New NFL Nike Uniforms (with pictures of all teams)

Posted: November 23, 2010 in NFL
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Many of you who follow college football or sports fashion may be familiar with Nike’s line of pro combat uniforms that can be found on some of the better schools in the country. Schools like Oregon, Boise State, Alabama, The U, and Ohio State have been given special uniforms for special occasions throughout the course of the season. These are bright, loud, innovative, and technologically sound uniforms that are years ahead of their time.

With the slow and outdated Reebok still on the clock as the official and exclusive outfitter of the NFL, the league has looked outside the bun to better brands. New Era will have the rights to all the hats and Nike will have the rights to pretty much everything else, most importantly the game worn uniforms. Sketches were drawn up and leaked a few days ago showcasing the bold new threads. Word on the street is that they are fake but as a uniform connoisseur, I beg to differ.

Nike is not stupid. They would not let something as big as this just slip through their fingers and into the hands of someone with a blog. I believe they intentionally leaked the line to draw a buzz towards their upcoming contract in 2012. The biggest clue to me that they are real is the attention to detail, high-end design, and similarities between the college line pro combats. I know what I believe and while they my not be set in stone, you can decide for yourself. Lights please!

San Fransisco 49ers: One of the more traditional uses with the stripes on the under shirt is a new them Nike’s use of the flywire on the shoulder pads is similar to that of Florida, which will be on many NFL makeups.

Indianapolis Colts: Another traditional look with modern update. Don’t worry they get better. At least these are better than what #18 is wearing now.

San Diego Chargers: Here we go! Light blue to teal baby. I’ve been looking for a reason to be a Chargers fan for some time now and hopefully by 2012,  Norv Turner will be out along with the old uniforms. These are one of my top 5.

Arizona Cardinals: The Cards look fly now with black jerseys and white helmets and this version with feathers incorporated into the shoulder pads and pants is nicer than their current situation. Unfortunately quarterback is not included.

Buffalo Bills: These bring back the 80s Bills with reminders of Jim Kelly and O.J. with royal blue and red old school look with the Bill in the center of the jersey.

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs’ fan base just expanded from 6 to 7 with these. The head dress on the shoulders and helmet are sooooo dirty!

Cincinatti Bengals: I like the Bengals current uniforms and am a little iffy about these only because I can’t really make out the design throughout the uniform. I would like em a lot more if that made it a little more easy to identify.

Chicago Bears: Nothing too crazy here. Just a newer and updated version of what Jay Cutler throws picks in. However, notice the flywire design on the shoulders again further verifying my thesis that they are real with a consistent theme 🙂

Dallas Cowboys: Finally something Jerry Jones has no control over… for now. And finally they have one color blue in their uniform.

Philadelphia Eagles: Still same ugly color green but the judgmental fans in Philly will like these with the wings on the shoulders similar to Oregon.

Jacksonville Jaguars: My favs! The print down the side is so creative. Sick colors! And MJD will look awesome in this new helmet in LA.

New York Giants: Favorite team with least favorite unis. Nothing out of the ordinary with high expectations and low results. Maybe Eli can learn to slide feet first in these. New York might need some smurf turf also to match.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Soooo tight! Yellow helmets with steel plating decals is genius. Red, blue, and yellow striped on one sleeve and name and number on the other. One of the best.

Atlanta Falcons: Not much changed with these but they are still nice. Would have been nicer with a Vick #7 though too bad he was stupid.

Tennessee Titans: All light blues is definitely different. I also like the different logo on the helmet with just the back end of the flames going into the facemask.

Seattle Seahawks: Personally would have liked to see more lime green throughout but I’m weird like that. The under shirt with wings on it is creative too.

Minnesota Vikings: Too bad B-Chill won’t be around to see Adrian Peterson in these beauts. The horns on the sleeves and new helmets make a nice match. A loud match but a nice one.

Oakland Raiders: The silver and black are back. Easy E would have loved these…

New Orleans Saints: I always thought their colors should have been purple, green, and yellow playing to their Mardi Gras strengths but these are aight.

Washington Redskins: Unfortunately they didn’t get rid of the mustard yellow and I can’t really make out what the background of the jersey is but they’re better than what 36-year-old Donovan McNabb will be getting paid 18 trillion for the next 4 years currently wears.

New York Jets: Broadway Mark and their defense will look good in these dark intimidatiors.

New England Patriots: If you don’t like these than you’re not American. So creative to implement the stars and stripes into their unis. Tom Brady’s flowing locks will compliment the new white helmet.

Detroit Lions: Simple but modern. Light but blue. These unis just look fast for some reason due to their lightness.

St. Louis Rams: I’m glad they threw the tacky gold helmets out the door. These are much cleaner and still utilize the ram’s horns.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: So glad they decided to bring back the old creamsicle colorway. The current colorway is horrific and it nice to see them going back to their roots with the original Buc.

Cleveland Browns: The worst franchise in history didn’t change much with their outerwear either. They moved the stripes from the shoulders to the sleeves. Big whoop.

Miami Dolphins: Best colorway of all the uniforms: Loud and in your face just how Don Shula and Dan “The Man” Marino would have liked.

Carolina Panthers: Black panthers? These uniforms are intimidating and innovative with the cat scratches throughout. They’ll need them to try to claw their way into a playoff game.

Baltimore Ravens: Purple and black don’t go well together, so they needed some white to bring their defense to light. These are way better than what Ray Lewis is shimmying in right now.

