Veterans Day… to me

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have always had a great deal of respect and sense of patriotism towards our country and if I wasn’t currently engaged, graduated, and in my current situation I would definitely consider serving. I guess that’s why I take Veterans Day a little more serious than your average detached 23 year old male.

What is Veterans Day? Why do we get it off from work? What does it mean to Veterans themselves to have a day in honor of their bravery for our country?

To me, it is a day where we can take a step back from reality for a minute and recognize the country we live in for what it is worth. How lucky we are to live with freedom, how much worse it is in countries that do not have our luxuries, and how blessed we are to have men and women who have fought and are still fighting so that we keep that freedom and sense of protection.

Veterans get one day out of the year when they fight or were fighting the other 364 for people to recognize their efforts. That’s great and all and it allows for people to organize parades, shows, speakers, etc… But that doesn’t always suffice for me. I’m one of those people that likes going to the airport just to thank the soulja boys and girls for their service. It’s shooting fish in a barrel, there are always tons of them flying. All it takes is a handshake and a “thank you for your service.”

You can remix it up and put your own spin on it but it’s the little things like that, that can give a troop assurance that what he/she is fighting for is appreciated. It’s not awkward and you feel like you did a good deed for the day. I can’t even imagine the thought that when troops came home from Vietnam, that they were spit on, disrespected, and not appreciated for putting their life on the line for us to be safe. The idea of that is just mind-bottling to me.

I understand people didn’t necessarily agree with the why we were in the war and that is fine but it was not the troops’ faults. They were like the Boise St. players. Their administration gave them a shitty schedule, but all they do is win games. Our troops were put in a shitty situation and they just tried to make the best of it. Many of them didn’t even want to be there in the first place but were legally bound to with the draft. They did what they were told and they came home to the opposite of what they expected and deserved.

I just would hate to see another situation like that in our country where people were not appreciated for their patriotism towards our country and try to thank the men and women in uniforms as much as possible. Who knows, a simple “thank you” could do as little as brighten up someone’s hour or day, or it could really mean a lot to someone who lost a friend or a part of themselves when they were serving.

So, next time you see someone in their fatigues or even a Cop or Fireman give em a quick thank you or even a head nod to let them know you appreciate what they do on a daily basis, so that you can live the way you do. God Bless our troops, Good Bless America, and in the words of “Hacksaw” Jim Dugan… USA! USA! USA! USA!


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