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I titled this blog “Dr. MLK Jr.” because I thought it was a cute acronym and easy way of addressing him the many times throughout this blog without having to type out his full surname every time. We all know of Dr. MLK Jr., we colored in worksheets about him in elementary school, did book reports on him in middle school, and watched movies about him in high school (gotta love Nevada education) but do we really have a grasp for the man, his actions, and his effects on society today?

I think for the most part, people of all walks of life can see that without him there would have been a serious setback in our diversified culture. Not to say that we are perfectly civil in America but we are heading in the right direction and have been due to his actions and passion to have equal rights for all Americans. Black or white, male or female, young or old. Dr. MLK Jr. “had a dream” and I wouldn’t say that everything he had in mind has been accomplished, I would say that we haven’t woke up from the dream yet.

Dr. MLK Jr. was born in ATL, Georgia (what do we fo ya) on 1/15/1929 and given the name Michael after his father. After a family vacation to Germany, Sr. would later change both their names to “Martin” after the German Protestant leader, Martin Luther. Atlanta was the capital of the Bible belt during his era as Dr. MLK Jr. and his older sister and younger brother were brought up traditional Southern Baptist singing in the church choir.

“Thanks for showin me around Shawty”! Hahahaha. Anyway, Dr. MLK Jr. was somewhat of childhood prodigy foregoing his high school diploma as he dropped out off high school and went straight to the pros (Morehouse College) where he graduated with a degree in Sociology and would go on to get his Bachelors of Divinity and then Doctor of Philosophy from Boston University. Which he was later found to have plagiarized his dissertation from but hey, I’m plagiarizing from Wikipedia right now, so who am I to judge?

In 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat for a white dude, which at the time was in violation of Jim Crowe Laws. Not only did the Montgomery Bus Boycott spur one of the greatest songs ever but also sparked a fire with Southern Black leaders. With the help of others, Dr. MLK Jr. led a boycott lasting over a year as it came to and abrupt end with his arrest. In 1957 he joined the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to lead their nonviolent protests for civil rights reform. During a march he was stabbed and barely escaped death by a deranged black woman with a letter opener, who supposedly was related to this woman…

“I ain’t gon need no phone.” Drugs are bad kids. It was in 1963 that Dr. MLK Jr. led many different civil rights groups on their march in Washington D.C. to bring attention on a national stage about the condition of which black people were treated in the South. It was here, where Dr. MLK Jr. would go on to give his world renown speech “I Have a Dream. ” This speech brought civil rights to a level of necessary political agenda and inspired people around the country to stand up for black rights.

Over the next few years, Dr. MLK Jr. and other civil rights groups would pick up steam by not only changing minds but legislation as well. Issues of segregation, opposition of the Vietnam War, among many others had made a lot of headway that would not have been possible without Dr. MLK Jr. However, it was unfortunately cut short on 4/4/1968 when Dr. MLK Jr. was assassinated outside his regular suite’s balcony. His last words were to musician, Ben Branch, “”Ben, make sure you play “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” in the meeting tonight. Play it real pretty.”

Dr. MLK Jr. was under FBI protection and surveillance who were posted at the Fire station across from his hotel, which have led to conspiracy theories that the FBI was involved in the assassination of Dr. MLK Jr. much like JFK by James Earl Ray, who supposedly escaped jail for the assassination to take place. He was caught 2 months later trying to board a flight to England. He was extradited back to Tennessee where he was to stand trial for the murder of Dr. MLK Jr. Ray confessed to the murder under alleged death penalty pressure. In 1977, Dexter King, (Dr. MLK Jr.’s son) supported Ray’s actions of trying to maintain a trial.

Dr. MLK Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 and over 50 honorary degrees from different universities. in 1984, my man, President Ronald Regan signed a bill creating a federal holiday to honor King. Observed for the first time on January 20, 1986, it is called Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Following President George H. W. Bush’s 1992 proclamation, the holiday is observed on the third Monday of January each year, around the time of King’s birthday. On January 17, 2000, for the first time, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was officially observed in all fifty U.S. states. I know, I was surprised to hear that also.

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”


And they stay there, and they stay there, and they stay there!

Up, Up

Up, Up

Up, Up

I just don’t get it. If a cop asks you to do something you do it. When you get pulled over for speeding and they ask for your license and registration, you start fumbling through your glove box for them nervously and immediately. You don’t talk back and ask for his license and registration. They are the police and you are to do what they say. On this Thoughtful Thursday, I am venturing into a slightly more controversial issue to develop my insider reporting skills like the guy from “To Catch a Predator.”

There have been a lot of stories in the news having to do with police shooting perps for different reasons and a lot of controversy about whether or not the shots fired were justified. I don’t want to get to far into the details of each case because this isn’t a trial or an inquest, and we would be here forever. However, I would like to discuss the thought process of the parties involved.

