Jersey Shore Season 2 Review! Season 3 Preview! And Spin-Off Suggestions!

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Pop Culture, Television

Cabs a heeya! For the last year the “Jersey Shore” has captivated people across America. They were 8 young Italians from the Tri-State area that combined their ginny forces for one of the biggest reality television phenomenons to date. They fought each other, f*cked each other, and defriended each other for our viewing pleasure.

Season one was more for shock value. It took a little while for word to spread about this group of guidos fist pumpin every Thursday night but once people caught wind of their Drakkar, it ignited like a flaming heart on an Ed Hardy shirt. This season was the continuance of the relationships that were rekindled and became household names. It seemed as though some were settling down and some were just down to f*ck.

The day to day drama between Ronnie and Sami was and probably still is so annoying and frustrating, yet we are enthralled in every moment of it. They broke up before the season started and got back together. While they were together Ronnie cheated on her multiple times to her blind dismay. Everyone saw it and tried to tell her without “manning up.” They broke up again, then got back together, and then almost lost it again on the finale. Who knows what their Facebook relationship status is now?

The unbreakable tag team of J-Woww and Snooki were attached at the hip the entire season as they antagonized Ron and Sam. Snooks perused several Miami gentleman, including roommate Vinny, who apparently is more like LeBron if ya know what I mean. Eventually, Angelina peaced out early again which elated the housemates and viewers alike. In most cases drama is good tv, but in her instance all she did was bog down good fun with shadiness. We all love to hate Angelina for her ignorance and lack of communication skills.

MVP’s game started off a little slow landing on several land mines and grenades early in the season as it took a while for Vinny and Pauly D. to find formidable lady friends. And in actuality they both got sprung on two girls who seemed somewhat normal, as they wined and dined them respectfully. The Situation may have reached an all-time low as he enters his grumpy 30s. Sitch needs to spend a little less time on his L and T and a little more on his G because he turned more girls away then he courted.

The show ends on a “sowa” note with everyone at each other’s throats. That’s how they started, that’s how the function, and that’s how they concluded the season. But is the “Jersey Shore” over?

Nope! Season 3 has actually completed documenting the 7 roommates as they go back to homeland, Seaside. But there is one twist, a new roommate. Deena aka “The Holiday” moves in with the group to stir it up the sauce a little but so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. The show just finished shooting and will go into editing, so it won’t be out for months, which gives the reality stars plenty of time to promote their lines of ripped denim, hair gels, and workout videos.

Personally, I think the brand value would increase if they didn’t overkill the product with another season of the same fights about who is fake and who said something about who. I would rather MTV capitalize on the multiple spin-off opportunities. If I was an executive producer the shows I would create are:

“MVP” on Spike TV would highlight the GTL activities and T-shirt time between The Sitch, Pauly, and Vin in Vegas as DJ Pauly D. is the resident DJ at Jet, Mike personally trains, and Vin gets into construction.

“Juice Talk” where J-Woww and Snooki have a morning show on VHL interviewing different B and C list celebrities, gorillas, juice heads, and give advice to aspiring guidettes. It may seem as though they are sippin on coffee but I think we all know better.

The spin-off with the least future is “Smushed” with Ronnie and Sami on E! The reason I don’t think it has much of a future is because of their weak relationship and inability to stay on topic when discussing an issue. By the third episode they’d break up and there would be no relationship and therefore, smushed.


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