New Blog Format and Schedule

Posted: November 8, 2010 in My Life

As I begin to mature in the blogging world, I  have picked up on little things here and there to improve the quality and content of my blogs. I started off writing them in my MackBerry, not reading them, not checking spelling or grammar, and not really having any motivation to do so. I then began to run a spell check, editing, and occasionally reviewing them and to my surprise the quality of the blogs have improved (a little).With the implementation of this new system and adding more media to my blog, I hope to provide more interesting topics that is more widespread and specific to what people like at the same time.

I have hired Mackin-tising as my agency on retainer to run tests on ways to improve the quality of the content, ways to increase the amount of reads, and to increase TSR (time spent reading). They have been hard at work over the last month and these are the fruits of their labor. I have decided to take their advice and implement a new system in which the blogs are planned and produced. Each day of the week will have a specific theme and the blogs will coincide with the day’s theme accordingly.

I tend to write on several different topics. Most of the topics either revolve around our are relevant to sports, pop culture, my life, things I belive in , and top ten lists. I felt it would be easier for readers to follow and easier for me to plan ahead if there was a schedule of what to expect. That way readers have an idea of what they can expect and may be more inclined to read topics that they are more interested in, instead of playing the “guessing game” of what is the day’s topic is. That being said, I give you my new weekly blogging schedule:

My Life Mondays: My Life Mondays will include topics that are prevalent and ongoing in my life, obviously. These topics will assimilate things I want to do, places I want to go, people I want to meet, etc… A few upcoming blogs I have for this category are “My Bucket List,” “Countries I Want to See,” “Halfsy Marathon,” and some others that are relevant to things I have gong on in my life.

Chooseday Tuesdays: I realize I don’t always make the best of my time and I choose to waste my time watching dumb reality TV shows, following people’s lives that are of no educational purpose but I enjoy these shows and sports, as do many people. They are interesting and entertaining to me. I don’t pretend to be a Rhodes scholar, I enjoy light-hearted things and so do a lot of people. My blog is not a scientific blog for people to site on research papers, it is a platform for me to write I about stuff I like, not matter how important it really is. Upcoming blogs for Chooseday Tuesdays are “Conan’s Return to Late Night,” “Movies That Need to Be Re-made,” and “Skating With the Stars.”

Top Tensday Wednesday: My top ten lists tend to be my most popular blogs. They get the most reads and the most feedback because there is room for people to provide their own top ten lists and comment as to how they agree and disagree with me. There are tons of different topics of which some of my next will be: “Girls I think Are Cute,” “Top Ten College Basketball Coaches,” and “Top Ten Cereals.”

Thoughtful Thursdays: Thoughtful Thursdays will be a little new for me. In the past, I have tried to keep the topics light and non-controversial without getting into deep issues that get us all fired up. I also don’t want people to hate on each other views back and forth. However, I would like to start touching on more important topics and current events without delving to deep into controversial issues. Some upcoming Thoughtful Thursday will be “Veterans Day”, “Thanksgiving,” “Hannukah” and “Smoking.”

Frivolous Fridays: Frivolous Fridays will be days where I highlight and explore more obscure topics. These blogs will tend to be a little more out of the box and of little importance but there are a lot of things that I think about before I fall asleep and wonder about. There will be a lot of “what ifs” and a lot of blogs where you will have felt you wasted your time after reading it. But they are interesting to me and with low readership on Fridays anyways, I figured this would be a good way of getting them out of my system. Such blogs will be The UFL, Potential Ghetto Baby Names, and Black Friday.

Sleep-in Saturdays: Exactly that, my day off and no blogs. Most of you are too busy to read anyway.

Spritual Sundays: Over the last few years, I have become fairly religous and would like to use my blog to talk about my experiences. I look forward to going to church each week and I learn a lot about better ways to live that really help me. I promise it won’t get all “Hell fire and Brimstone,” I won’t try to tell people why they are wrong and my I’m right, I’ll just present some new things that I have learned about God that help me in my everyday life.

I would love to hear any feedback as to how I plan to write in this new format, suggestions for possible topics (both light and deep), or why I’m dumb and should not confine myself to a format. All of the potential blogs are subject to change as I come up with better, more time relevant, or interesting topics. Also, with the implementation of new media, it may be a little rough for a while, so please bear with me as I learn how to do all that ish.


  1. Maria Scinta says:

    shut up rick i like mackins new strategy/schedule i think he should talk about god and religion hes not going to over do it stop being a liberal and let mackin use his heart lol…
    i think i am going to start reading mackin i loke what i see lol good work brother in law!!

  2. Jr says:

    Dude what about every Monday u give us ur wardrobe for the week? That shouldn’t be to hard to cut and paste from the mackberry right?

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