There obviously is the infamous case of the Summerlin Costco shooting and more recently on New Years Eve in North Las Vegas. In both instances the civilians were acting out of line. You don’t go running up and down aisles of Costco knocking TVs and shit over, then when shit hits the fan and the fuzz gets called, expect have to not listen to what they ask of you. No one calls the cops on Costco shoppers who are going about their businesseating demos and buying bulk cereal.

If you are completely innocent then the quickest and easiest way of diffusing the situation is by doing what the say and then when they ask you to talk you can say whatever you want. Because if you truly were innocent you would have no reason to lie or act all crazy like. But if you are nuckin and buckin at 4pm and getting crunk without any music you better be able to answer some questions.

In the most recent case on New Year’s, just after midnight there was a case of some individuals who were celebrating by poppin of their 9s in the middle of the street instead of blowing kazoos or throwing confetti. I understand different people celebrate different holidays in their own ways but I’m pretty sure one of those customs is not shooting guns in the middle of a residential neighborhood and the when the “black and whites” roll up you act like they’re hating on you.

So, let’s assume you were minding your own business and not doing anything suspicious or wrong, would you be apt to help the police with whatever they are doing? If you were innocent you wouldn’t get all butt-hurt and nervous when they ask you to put your bazooka down or to get out of your tank with your hands where they can see them.

I’m not saying police should be going around like it’s the Wild West serving up their own brand of justice but if they go to a call where someone is armed or potentially armed, they should absolutely have their guns drawn, to protect the safety of the civilians around. Then if the perp doesn’t comply with simple and legal requests but instead they reach for things. Whether it is a gun or $1.50 Costco hot dog (with 20oz. soda), then they absolutely have the right to fire because neither are necessary items to be waiving around when you are asked not to.

It really bothers me that they are police having their careers put in jeopardy for justified split-second decisions when they put their lives in jeopardy everyday for us just by doing their jobs. I have sympathy for the families and friends of people whose lives were lost due to police shooting but they put themselves in a bad situation that they easily could have taken themselves out of by complying with the police. Or how about not acting stupid in the first place. What a novel idea that is? Here is an example of how not to listen…

I don’t want to ride my high horse for too long but more so just state my opinion in appreciation for what the police do. Without them and other forms of socialized law enforcement the cities, states, and country that we live in would be a much different place that I would not want to live in. But because of them we feel safe, as safe as we can feel I guess, and I salute the Mahoneys, Tackleberrys, and Hightowers of the world. Thank you for service and God Bless YOU!

It is that TIME of the year again (pun intended) to select the person of 2010. The person is voted on from a collection of candidates all bringing their talents to wherever they are from. These people are good, bad, indifferent, brave, and controversial. It is not a Nobel Prize or MVP award, I look it as more of a Prom Queen. You may not like or agree with the Prom Queen but she definitely got the most attention and made herself more known (or cheated) than anyone else on court.

I consider myself a fairly informed and moderately educated individual and am only familiar with a little more than half of the following candidates. So, my vote will be casted upon the previous knowledge I already have on that particular individual. I have attached the following link for you to select your favorite person. Here are the people who I have heard of and why I feel as though they are or are not deserving of this honor.,29569,2028734,00.html

Glenn Beck: This Fox News political analyst is most recently known for hitting the pavement prior to the midterm election rallying conservatives and Tea Partiers. He did work but it wasn’t nearly as big as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s concert series, so for that he doesn’t make the cut.

The Chilean Miners: My dudes! I don’t know if there was a better story than this in 2010. 33 “minors stuck down a shaft” lol for 10 weeks. They are my runners-up for 2010 though. While their story is compelling it will forgotten before 2010 is even over.

Lady Gaga: Not a fan. I liked her on MTV’s “Boiling Points” and it has been all downhill from there. I think she is a big hypocrite who craves her newfound attention and will stop at nothing until he gets everything she wants.

Tony Hayward: Probably the biggest screw-up of the year. He was the guy in charge of BP ruining The Gulf of Mexico and then instead of handling it correctly he tried to dance around the media and turned it into a PR nightmare.

Hu Jintao: No he’s not the guy villain from “Rush Hour.” He’s the guy bringing China into the 21st Century and Westernizing his country. I don’t like the guy from an American standpoint but he points out areas in which we need to diversify our economy.

LeBron James: Finally, someone I can write a book about. He is now one of the most hated people in the world, right up there with terrorists and Oprah. He did everything wrong from a PR stance. If he wanted to take his talents to South Beach that’s cool but he should have done it respectfully and he would be selling a lot more shoes. The funny thing is that if he would have stayed in Cleveland people would have loved him. Gone to Chi-town, no one would have cared. NYC would have gave him Derek Jeter’s thrown, but because he still hangs out with his moochers from back in the day, no one outside of Dade County likes the dude.

