Who doesn’t love a good ole nostalgic bowl of cereal. It seems as though we lose touch with our old cereal-selfs in college. Maybe it is the lack of funds to buy premium brand breakfast foods, or maybe it is the lack of refrigeration capabilities we have when sleeping on people’s’ couches three times a week. But have no fear this void of cereal in your lives is short-lived in most cases.

Upon my graduation, I have found that acquiring Grade-A cereals is much attainable and accessible. In these few months, I have completely revitalized my love for the cereals that bring back memories from my childhood. So many delicious, sugar-coated forms of cornmeal, wheat, and oats to choose from and so many memories to make. I would like to take this time to highlight the top ten cereals that bring back the most fond memories to my taste buds.

10. Lucky Charms: It was these marshmallow ridden treats that made me the fat kid in grades third-fifth. It was these little guys that gave me the idea that when I buy regular marshmallows; to open the bag immediately upon arrival of home to let them go stale for a good month before eating in mass quantities. Lucky Charms are almost more of a dessert than a breakfast meal, we all loved the different seasonal varieties and got super excited when we got an edition with a new charm.

9. Pops: Gotta have my Pops! I most assimilate my memories of Corn Pops in the smaller individually packed bowls at Safekey. The few times I attended Safekey before school I remember Pops being my go-to cereal. This was back when Clark County School District served “real” food not this healthy, organic, high-fructose corn syrup-less shit.  They tasted kind of like kettle corn to me. They were obviously sweet but had just a hint of savory from the corn flavoring.

8. Kix: I turned Kix into what was a mildly healthy cereal into a obsessively obese meal. Looking back now, I remember pouring tablespoon upon tablespoon of granulated sugar onto my Kix. Most of the sugar would filter and sift its way down to the bottom of the bowl where it sat waiting for me to scrape up with the last few bites of Kix. If I were to do this now I would easily gain 4 lbs. per bowl but thankfully due to my high metabolism at the age of 9, it didn’t.

7. Fruit Loops: Toucan Sam made us feel like we never had to eat breakfast alone. Fruit Loops were not only sweet and delicious but they had the best games on the back of the box to occupy us while we hovered over the bowl slurping our loops. We got excited when the new cartoon commercials came, we asked our parents for them when we went grocery shopping at Lucky’s, and got really excited when we tried to open up the waxy bag inside the box but had to ask for help.

6. Apple Jacks: I remember making the argument that Apple Jacks were healthy because they had real bits of apples in the cereal. This was probably in the same age in which I thought wrestling was real because why would Stone Cold Steve Austin try to lose? Or how could a steel chair be fake? Just listen the sound it makes! Anyways, Apple Jacks were bomb.org and I think they are going to be my next purchase.

5. Honeycombs: Honeycombs epitomized what god texture in cereal was all about. The first bite was good when they were still hard and crunchy. The second or medium rare bite (my favorite) had the perfect balance of a crunch and softness that melted in your molars. And even the last few limp bites that had been completely marinated in milk were good because they left the milky finish on our palettes. A true breakfast experience from start to finish.

4. Frosted Flakes: They’re Grrrrrrr-eat! To me Frosted Flakes seemed like the breakfast food for athletes. Tony the Tiger was always hitting the gym for plyometrics, doing cardio on the track, or doing agility drills on the field. My favorite part of Frosted Flakes is crushing them up and using them as a batter for French toast or making them into Christmas wreaths (similar to Rice Krispy Treats). They were a very versatile cereal that could be utilized for many different forms of breakfast/dessert cuisine.

3. Fruity Pebbles. Probably the most feminine of all the cereals. They were small and innocent, sweet and colorful, and went well with our preceding Flinstone’s vitamins. The short allotted time we had to eat these was nearly euphoric. They shit on Coco Pebbles, Cupcake Pebbles are for well cupcakes, and trumped every other kid of pebble. The best is when you get a huge spoonful and let the pebs completely envelope your whole oral cavity until they evaporated and were ready for the next bite. Not to mention they were the only breakfast food to have their own Nike shoe.

2. Great Value Frosted Shredded Wheat: Shocker! Why Wal-Mart brand over the high-end Frosted Mini-Wheats? Well, The Great Value brand really does give you greater value. The generic brand beats the name brand because they are a more dense product, they have a higher sugar content, and usually have bigger wheats because they weren’t broken up properly. I bought a box this morning to have while tailgating this blog and the best way to eat is in the colder months by putting them in the microwave for a warming and delicious treat.

1. Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries: Soooooo good! Like stupid good! While writing this I pondered what the actual flavor of the Cap’n Crunch was and just before I was about to “Google it” I stopped myself because I realized I didn’t want to know. They are almost a peanutbuttery, honey, creamy flavor that I don’t want to know because the mystery is half the fun. The Crunch Berries have an amazing texture that is just bursting with flavor. And the combination of the two flavors melting together provides for a true dining experience that is in a league of its own.

  1. Drew Belcher says:

    Awesome! Makes me ponder on my childhood mornings eating cereal with the color changing spoon that came with the treasured breakfast food. I would have loved to see Cocoa Puffs on the list, because anything that turns ordinary milk into chocolate is fucking awesome. Also, Cinnamon Toast Crunch should have a worthy placing, as well. All in all, Captain Crunch reigns supreme. I know what I’m buying at the grocery store today.

  2. Maria Roncal says:

    Where’s my Like button?

  3. I seriously stumbled upon this page while eating a bowl of Crunch Berries, not even lying. When I got to #1 I was like HOLY CRAP.

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