Houston Texans: These unis just look like Texas. Now, I don’t really go for anything from Texas but these uniforms are clean.

Denver Broncos: Thank God! They got rid of the disgusting things the currently call a uniform. These unis summon John Elway and I guarantee it brings a win. These are just classy.

  1. Adam French says:

    The Vikings uniform is by far the best. AP would easily rush for 500 more yards per season just by putting this on. The colorway reminds me of this other team from another sport and all this team does is Win win win no matter what; especially in June. I forget their name, can you help me out Mackin?

  2. Beads says:

    The Chiefs uniform did me dirty, i’d be a fan just for this purpose. Extremely disappointed in the Browns uniform considering I just added them to “My Teams” on Big deal.

    • jonmackin says:

      I’m not gonna lie, when I got the email notification that Beads commented on my blog, I rushed to the computer because I thought it was the real thing. You’re still cool though…

  3. Beads says:

    GLAD I COULD DISAPPOINT YOU!! i bet if you tweet her on twitter she’ll read it. she’s a great twitter-er. plus she’s a chick and anything to do with clothing she’s on it.

  4. Mike Randall says:

    Great article. 95% of those uniforms look ridiculous. So glad they were fakes. I did a post about this same story, and if you like uniforms I did a top 10 best and worst uni’s list. Check it out, let me know what you think.

  5. erik says:

    eagles need more black… panther look bad ass

  6. JSizzle73 says:

    Wheres the GreenBay unis??

  7. Chris S. says:

    The Patriots uniform looks like something Captain America would wear… Cartoon- like!!!!!

  8. trever says:

    The Ravens and the Cardinals are the best by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Michael K. Hayes says:

    I was wondering where the Packer uniform was. They are all there but that one. Also, is it possible to get a profile of all the helmets, too?

  10. Samsam says:

    As a chiefs fan, I was liking the headdress decals on the helmet. Too much yellow though. Cardinals were sick but the best have to be the Patriots. Whats more American than Tom Brady in that sweet getup

  11. Sam says:

    Yo, throw up a packers uni!!! These are tight, but the best team in the league needs a uni too!

  12. tomy johnson says:

    Super Bowl XLV Green Bay Packers not represented, what’s up with that?

  13. There’s no way you can’t like the Pat’s uniform. Tom Brady is Captain America.

  14. brad says:

    KFC from 6 to 7 fan base? Arrowhead isn’t the loudest stadium in the NFL because of blackouts…

  15. Tyler Vixmer says:

    Why did the bucs and broncos go to their old logos they suck. Why not for they browns have their helmet brown.

  16. Nancy says:

    I don’t even understand how I finished up here, however I believed this submit was once good. I do not recognize who you might be but definitely you are going to a well-known blogger should you are not already. Cheers!

  17. Woah this weblog is fantastic i really like studying your posts. Stay up the great work! You know, many individuals are searching round for this info, you can help them greatly.

  18. David says:

    If you google image search the Packer’s new jersey you’ll find it. Warning: It almost literally didn’t change.

  19. Someone was busy on photoshop 2yrs ago, these have all been completely debunked, fun speculation anyway.

  20. The Rudd says:

    The Stars and Stripes should ONLY represent our great country, not a football team. The Patriots uniform should be illegal.

  21. Jallah Avery says:

    these are all fake because the steelers and da seahawks jerseys definetly do not look like dat

  22. James says:

    This guy is either blind or retarded… Half of the uniforms that he likes look flat out fucking stupid. Thank God I hate Miami and New England because there’s are by far some of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. But I would have to say the worst is Kansas City and I feel sorry for them now… Even though I felt sorry for them before. :/

  23. swcolglazier says:

    hawks are best uni by far making the great northwest and loudest stadium proud yeah 12th man!!

  24. swcolglazier says:

    hawks new look will be the best in the northwest great detail envy of most other teams!! go hawks!! one more thing to be pumped up about this yr!! superbowl bound??

  25. Chris says:

    These designs look like a comic book off spin. I absolutely hope that these don’t get out for real. And FYI Nike, I hate – hate! the design for the KC Chiefs…go back to the drawing board… PLEASE!

  26. TheTruthSpeaker says:

    Cleveland Browns – worst franchise in history?? 8 league championships doesn’t seem like the worst team in history (including an undefeated (perfect season) culminating in a league championship). The Browns are tied for third most championships all time behind the Packers (13) and Bears (9). The Browns are clearly one of the premier franchises in NFL history.

  27. Gert says:

    good job, retard. do you believe everything you come across online? if you say “sick” one more time, you should go kill yourself. pretty obvious these were fake, and most of them are hideous.

  28. Joe Johnson says:

    You’re all fucking retarded.

  29. Sean says:

    Your opinion is terrible, especially about the eagles. It didn’t surprise me that you liked the cheetah prints on the jags uniform, had a clue you were gay right from the start

  30. […] outfitting contract for the NFL from Reebok, designers re-imagined the Vikings new uniforms (via Mackin’s Blog and Brandon Moore at […]

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  32. hack says:

    Is there anyway we can make tis reality..I would love NFL football is they got out of those ugly uni’s and get w the 21st century!!!!!! pls…someone start a petition or least stop watching NFL football or buying the gear until we get a change!!!!!!

  33. Eddie Rangel says:

    Is there a way I can order a jersey like that?


  34. I know all of these uniform (**I really don’t know) were created in Photoshop. Where did the base image come from, I would like to get in on the fun. Can some one help me please.

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