Fantasy Basketball

Posted: October 25, 2010 in NBA

With the eve of the 2010-2011 season opener upon us, fantasy basketball coaches are scrambling to research, draft, and set their starting lineups for what has the making to be one of the most dramatic and interesting seasons in a long time. What will make the season s interesting? The players. What makes fantasy basketball interesting? The players.

Fantasy basketball differs much from the mainstream fantasy football where pretty much anyone can play and go .500 if you make sure you don’t start players on their bye week. But basketball has no bye weeks in their 82 games season compared to a meek 16 games. The biggest difference lies in the scoring system. Just about equal and relative points are awarded across the board for points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks.

Of course each league can manipulate the rules to their discretion but the points are not heavily reliant upon a running back or quarterback. The wealth is much more spread out throughout the NBA teams. In the NFL, if you have two players like Chris Johnson or Kenny Britt, go off you can dominate both in the game and in fantasy. Whereas, in basketball if you have Tim Duncan drop 20 and 10, he needs a lot more help to win the game.

As you can see, the nature of fantasy basketball requires a lot more attention to be paid to the team as whole in order to be successful. In fantasy basketball, becoming very familiar with waivers will contribute to a successful season. With so many games and so many players putting up similar numbers, watching players over the course of a season and tracking their statistics is key to fantasizing.

Who is going to shock some people and score more fantasy points than they would normally score in actual games? I predict Aussie Andrew Bogut is going to have a breakout year as he and Brandon Jennings really mesh well together as he remains a force t be reckoned with in the small Eastern Conference lanes. He won’t score 20, but he will get plenty of garbage man points cleaning up every rebound and blocking 3 shots a game.

Blake Griffin is the second most athletic player in the league behind the LeBrontourage. The Milano Ginger will have some of the most bone rattling dunks and blocks this year as he and up and comer Eric Gordon put the Clip show in the playoffs. As long as he stays healthy, the Rookie of the Year will average a double double, really helping out in fantasy points.

Kevin Durant will lead the league in scoring this year as he gets double and triple teamed throughout the entire game leaving his Team USA partner in crime, Russel Westbrook open 98% of the time. Not only will Westbrook and his mo-hawk pick up  a fair share of the Thunder’s scoring but he will get plenty of assists as KD goes back door and baseline for ally oops.

So, who will be the fantasy Kwame Browns of this year. I project that a few household names may not live up to their stock quote in fantasy land. Thiefirst is Amare Stoudemireberg of the New York Knickerbockers. While I love the Bar Mitzvah boy he doesn’t play defense will and doesn’t rebound well. Maybe in the smaller Eastern Conference he may pick up some slack but don’t count on it in D’Antoni’s run and gun offense.

Jesus Shuttlesworth may also shock a few this year as Rajon Rondo takes over the Celtic backcourt and the Shaqrock/ the Truth taking up a lot of the leadership and attention. Ray Allen falls into that awkward stage in his career and will most likely stick to shooting 3s late in games where the Irishmen are already up by 20 points.

Derrick Rose is one of the league’s most exciting players but don’t look for him to light up you fantasy score board. He is the John Stockton of our era on a team with newly acquired Carlos Boozer, that will highly resemble the boring half court offense of the 96 Jazz. Joakim Noah will get every rebound and Blue Devils and Deng and Boozer will score most of the points leaving D-Rose to pass, I guess…

  1. Need more fantasy basketball posts please, it’s the 2012-2013 season now and I need help with my fantasy team please 🙂

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