle on limited income but if you break down your monthly take home income (after taxes) and list your necessary expenses, you can allocate your funds accordingly, to put yourself on the fast track for success.

I will document my experiences via the blog, so hopefully you too can see that this ish really works. And if anyone has any questions along the way, I would be glad to help. My journey starts today with reading the introduction and I may even get a little crazy by opening into chapter one, but why not I’m not driving. So, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers so I can get through this tough task at hand.

The 2011 NHL All-Star Weekend is upon us and it is and event that is very near and dear to my heart. Through my Uncle’s connection,s I attended many sporting events but my favorites were always the NHL All-Star Games. I went to four between 1998-2001 (during the peak of my hockey career) and I have to say that during their hay-day the NHL really knew how throw a party.

This year’s festivities kick off today at 5pm with the first ever All-Star Fantasy draft. I have alluded to different marketing strategies the NHL has undertaken in the past like the Winter Classic, different rules, and they have made their latest move with the selection of the All-Star Teams. Instead of leaving it up to the fans to select the teams and having the Yao Mings of the world start just because they are the fan favorite, when he has played 7 games in the last 4 years, the NHL has taken a completely new strategy.

With the growing popularity in fantasy sports, the NHL was smart enough to recognize an opporunity that is really exciting. They picked two Captains and are letting them pick their own teams “playground style,” much like a fantasy draft. This year’s captains are Nicklaus Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings and Eric Staal of the host, Carolina Hurricanes. Lidstrom is one of the best defenseman of all time and it was smart in choosing Staal for the hometown team bringing as many fans from Carolina as possible.

The NHL has dabbled with many broken strategies in the past varying from opposing conferences, World vs. North America, among others and I really am excited to see how this version of selection pans out. There is the possibility that teammates can actually play against each other, although they probably won’t, the fact that it could happen definitely adds some more tension to the fantasy draft. Not only that but they are given the free rein to trade players much like MTV Rock n’ Jock did back in the day with Las Vegas Local and Palms Hotel regular,  “The Big Hurt” Frank Thomas.

The actual All-Star Game isn’t until Sunday afternoon at 1pm but there are plenty of other exciting events throughout All-Star Weekend. The Superskills Challenge which, I feel is extremely underrated, is tomorrow at 4pm. This year’s events are Fastest Skater, Breakaway Challenge, Accuracy Shooting, Skills Challenge Relay, Hardest Shot, and Elimination Shoot Out.

I miss the days of Mark Messier when he’d nail ever corner of styrofoam in Accuracy Shooting, when Sergei Fedorov would break his own records at Fastest Skater year after year, and when Al MacInnis would shoot the puck 250 mph in Hardest shot but hopefully this year’s contestants can live up to their predecessors.

However, it may be hard for them to accomplish the tasks at hand with two of the league’s biggest names and linemates, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, not participating in All-Star Weekend festivities. Malkin is suffering from a sinus infection (which can be one of the most painful things in the world, if you’ve never had one) and Sid “The Kid” is still out of commission resting his domepiece from the concussion he incurred a few weeks ago.

With two of the league’s biggest stars not in attendance, the NHL had to find someone with some star power to make up for the deficiency, and who better than Clay Aiken? Yes, Raleigh native and American Idol runner-up will be honoring our country by singing the National Anthem on Sunday before they drop the puck. I understand he is from Raleigh, but I don’t think too many Carolina hockey fans are rushing to buy the their tickets because a broadway star will be singing the “Star Spangled Banner.”

I usually agree with a lot of the NHL’s decisions to spice up the game a little by adding new and exciting elements but Clay Aiken doesn’t exactly speak to me or the rest of the causal hockey fans in America. I would have preferred it if they would have brought in North Carolina superstar, Petey Pablo, to come in and perform during the 1st and 2nd intermissions. If a fight breaks out, it would only be fitting if they played this song, in hopes that one of the fighters can take the other dude’s shirt off while he upper cuts him.

Aside from Clay Aiken’s performance, I am genuinely excited for this weekend’s festivities for the first time in a few years. It is just sucks that they will be aired on”Versus.” It is sad that the one of NHL’s crown jewels has succumbed to being aired on a cable network that most people probably couldn’t tell you what channel number it was if they had to. Thanks God there is such thing as DVR though as I will busy during the game Sunday testing out our caterers food 🙂

*P.S. Thank you everyone for the feedback yesterday. Today’s blog is representative of all of your suggestions being: more pictures, less videos, length, and sports-related. If this type of blogagge peaks your interest, I always appreciate the feedback even if you are not crazy about hockey. Thanks!

