Everytime Police Step Up In the Buildin’, Everybody’s Hands Should Go Up!

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Political
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And they stay there, and they stay there, and they stay there!

Up, Up

Up, Up

Up, Up

I just don’t get it. If a cop asks you to do something you do it. When you get pulled over for speeding and they ask for your license and registration, you start fumbling through your glove box for them nervously and immediately. You don’t talk back and ask for his license and registration. They are the police and you are to do what they say. On this Thoughtful Thursday, I am venturing into a slightly more controversial issue to develop my insider reporting skills like the guy from “To Catch a Predator.”

There have been a lot of stories in the news having to do with police shooting perps for different reasons and a lot of controversy about whether or not the shots fired were justified. I don’t want to get to far into the details of each case because this isn’t a trial or an inquest, and we would be here forever. However, I would like to discuss the thought process of the parties involved.

There obviously is the infamous case of the Summerlin Costco shooting and more recently on New Years Eve in North Las Vegas. In both instances the civilians were acting out of line. You don’t go running up and down aisles of Costco knocking TVs and shit over, then when shit hits the fan and the fuzz gets called, expect have to not listen to what they ask of you. No one calls the cops on Costco shoppers who are going about their businesseating demos and buying bulk cereal.

If you are completely innocent then the quickest and easiest way of diffusing the situation is by doing what the say and then when they ask you to talk you can say whatever you want. Because if you truly were innocent you would have no reason to lie or act all crazy like. But if you are nuckin and buckin at 4pm and getting crunk without any music you better be able to answer some questions.

In the most recent case on New Year’s, just after midnight there was a case of some individuals who were celebrating by poppin of their 9s in the middle of the street instead of blowing kazoos or throwing confetti. I understand different people celebrate different holidays in their own ways but I’m pretty sure one of those customs is not shooting guns in the middle of a residential neighborhood and the when the “black and whites” roll up you act like they’re hating on you.

So, let’s assume you were minding your own business and not doing anything suspicious or wrong, would you be apt to help the police with whatever they are doing? If you were innocent you wouldn’t get all butt-hurt and nervous when they ask you to put your bazooka down or to get out of your tank with your hands where they can see them.

I’m not saying police should be going around like it’s the Wild West serving up their own brand of justice but if they go to a call where someone is armed or potentially armed, they should absolutely have their guns drawn, to protect the safety of the civilians around. Then if the perp doesn’t comply with simple and legal requests but instead they reach for things. Whether it is a gun or $1.50 Costco hot dog (with 20oz. soda), then they absolutely have the right to fire because neither are necessary items to be waiving around when you are asked not to.

It really bothers me that they are police having their careers put in jeopardy for justified split-second decisions when they put their lives in jeopardy everyday for us just by doing their jobs. I have sympathy for the families and friends of people whose lives were lost due to police shooting but they put themselves in a bad situation that they easily could have taken themselves out of by complying with the police. Or how about not acting stupid in the first place. What a novel idea that is? Here is an example of how not to listen…

I don’t want to ride my high horse for too long but more so just state my opinion in appreciation for what the police do. Without them and other forms of socialized law enforcement the cities, states, and country that we live in would be a much different place that I would not want to live in. But because of them we feel safe, as safe as we can feel I guess, and I salute the Mahoneys, Tackleberrys, and Hightowers of the world. Thank you for service and God Bless YOU!

  1. jonmackin says:

    I knew you would come out of hiding for this one.

    Cop: Put your hands up!
    Patron: Screw you Copper!

    Nuff said.

  2. Shukis Fan AKA CJ says:

    You are crazy Rick.

    Thank god Makin that someone else thinks like me. I would rather these unproductive citizens get what was coming, rather than waist our tax money in jail.

    Rick, your a left winger. Applaud these cops for taking out the trash, and maybe you and your friend will save a little money to start some other BS social program.

  3. Will S. Jr. says:

    I don’t know much about US laws and stuff but this much is clear > Hundreds of thousands of people in US cities are mentally ill, homeless and stuff. You cant just put them all in ghettos and lock them out of the society. I know some people would rather do that than solve the problem by investing some money in social program. This is a free country not just for “chosen ones” but for all American citizens.

    Anyway, police is doing their job to protect and serve (or was it the other way around? :)) and they are doing the best they can to do it right. They put their lives in jeopardy every day because there are many uneducated, drug addicted, poor, hungry and homeless people all around. That’s why their job is so unsafe. They don’t know if someone is psycho, terrorist or mental case. That is the reason why they sometimes shoot a bullet “just in case…”. Sad but true.

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