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Posted: November 9, 2010 in Television

Conan is back! After a long severance period Conan returns to basic cable… We all know he got the short end of the stick in the NBC mind games they played on him and Leno. He was expecting a new deal with NBC and the Indian gave it back. They said he had it and he didn’t get to keep it. It was a big legal clusterfluck. But now he is back on TBS at 11pm nightly.

It is obvious that he has had enough plenty of time off to grow a Novembeard. It is obvious that he has had plenty of time off to come up with plenty of material because his opening skit was hilarious. And it seems as though he is back with plenty of material to keep audiences laughing out of their tucked in beds.

There are some familiar faces in his basic cable band and sidekick Andy Richter. He is back with some pretty decent guests like Seth Rogan, Tom Hanks, etc… He has a new set that looks, well like a new set, nothing special there and I guess you can really see where TBS cut back. Let’s just hope they have a budget to keep “A list” celebrities coming back. Because as funny as Conan is people don’t watch late night talk shows to see stand-up comedy all night.

They watch late night TV to see some funny stuff, guests, and maybe catch up on current events in a humorous way. You can tell Conan is back with a little bit of a vengeance and he wants to win out his time slot and blow the big networks out of the water. However, I’m just not convinced it is going to happen overnight.

I know it was the first episode but I was getting kind of annoyed with the NBC jokes. We all know he got screwed, we all know NBC and Leno were Jerks about the whole situation when they kicked him to the curb, but it doesn’t seem as though he is going to live it down any time soon. Maybe he has the right to joke about it for eons to come but I think if he doesn’t drop it, that the jokes will get really old really fast.

I also don’t know how long TBS wants to listen to him make fun of their network. It may be funny on his show because he was a “has been” for a short amount of time but it could depreciate the value of their other shows like “Lopez Tonight” (which I don’t really care because he’s a huge doucher) and let’s face it, if no one watches TBS with the exception of the Braves games they aren’t going to watch Conan. So, I think it is in his best interest to drop the TBS/NBC jokes fast.

I think it will be hard for him to live it down because he was living the dream for a little bit and one could have projected him to be the heir to late night TV and now he was set back X amount of years until he eventually returns to a big network. I don’t think it will happen any time soon and I think Conan’s legacy will be tainted as being the guy who had it, lost it, got it back, and hopefully made something of it again.

Like all things, only time well tell. He may take a smaller basic cable network late night TV show and become the flagship show of the network and run the ratings through the roof, I don’t know. But what I think is that he needs to forget about the past and look towards the future to become successful again.


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