It is that time of year again where bro-has and snow-hos come together to rejoice in their Spy sunglasses, and Energy drink hats with the bill bent upwards. Winter X Games Fifteen starts today and runs through the 30th in “I’ll tell you where. Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called Aspen.”

Is it just me or have the X Games lost their sizzle? In the late 90s and early 00s the X Games, both Winter and Summer, were atop of the world and now it feels like they become more of a gimmick with every competition. Maybe it is just me but it seems like there also is less of a buzz for Winter X than there has been in the past.

I used to be an avid snowboarder and now have no real motivation to hit the slopes, unless I am hooked up with a sweet cabin deal and a carpool up to Brianhead. There was a point where I was going every weekend and now I haven’t gone in 2 seasons and I would suck a lot worse than I already did if I were to get back on the bike again. Basically, I miss when the X Games were cool.

To me, Winter X has spread itself to thin. I remember when snowboarding was the newest thing to hit the winter sports world and now it seems like it is old school. X Games has turned into an episode of “Jackass,” where goofy white kids decide to race and jump anything with a motor. That goes for snowmobiles, Subaru cars, and now motorcycles. You and I both know that no one cares to see people riding their dirt bikes in snow anymore than we did on dirt.

It is the same kids going “brap brap” and riding under the influence of Monster as it is in the Summer, just now in the snow. They are not different sports and should be eliminated from the Winter X competition. If I had it my way, Winter X Games would be taken back to its roots, snowboarding and skiing aka “bread and butter.”

I want to see kids that look like skinnier versions of Troy Polamalu going as high and fast as possible on 1 or 2 pieces of graphite strapped to their feet. That means, downhill for speed, slalom, super-pipe, and maybe a big air or something. Everything else is spam that Sal Masekaela has to try to learn about just before he goes on air. Not only is it new to him but new to the whole extreme sports world, and frankly new to the poor soul who is about to jump the Rocky Mountains on a hemi-powered pogo stick.

The Winter X Games ambassador, Shaun White, is all they have left. On the women’s side there is this Gretchen Bleiler character who you may recognize from her ESPN 3D commercial. Other than that, every other name on the set list is French to me and probably the rest of the world because a majority of them are actually French.

I like to write about things that are time relevant and with the competition starting this evening, I felt it was appropriate as a total of 13 of the my readers might be interested, not including myself but o be honest, I am even getting a little frustrated writing about this. I would much rather be talking about other cold weather sports like the Olympics or hockey, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog, “The 2011 NHL All-Star Game.” So, I would be not mad if you stopped reading this blog because  I probably would have a long time ago. But please continue for my sake as I am trying to improve my blogging format and material with your input.

I also have been running analyses on the different ways to market my blog as of late. Most of my popular blogs are either about sports (not including this one) and “My Life,” which to be honest is what I prefer writing about as well. So, it makes sense that something I enjoy talking about comes across better to the readers. Obviously, I write for enjoyment but this is not a diary, I write for people to read it. So, I want to cater the blogs to what you want.

Most successful blogs are centered around a particular topic and I am trying to hone down on what that topic is.  I currently post Monday-Friday with 20% of the writing concerning “my life,” 40% of the writing concerning sports (via Top Tens or something else), and another 40% of which I talk about either TV, pop culture, music, or politics. With the latter being so diversified and less centered, I am considering dropping those type of topics and keeping them limited to Facebook statuses and Tweets, which I need to start embedding as well.

However, I would like to solicit the consultation of yous before I do anything drastic. Would you reader prefer more centered topics? Would you want them just as often or would 2/3 times a week be sufficient? I realize that less is more and writing a blog about the friggin X Games that most people don’t care about just to fill a category doesn’t really do much for anyone. I think the length of the blogs is good but if you would like more or less, please let me know also.

I also realize a lot of you subscribe via your cellular devices, in which you don’t always watch the embedded videos (that I think are hilarious and enhance the humor of the blog), so would you prefer less videos and more pictures or less of both? Or are you one of the few who get a kick out of the videos ( like me, which I highly doubt) and would prefer that I change nothing?

I enjoy all the feedback yous have been sending me lately about format, writing style, and frequency and am genuinely seeking more help. I want this ish to be good but can only guess what works so I would really appreciate any and all feedback you could throw my way. If you’re a creeper like me and don’t want to post a comment you can send me a message on The Facebook or email it to Thank you and God Bless America!

