No, not him… This guy!

This Ted Williams is the viral hit that has captivated many Americans in 2011. First and foremost I’m pretty sure I will be the first person on Earth to claim this but I am going as him for Halloween for this year. Dibs! I wish there was a way I could sell this idea to the Halloween costume companies just like my Keenan Cahill idea but whatever…

Ted Williams was recently discovered in Columbus, Ohio where he was a regular on the medians and freeway turnoffs. He would trade his service of saying whatever it is the idle drivers wanted in exchange for some change. A local news reporter caught wind of this story and Ted’s “golden voice” and did a story on him for their local news. The special interest piece aired and the rest is history.

Ted became homeless after college where he studied communications with aspirations of becoming a radio personality. Like many homeless people his problems started with adultery, drugs, and alcohol and once the vices take over the mind and body everything starts going down hill. Up until recently, Ted has been on the streets between from his hometown of Brooklyn to the Midwest for the last ten years of which the last two years he claims to have been sotally tober, I mean totally sober.

The last few weeks have been a complete whirlwind for Ted after the story hit the internet. He was raised by his Mother and feels that it is his love for her and God that he will never go back to his previous ways. He gives all credit to God and that everything is a complete blessing to him because he feels that he has finally begun to rely on Him for strength and that this is the reason he has had so many opportunities.

“The Today Show” has now brought all of these new opportunities to the surface for the Obama look-a-like. He has received offers from the Cleveland Cavaliers to be their announcer, from NFL Films to do their voiceovers, and from Kraft to be the official spokesperson for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Although I’m not sure even LeBron’s old crib will be big enough to house the empire Ted is bound to have with Quicken Loans and the multitude of other offers.

Not only has he gotten a new wardrobe that wasn’t from the Salvation Army but he has also been offered free dental work to fix the twenty years of decay and infections that have gone without treatment. Ted was worried that possible medications could be the gateway for him to fall back into more serious drugs and alcohol but he was reassured by the Dentist that there are alternatives methods of helping with his recovery process.

With all of this attention on him and everyone wanting to mooch off of his newfound celebrity he has found time to visit his mother. He recognizes that his current situation has the ability to take a hold of him and his family and he worries that temptation could come back to haunt him.

He also was introduced back with his ex-wife and family and as one can assume he hasn’t always been the best father and husband. Dr. Phil tries to do a mini-intervention with him to make sure that he doesn’t let his fame get the best of his and that he should use this opportunity to not only make up for past mistakes with family but also to be able to give back to the community to keep him grounded and limiting the opportunity for him to get sucked back in.

It seems as though he already had relapse back to alcohol. It may have been just a lapse of better judgement or he took a moment to loosen up and celebrate but it is reported by many media outlets that he got in a heated argument in a Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood with his daughter. The police were called and they were brought in for questioning although no charges were pressed by either party. No one really knows what happened behind closed doors and we probably never will, we can only hope that it was an argument that was the result of bottled-up emotions instead of the emotions of emptied bottles.

It is obvious that someone in his state needs to stay away from alcohol and drugs and I don’t want to sound like I am buying into all of his stories but I am more compelled to believe him over the daughter. Where the daughter has twenty years of hatred built up against her father and now she has the opportunity to gain financially and mentally by bringing him down because of how much he hurt her.

Like I said, no on really knows that happens but we can only hope and pray for them that they don’t let their family fall apart, it doesn’t matter whose fault it was. If I was Dr. Phil, I’d throw all of them in family therapy because there are obviously a lot of issues that need to be addressed on both parts and with the spotlight turned on high it won’t take much for the 15 minutes of fame to melt away and for him to be back on the streets and for his family to be Father-less again.


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