Steve Jobs: I got several Apple products in 2o1o. Did you?

David and Charles Koch: These Libertarian billionaire brothers are the reason Republicans won The House and completely altered the political climate. They funded the Tea Party to be able to put their people up for election and now in office. Like it or not, these guys made a big splash behind the scenes.

Barack Obama: He’s done a lot, he hasn’t done a lot. I don’t really want to go there right now, so I leave you with this…

Sarah Palin: Definitely the best lookin’ lady in politics. She’s got her own reality TV show now which disappointed me because I thought it would go more into her political life, instead it looks more like she is a sales associate at REI. All she does is fish, climb rocks, and shoot stuff. She’s not bad to look at though…

Nancy Pelosi: Not as cute as Palin. See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya!

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf: He is actually the cousin of former Vancouver Grizzlie, Shareef Abdur Rahim. Not really but if you don’t think he is a radical or extremist you need to take a look at this.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: I don’t always agree with these dudes but they both did the damn thing this year. Jon Stewart is way more credible and funny I feel and whether you like Colbert or not he kinda made a mockery out of our government with this…

The Unemployed American: Nuff said. Call Ed.

Mark Zuckerberg: Winner winner chicken parm dinner. We all have learned after seeing “The Social Network” that the youngest billionaire in the world is a huge doucher. But whatever, he’s getting his or was it the Winklevi’s? Either way, I think he has made 2010 his bitch as Facebook takes over the world and he gets my vote for TIME Person of the Year. So, go ahead and log in if you haven;t already.

In case you haven’t heard and have been living under a rock or haven’t logged on Facebook in the last 24 hours, there was a huge political swing in America. The republicans have taken control of the majority of the House of Representatives, taken back many Senate seats, as well as gubernatorial seats. More than any other midterm election, Republicans took over 60 seats in the house.

This blog is not for me to say like DJ Khaled “We da best! We takin over”! I don’t want this to get into a bickering war to talk about why conservatives are right and liberals are wrong and vice versa. I want to recognize that the hope for change 2 years ago isn’t changing for the better as quickly or as well as it needs to.

It is obvious that when voters casted their votes they were expressing their frustration with the current situation including the economy, healthcare, the housing market, and education. If everything was fine and dandy in America, such a big political statement would not have been made.

I am not Pro-bama but I just finished watching his speech and I can honestly say that I was pleased with the tone, direction, and realism that he presented. There are multiple parties for a reason and we would not be America if we had only one political party. That being said, for the time being I am content with President Obama and the Democrats saying they would like to work more cohesively with the Republicans to fix America instead of working towards their personal agenda.

The issue of Obamacare seems to be the biggest in which their in firm opposition to. Many of the new Republicans in office are on the other side of the fence with this issue. President Obama says if they have good ideas he will consider them. That is all good with me but I find it too little too late for this speech about working synergistically when they should have been working synergystically for the last 2 years.

However, I say that hesitantly because we heard the same words 2 years ago when we heard all of the change, new ideas, hope for hope, and how it was only the beginning. Well, it is not the beginning anymore. We are 2 years into a process that hasn’t worked the way both Democrats and Republicans would have liked and both parties share the blame to a certain extent.

I obviously am a conservative for multiple reasons. I stand by conservative values including faith, low taxes, limited government, immigrations, pro-life, etc.. If I were elected to President, I would want to put policy into action that fits with my morals and values. If there was an overwhelming opposition to my conservative ideologies I would then have to be a realist and recognize that to be effective at all and at least accomplish part of my agenda, I would have to compromise on certain issues to appease the rest of the opposition. And I am hesitantly just now beginning to see that the Liberals are catching wind of this way of working.

Now, I would like to think that they will begin to work together because it is the right thing to do. But we are halfway to the next election and there is a good chance that they begin to move towards the middle not because it will be effective but because it serves as a talking points when campaigning for reelection. I am not so naive as to say to that it is only Democrats that would do that, Republicans can be just as slick if not more when it comes to politicking.

So, I “hope” that this isn’t just another politically correct statement, that they are going to work together because they are forced to but because they have to if they want to live in a better country. I am optimistic that over the next 2 years, both sides will be able to work together to enact policy that will improve the current conditions we live with. There is a lot of room for improvement and I just hope Washington as a whole, takes advantage of it.

I would like to take this time to announce my running for Nevada State Senate, unless Danny Tarkanian wants to again because he is the man and I think would have beat “Dingy” Harry. Thank you for your time and God Bless America.