In this dead week of football where analysts talk about the Super Bowl all week and begin to talk about the Pro Bowl Sunday morning, I feel as it is best for me to fall in line with with them and instead of touching on the more serious nature that is the Super Bowl and instead talk about the more celebratory things in football like dancing, spiking, and joy.

Whether they are premeditated and choreographed or on impulse and impromptu, we as fans love end-zone celebrations. Whether it is our team, in which case anything and everything goes or the opposing team/team we hate and we think they should be flagged for “excessive celebration” we are enthralled with these tea-parties in the end-zone. I know I love them and hope you do as well, so here are my top ten end-zone celebrations of all time.

10. DeSean Jackson

Maybe, because this is still fresh in my memory that I am somewhat biased but I really enjoyed this celebration. Even though I cannot stand DeSean Jackson, he turned an average” 10 yard out route” into a run that could not have been caught by anyone in the NFL let alone the mediocre Dallas secondary. Although there was no preconception of what he would do there was an eency weency amount of taunting mixed in with his somersault, which I can appreciate.

9. Terrell Owens

No, it is not a Jabawockee. It is one of the many celebrations brought to you by Terrell Owens. If he spent less time thinking about what he was going to do after he catches the ball, I guarantee he would free up some room in that large brain of his for concentrating on actually catching the ball. This wasn’t his best ever but I liked the “popping and locking” and can never get enough of it.

8. Chad Johnson

Yes, at this point he was Chad Johnson not Chad Ochocinco. However, he announced yesterday that he is legally changing his back to Chad Johnson in case anyone was worried and wants to start putting stuff up on eBay. The Batman to TO’s Robin is also well-known for his celebrations and short-arming passes but we all love those now rare occasions when he does eventually reach the end-zone, waiting with anticipation for what he will do.

7. Randy Moss

Even though Randy isn’t exactly in the height of his career, at one point he was the biggest threat on the field with his ability to get behind and above any corner and safety and he did it plenty of times throughout the former half of his career. This wasn’t one of his best catches but it was one of his best celebrations. I am usually a stickler for sportsmanship, but in this case I differ with Joe Buck. Pretending to moon and actually doing it are completely different and for that I don’t mind much.

6. Steve Johnson

While this season, Steve Johnson may be better known for the touchdown celebration that never happened because he dropped balls that could not have been thrown any better. However, I feel he has a lot of potential to be a great receiver and bring us more clever touchdown celebrations like this one.

5. Terrell Owens

This dance alone has balls. To be able to mock Ray Lewis and live to tell about it is reason enough to make the list. But this celebration is also near and dear to my heart because at Kyle Brewer’s wedding this summer, I taught the exact same dance to newly appointed USC Athletic Director, Pat Haden.

4. Braylon Edwards

Not only did Braylon Edwards save my fantasy team on several occasions this year he inspired me with this “dougie” to teach under privileged children “how to dougie.” It was perfect timing in that he was able to “dougie” on the defender and when the music kicks in just at the right time. While he doesn’t always make the best decisions behind the wheel and he may no longer be a J-E-T Jet after this offseason but I always had a man-crush on his beard.

3. Lance Moore

First of all, the title of the video is pretty funny lol. I am a sucker for hip-hop culture and anytime athletes embrace their urban roots and I am right there rooting for them. Lance Moore also was a good pick-up for me in fantasy this year with Reggie Bush out and he had plenty of opportunities “to jerk it” more often.

2. Terrell Owens

This one I especially like because it was on Dallas. On the incurring possession Dallas would drive down the field and score on an Emmitt Smith run of which he would take back the star, so to speak. TO would answer back on a second touchdown only to get blindsided which I also especially liked.

1. Joe Horn

The best part about this celebration is not that it was creative or premeditated but that Joe Horn had a flip-phone. And because of this celebration he will never be recognized for being a substantial receiver in the NFL but he will forever be remembered for being Joe “on the” Horn. And all of it almost went out the window when he was having trouble finding the phone he placed there prior to game time. And I always wondered if he had placed another phone in the other end-zone in case he scored at that end.

In the wake of all the hype stemming from the release of the acts for Coachella 2011, I decided to do a little research. First, I had never even heard of Coachella before and found out that it was a music festival near Palm Springs, CA similar to a modern version of Woodstock where hipsters come together and camp out for 3 days while doing shrooms and trippin out to 162 (if I counted correctly) different acts.

Of the hundred plus different acts I recognized Kanye, Wiz, Lauryn Hill, The Black Keys, and like 4 DJs. I understand that their lineup stretches across a multitude of genres of music, bringing thousands of people with different tastes of music and different types of marijuana from afar to a single patch of grass. However, this obviously isn’t necessarily my cup of tea.

