Smoking is bad, mmkay. These wise words from South Park’s Mr. Garrison aren’t taken serious enough. We all know smoking is bad yet 20% of Americans still smoke. We all know that nothing good can come from smoking yet over 40 million Americans are still lighting up.

On this Thoughtful Thursday I’ma thinkin’ and I’ma thinkin’ that smoking is really dumb. This summer my Grandma passed away after a battle with lung cancer that eventually spread to her brain. As serious as the disease it still is not enough to deter the most addicted smokers from puffing away from their hospital bed. Sometimes they are so used to smoking that they do it just to do it and don’t realize what they are physically doing to themselves.

This isn’t the 1950’s anymore were it was supposedly cool to smoke because “The Fonz” smoked. I don’t know one person that has ever looked at a smoker and said “Damn, he/she is soo hot. Look, he/she is smoking doesn’t that make you want to just shove your tongue into their tar infested mouth? It is 2010 and smoking makes you look like white trash. And if you’re not white, then you still look like white trash because it would sound racist if I were to say black/Asian/Latino trash.

Through this blog, if I can convince one person to not smoke one cigarette than this was a success because the horrible side effects build up over time and if I can distract that process even a little bit for one person than this was worth it. Smokers are literally killing themselves over an extended period of time. It is like sitting in a bathtub like Frankie “Five Angels” in “The Godfather II” and slicing your wrists with a plastic spoon for years upon years until one day all of the diligent work finally pays off for you in the end.

It really is just an extended version of suicide that lasts over decades. Which in a way is even worse because you are putting yourself through physical pain for a longer period of time than if you were to just jump off a building. It is just plain selfish because you are choosing your prerogative over the feelings of the people who care about you. If smokers are still to ignorant to realize what they are doing to their own health then it is time to whip out the guilt card.

Yes, they are killing themselves physically. Yes, they are limiting the time they can spend with loved ones while they are still here. They are shortening their lifespan in which they can see their friends and families but it is also time they must spend outside or away from everyone so as not to subject anyone to their second-hand smoke, which is a whole other issue in itself.

The idea that one person’s stupid choice can affect innocent bystander in such a negative way is ridiculous to me. 53,800 people a year die from secondhand smoke. So, if you are too selfish to give up committing suicide then think again and stop committing murder. You may think your one cig may not affect someone too much but every other smoker that person has crossed paths with thought the same thing. Thus contributing to a possible death, heart disease, asthma, emphysema, and smelling like shit.

Hopefully, this blog will make you smokers nervous and stress out a little bit just enough so that you step outside for a smoke just to prove that you are not stable enough to give up smoking and need help quitting. So, after you shrink your lungs a little more, think about the excuses you’re going to give the people who want to see you live longer.

“I could quit if I wanted to.” Oh yeah? Then why don’t you? Because you’ve been smoking forever and you don’t want to give up because you don’t think you can. Or “I only do it when I’m having a drink.” Ok, I get the social aspect of doing something. So are you drinking alone or are you taking a step back and blowing the kush in someone’s face as Yung Joc would say. Or my favorite “I know I should quit, I’m trying, I just can’t right now.” How fucking stupid is that?

Pardon my language it is just “mind-bottling” to me that people don’t care enough about themselves or their loved ones to stop doing something that is hindering both of those relationships. You may think you are not and you do care but if you really did you would quit and it is as simple as that.

It is not my intention of offending anyone with this, I just kinda started typing and the frustration just started flowing out. There were a few points where I didn’t even have to look at the keyboard because I was typing so fast. If you are a smoker take five non-smoking minutes and think about what you are doing to yourself and the people around you and if the pros really out-weigh the cons, then keep smoking but I doubt they will.

  1. KP says:

    Good blog, people can’t fathom something that doesn’t hurt them immediately or something that they don’t notice hurting them immediately. There’s a time when a parent needs to step in and stop their kid’s from hurting themselves in the future, just like when parent’s want their kids to wear a helmet when they ride their bike as to deter from serious brain injury. If kids get hooked before their brain is developed enough to make “life” decisions, their only going to hurt their future. Keep up the good work, your blogs keep getting better.

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