Girls! Girls! Girls! The ten I like the most!

Posted: November 10, 2010 in My Life, Pop Culture

I don’t think that if anyone else in the world came up with a list that they would have the same list as me. A million guys could make a million lists and while combinations make it possible, I don’t think the same list would appear twice. But I think that’s what make these top tens interesting. My list will be completely different from yours and I encourage you to list your top tens as well.

I’m not one for porn stars or girls that look like they want to be one. I like the more traditional classy lookin girls that would be cool of you were to bring her home to Mom. That would rule out the Megan Foxes, Pamela Andersons, Kim Kardashians of the world. While I do recognize their looks, the skeezy types are just not my cup of chai tea. I also tried to use pictures and videos that showcased the girls wearing a majority of their clothes, so to really highlight their beauty. So, without further a due here is my top ten girls.

10. Meagan Good: Who? Many of you who are not familiar with urban Nickelodeon shows or rap video girls may not know who Meagan Good is. I first laid eyes on Meagan when she was on “My Cousin Skeeter.” She was in her teens at the time but so was I so it was completely kosher. As we grew up, she blossomed into the beautiful young woman that she is today. I didn’t want to showcase her on “My Cousin Skeeter” now because that would be creepy so instead I picked one of her more racy performances…

9. Rachel McAdams: Rachel McAdams has one of those classic, 1920s look. She was born and raised in Canada giving her the pearly white skin that she is so well-known for. I remember back in Freshman year of college, I made a Facebook group called “Rachel McAdams Makes Pale Hot.” I don’t know why I made this group because I never did anything with it, I guess it was because this was a “pre-status” Facebook era where the same statement could have been made without having to join a group. There also is the rumor that she is well into her 40s and is therefore a cougar. Well, being 32  years old that ruling is negated.

8. Tiffani Thiessen: aka Kelly Kapowski: What adolescent male didn’t rush home from school to watch Kelly on WGN. She has had some pretty decent roles in “The Ladies Man” and a lot of modeling but she will be forever known in our hearts as Kelly Kapowski. Sure she had her flings with Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, and the guy from 90210 but we all had her first. She has matured now and is married with a baby girl at 36 years old but she still has the same look. And her outfit below is actually in line with Mr. Belding’s dress code.

7.  Rihanna: I’m still a little up in the air about Rihanna. Her and I go throw stages that correlate to her look. With updating her look so frequently and so dramatically it has hard for someone to love all of her because she has stretched to both ends of the spectrum throughout her young career. And it may not be so much of her look that I like as it is her personality coupled with her accent. I haven’t completely figured it out yet but what I do know is I like this performance, especially her knee wiggle dance.

6. Jennifer Love Hewitt: What isn’t there to like about J-Love? She is the girl next door. She is probably that girl who was a tomboy who played baseball with all the neighborhood boys who grew up to be a beautiful woman to all the boys’ surprise. She has had a fairly successful acting career in both TV and in big budget movies and a mediocre music career if you remember. Her shape fluctuates with age but she has one of those looks where her face will always look the same no matter what her body looks like. Most people probably assimilate her to the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” series but I liked her in “Sister Act II” as she played the innocent/ditsy character in line with a bunch of hoodlums.

5. Carrie Underwood: What would we have done without “American Idol?” Other than Kelly Clarkson and “superstar” Justin Guarinin, Carrie Underwood was the first pretty American Idol to blow up. When she first auditioned, she had the semi-ghetto and crispy hair which made sense because she actually got kicked out of her sorority in college for being a flousy. But she obviously put the right people around her that have helped mold her into the American Idol she still is today. She’s a millionaire dating millionaires, winning awards left and right, and also handing them out tonight on the CMA’s as a host.

4. Blake Lively: Blake Lively is probably my most recent fling in my life. Danielle forces Pete and I to watch “Gossip Girl” after “Monday Night Football,” but to her dismay a small crush has developed. She isn’t really my type but there is something about her that I like. Maybe it is her soft-spoken and sultry voice or her natural beauty but I don’t argue so much when Danielle asks if she can watch “Gossip Girl” because I enjoy certain aspects of it too now. Even though I don’t understand who Gossip Girl is and why she is always around, shouldn’t she have been caught by now? Whatever…

3. Emmanuelle Chriqui: Ahh Sloane. There isn’t much you have to say about Sloane, just look at her. The only thing you can really is say is that she beautiful. She’s the nice Aunt that everyone in the family loves, she’s the hot babysitter that watched you when you were little, and she was the most popular girl in school that always was nice to the kids that weren’t so popular. Danielle met her at the Scintas show and confirmed all of these stereotypes as well. It definitely adds to her aura knowing that she isn’t some stuck-up sloot who is all caught up in Hollywood and is actually a genuine person.

2. Hayden Panetierre: My girl. Hayden stole my heart in “Remember the Titans” when not only did she know football well but she was feisty too. I never really went for the tomboy look and was more for a “girly girl” guy. So luckily for me, that’s what she is now. Her acting career has blossomed and so has she, now at 21 years of age with plenty of projects under her belt. She can do it all and do it all well. Primetime TV, interviews, the silver screen, cheerleading, defensive coordinator, whatever!

1. Danielle Scinta: Surprise! No, I am not being soft and no this isn’t a cop-out. Danielle really is my ideal girl. When making this list, I was having trouble identifying what “my type” was. There was never really a celebrity that embodied all of the features that I liked but “I was wooking pa nub in all da wong pwaces” as Eddy Murphy would say.  I like short girls, I like brunettes, I like girls with round facial structures, I didn’t know if I was a boob or a butt man so I chose both, and all of the above girls have some of those features but not all of them. But Danielle does and I love her.

  1. Jr says:

    Dude sorry man u can’t have ur fiancé as no 1. I get she is ur ideal woman but it throws off the integrity of the list. This list should be either top 10 girls u CAN get with Danielle as no 1 or top ten girls u think r perfect but really have no shot at, in which case all u need to do is add one more.

  2. Adam French says:

    I would of put a million dollars on the fact that you’d put Danielle numero uno and it should be that way and I completely understand you not liking the Kardashian type but Jessica Alba doesn’t even make the list???? like not even at #10? Mackin c’mon now she is a universal “in” especially when we are talking about “beauty” . Thats just not my list, that is a general consensus among males.

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