Therefore, I have devised a set list for the miniscule percentage of the population like me who only get their music from listening to and “Tiger Beat Magazine.” Mackinchella 2011 will feature the latest in “hip-pop” music ranging from Drake to 5ive. Aside from the presumably obvious headliners from this genre that will be in attendance, I would like to focus on the openers and more forgotten acts of the last 10 years. I have gone into great detail so that you don’t have to familiarize yourself again with the music of our recent past and childhood.

Nick Lachey

I feel that SAE, Nick Lachey, is completely underrated as an artist and a husband. He was the driving force behind 98 Degrees and had a decent solo career while riding the coattails of Jessica Simpson. This song is obviously about the infamous breakup over Buffalo Wings but is a great song nonetheless. Swear to God, I would listen to this song on repeat for hours on end while sleeping on stand, lifeguarding at Caesars Palace.”Falling faster, barely breathing, give me something to believe in.” I mean they just don’t make music like this anymore.

BB Mak

“Back Here” is very similar to “What’s left of me” melodically and that is why I like it. Actually, I’m lying, I don’t even really know what melody means, but it reminds of this song a little a bit. I remember sitting around brainstorming songs for serenades in 2006 and when this little gem hit me, it had the panties flying from Lied Library to the old SU. I don’t know if it was our fake British accents our Pete’s sweet and innocent guitar skills but this song just leaves you feeling all tingly inside.

Backstreet Boys

Danielle isn’t exactly ecstatic that this is my favorite BSB song of all time but at the same time she can’t help but singing along with me. “Black and Blue” was their best album to date that is if their collaboration with NKOTB doesn’t knock them off. It had the nice flamenco guitar, plenty of bass to make your trunk rattle rolling down MLK Jr Blvd, and even enough snare for Eminem’s headphones.


This rap joint has a nice summatime/bubble gum pop feel to it, right? Fabo is one of my all time favorite rappers. Some of the bars he comes up with is absolutely unheard of. This song almost made me propose by saying to Danielle “But since you been ‘aksin’ bout da friends, how’d you like it if bof ah names had Mackin on da end”? Almost, but I felt like I didn’t wanna feel like a wigger when I was old telling people how I proposed.

Spin Doctors

This is just one of those where if it catches you in a good mood on shuffle you will pretend to know the lyrics by scating along but in reality you are off. Then the only lyrics you do know are “And if you wanna call me baby, just go ahead now baby.” That’s it. You can pretend to know the rest by mumbling or looking away when you bob your head (that’s what I do) but everyone will know you don’t know them because they don’t know them either.

En Vogue

En Vogue was Destiny’s Child when Kelly Rowland was still in playing “Skip It” and Beyonce was taping up Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters to the back of her door. I feel like this song is what Cougar and Jaguar divorcees worldwide, play when they have “tupperware parties” once they’re all red wine drunk and feeling slippery. They had some pipes on them and could really belt out some high and powerful notes across the whole Mackinchella Valley.

Brandy and Monica

I feel like “The Boy is Mine” was the theme song for most girls in middle school to act like they were cooler than they were. They would act a little more ghetto than they were and pretend to have serious relationships with guys they hugged for the first time walking into 4th period and break up with them before 2:11pm. They then would run home and call their boyfriends on their personal land lines and try to “punt” the other girls off of AIM.


If this song never came out back in the day, and came out tomorrow it would still be hot. People think T-Pain was the Godfather of Auto-tune when in reality it is Cher, that Jay-Z should be writing songs about. Especially with all of the house and techno beats infused into hip-pop music today, you could hear this song on the radio and think it was Ke$ha.


Goosebumps right? Yeah, Ashley Parker Angel does that to me too. This song is for the long awaitied return of the 2nd best form of man-made and manufactured music from Orlando They weren’t the best boy bad ever but let’s be honest they had some stiff competition and at least this song was a lot better than “Liquid Dreams” lol.

I hope this little snippet gives you an idea of the type of music you can listen to in a fun and completely drug-free environment. The event will be hosted by Snooki from “The Jersey Shore” and Rex Ryan from the New York Jets (now that he has plenty of spare time) and Sean Hannity. While the acts’ groupies are switching out the instruments (not that any of these acts play instruments, but their bands do) one TV screens we will be showing episodes of “Boy Meets World” in 3D, “PTI,” and “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drives.”

Tickets go on sale 1/31/11 and can be purchased from any Foot Locker location or online at Be sure to get your tickets fast because hotel rooms will fill up quick. Thank you.

