Jersey Shore Season 3

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Television
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Frivolous Fridays are back and this review seems more frivolous than ever. Last night was the season premier of “Jersey Shore” Season 3 and it looks as though the old crew with a new addition is up to the same shenanigans. The guidos and guidettes headed back up the turnpike to Seaside Heights, New Jersey. For obvious reasons Angelina decided not to pack up her ripped jeans and come back for a third season and she is now replaced by Snookie’s friend and party girl/meatball, Deena.

The show opens as always with the roommates packing up in their parents’ houses but there is one difference from previous seasons. Now instead of rolling up in their hoop-dees, the roommates pull out in Beemers, Benzs, and Bentleys. Well not Bentleys but Cadillacs and Range Rovers too. It is plain to see that stardom is beginning to pay off (yep, pun intended) as they spend all of the money that Jet has been paying them over the last year on transportation.

As every other MTV reality show goes the first roommates get first dibs on their room of choice upon arrival. This season’s hares were Ronnie and Sam that won the bedroom race. However, the turtles win in the end by not having to room with them. They chose a three-person bedroom which they knew would be awkward going in but their need for an extra four square feet clouded their sense of reason and judgement. This was the beginning of the end.

It was all downhill from there as the cast embarked on their traditional first night drinking. True character was shown by Sami as she failed to come into this season with an open mind as she shut out all the girls from past notation experiences. She even has the audacity to be flat-out rude to Deena, who she has never met before just because she is associated with Snookie and J-Woww.

In the offseason, Vinny had hooked up with Snickers’ best friend which Snooks was not happy about because she had feelings for him that she spilled her heart for the human kickstand, Vinny, of which he respectfully declined. The self-dubbed “walking holiday,” Deena, flirts with Situation by luring him in with the old “come help me find my hat” trick. She then proceeds to disrobe in front of Situation that they described as an accident. However, I think that was how they decided to portray the situation due to the awkwardness of Situation’s decision to not act upon the situation.

She further pursues Situation by trying to “snuggle” in Mike’s room with his onlooking bed-roommates. With Sami and Deena already off to a rough start, their friendship is not strengthens made better with Sami’s mocking of not being able to close the potential smoosh and it was all downstairs from there.

Deena begins to plead her story to the other housemates by calling Sami a “C U Next Tuesday” but because the eight Italians live in an 1,700 sq. ft. house ,Sami and Ron hear everything that is said. Ron proceeds to charge down the steps like he is going to take out Deena with “one shot kid, one shot.” They then begin to bark back and forth for about 6 TV minutes until Sami gets involved, then Snookie gets involved, then J-Wow really gets involved by getting in Sami’s face and calls her out. Ohhhhhhh!

That is where the episode ended and the season’s previews started. MTV alludes to lots of tears from J-Wow breaking up with her boyfriend, Snookie’s public intoxication, a mean right hook from Sami to Ronnie’s jaw which leads to their fifth recorded breakup and ultimately Sami’s departure from the shorehouse. I along with many others will be excited for that day in that the most ignorant form of debate ever will now be over.

I have never seen a group of people who have absolutely no clue as to carry an argument, it really bothers me to the point where I have trouble watching the show because I am so frustrated with their lack of logic. This season looks like it has the makings for another dramatic and riveting weekly cliffhangers, which I think will eventually lead to this being the last season. We can only watch the same people box each other and fist pump for so long before they jump the shark.

I know this video is from last season but the fact that this guy vlogs is funny and hopefully this referral will get the poor guy’s viewership up. My only hope is that MVP comes up with some new pop culture catch phrases for all of us to post on Facebook.


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