Top Ten Super Bowl Commericals of All Time

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Lately, I have been trying to limit the amount of videos embedded into the format but with this blog is it kind of inevitable. It would be pointless to talk about the Betty White Snickers commercials and then show a picture of her in her knit sweater. This Super Bowl had a lot of build up with the two most storied franchises in the NFL, being played in the house that Jerry built, and having over 103,000 fans in attendance and over 100,000,000 watching abroad.

With so much attention being drawn to a few hours of television programming, the bar was set pretty high for the commercials to live up to. I think this is what had people saying the commercials this year weren’t so great. Of the 100,000,000 I bet 30,000,000 were less interested in the game and more in the commercials/social aspect of the game, thus having more commercial critics than ever. However, there have been many other good ones over the course of the years and it is these ads that I would like to pay homage to.

10. Doritos – Snack Attack Samurai: This year we were shocked early with Doritos’ finger suckin’ ad which was more uncomfortable than good, whereas last year’s ad was pure humor. It had multiple funny elements including the commentary, funny 80s workout ensembles, and of course the Snack Samurai at the end (which I think would have been a great 2010 Halloween costume).

9. Dockers – I Wear No Pants: You can never go wrong with awkwardly funny guys with beards. Maybe we assimilate them to Allen from “The Hangover” but they are even more funny when they are singing in their tighty whiteys. This commercial even had the subliminal message that men need to be men and everything that goes with being a man, like wearing Dockers…

8. Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like: Many Super Bowl commercials run once during the game and are stuck on Youtube for the remainder of their media life. However, this Old Spice ad was able to transcend stereotypes and was burned into our brains for all of 2010 with consistent runs throughout the year becoming the most popular commercial of the year.

7. Doritos – House Rules: Short and sweet is sometimes the best way to go with commercials. Simplicity is key and it keeps you wanting more as you were shocked, laughed, and now it’s over and back to watching Christina Aguilera ruin the National Anthem. I wouldn’t be surprised if you catch this kid showing up in movies or Tyler Perry shows within the next few years either, so keep an eye out.

6. Career Builder – If you hate going to work: Then again, emphasis on repetition can be funny too. The first few reals were ok but the commercial really picks up speed when the Koala bear enters stage right. Seeing a stuffed Koala bear with glasses, get hit in the face spilling his coffee all over his pouch is nothing short of genius. Whoever thought of that for the commercial is a true patriot for giving people a mnemonic device (memory aid) to help them look for a new job and for that I salute you, Career Builder.

5. Chrysler 200 – Imported from Detroit: Speaking of America… Nothing says America like good old hard work and enguinity. And there is no city that better represents these qualities better than Detroit, which ironically enough is a French word meaning “strait” (which is neither here nor there). Eminem’s trademarked stoneface and the baseline for “Lose Yourself” playing in the background bring in the seriousness to the ad that you forget it even about a car and makes you want to cop that ish like Missy Elliot. Then if it wasn’t good enough already there is a black choir at the end, and you could throw a black gospel choir in just about anything for immediate chills.

4. Etrade – Baby Girlfriend: This commercial was the spawn of the many Etrade baby commercials (pun intended, get it? Babies? Spawn? No) and if you ask me it was the best by far. Talking babies have been funny ever since “Look Who’s Talking” and they will always be funny. The commercial also gets it point across with their key phrases: portfolio diversification, volatility in the market, and milkaholic.

3. Budweiser – Wassup: This commercial was an enabler. It enabled the goofy white guys of 2003 to think that they were hip and funny by quoting this commercial. A white guy in pleated khakis doing an impression of Lil Jon is not cool nor is it funny. This was one of those instances in which you were laughing at the guys who quoted the commercial more so than laughing with them. True. True.

2. Reebok – Terry Tate Office Linebacker: Before Reebok ZigTech hit the market, this was the last cool thing Reebok did. A smart commercial with sports references can never fail during the Super Bowl. Big Hits and profanity sit well with football fans and this ad sat with us for a while afterward. I only wish I was in the workforce when this aired to see people talk about this commercial at the office water cooler, looking over their shoulders for their own Terry Tate Office Linebacker. Here is an extended version of the original for extended viewing pleasure.

1. Budweiser – Frogs: This commercial was the “Joe Camel” for beer. It introduced drinking to people of all ages, including minors. It had amphibians of which we were learning how to dissect and it probably embedded thoughts into our heads early on that drinking beer was cool and fun. Maybe I am reading way to far into it but this commercial that has nothing but toads croaking was generational in that we correlate this commercial to one of our first remembrances of alcoholic advertising and it is still talked about today (See: slippery slope).


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