On this My Life Monday, I feel it is only appropriate if I touch on the topic of my birthday. It’s not like it was the most eventful or ragerific birthday ever but I can honestly say it was the best birthday ever. And for that I feel like my birthday is obviously a part of “my life” and therefore allowable to speak upon. I don’t mean for it to come of as conceited at all,l I wll just simply report on the activities that took place and thank all parties involved.

My actually birthday is today but Monday birthdays suck especially in post “Monday Night Football season” so I decided to celebrate the preceding weekend. I kicked off the weekend not with happy hour but with an exhilarating hour of doing what I’m best at… grading Danielle’s 2nd grade spelling tests. The little tikes did great this week and had a class average of 95%, in case anyone was wondering.

Then it was time to kick off the weekend. In years past I have set up extravagant “3 birthday weekends” but this year I felt it was unnecessary and wanted to tone back “hey look at me” factor and celebrate with a fellow birthday mate of mine, Katie Jozsa. Her fiance’/baller, Luke, threw her a surprise party of which activities included Ketchup/Grape Jelly infused meatballs (which were, “Minute To Win It” games, and beer pong. I fell short of being able to complete “Johnny Apple-stack” by stacking 5 apples but did succeed in winning 5 consecutive games of beer pong, which really led me to feel young at heart again because I still got it.

The following morning started right where I left off with a Coors Light before noon at the Red Room before the UNM vs UNLV basketball game. That was a lot of prepositions and I’m not exactly sure about the grammar. For Rick’s Birthday this coming weekend, I let him take me to the breakfast open bar. I had a bunch of bacon to stop the hangover before it had a chance to take over and had 6-8 beers by the time the Rebels could close out the New Mexicans.

Danielle then treated me to my third favorite food, Kobe “All You Can Eat” Sushi. After about 9 Ashley Rolls and 3 Sake Bombs, I was just barely to keep the sushi down long enough to take a power nap and shower for later.

Sorry, if you were one of those people who throw up when they see someone else throw up. However, I apologize more for that horrendous music. Then the festivities continued (late of course because Danielle is never on time, never) at Bilbo’s for a night of $2 Kokanees (or as I like to call them “Canadian Coors Lights), shuffle board, and darts. Thank you to everyone who showed up, especially everyone who made the commute from Hendertucky. I couldn’t win in shuffleboard but was able to nail the bullseye on the last shot as we headed out to Chicago Brewery.

I hate this word but Chicago Brewery was “legendary” because for the first time in my life I was “Buffalo Clubbed” by one Bocephus Dwayne Murphy. It was tough to suck down an ice-cold, thick, 22oz. Amber something or other, and that is where things started to get blurry. One of the last things I remember vividly was trying to run a post route on an ex-UCLA cornerback we met and a discussion of what the politically correct term is for a baby’s private parts. We heard everything from donut, to hoohaa, to niney, to some other special phrases that are too vulgar for my PG-13 blog.

I then needed my Jack In the Box grease with probably some dog-food tacos and a Breakfast Jack. Little did I know however, that I was being documented via video-phone. Unfortunately Danielle’s phone doesn’t exist anymore so I cannot upload the videos but in one scene I was asked to describe my birthday in one sentence, upon which I replied abruptly with “I. Am. The. Real. World.” I guess I felt like I was on “The Real World.” Then what I was most afraid of, happened. I slept walk again. Thankfully I made it to the toilet and didn’t urinate on anyone or anything and everything remained in tact.

After such a sinful night, I needed to repent in church, which along with a coffee and asprin, was a great wa to start off my day. After church we met Danielle’s cousin, Deanna, for my second favorite food, Grimaldi’s pizza, which Deanna treated us too and we are very thankful for. I then cleansed off my palette with a Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato from Samabalatte, while Danielle decided to take her phone for a dip in her coffee.

I then let the food coma begin to set in while blobbing on the couch watching the biggest pansy in football, Jay Cutler, throw away the game to affirm my prediction that the Bears are garbage. The Steel Curtain was also just strong enough to hold off the out-spoken Jets as my Super Bowl predictions were correct. Too bad I didn’t bet it. Told ya so.

I then decided to close-out my birthday with my family and with my most favorite food of all time, Lucille’s pulled pork. I’m a sucker for suckling and emptied half a bottle of their Memphis BBQ sauce on top that kept me bloated throughout the night. All though I have to say one night of gas and pain was totally worth the 30 minutes of pleasure. I want to thank everyone who contributed to my birthday and for all the nice words on the Facebook streaming in as I type. I am thankful for all of you and am very blessed. Holla.