The NFL in LA

Posted: October 21, 2010 in NFL, Pop Culture

There have been talks of bringing an NFL team back to Los Angeles for some time now but are things beginning to fall into place? It sure seems like it to me. What would it take for there to be a team in LA? God willing there would be a lot of different puzzle pieces that would have to fit perfectly together in order for this project to work but it seems as though interested parties are having more serious talks concerning the issue.

Some things that would have to happen in order for there to be a team in LA would be a willing an able ownership committee, approval by the NFL, and the biggest decision to decide whether to expand or to move a team from another city. The NFL is a finely tuned machine based on numbers and expanding one team doesn’t make the square peg fit in the circle whole as flush as they would like. So where do they take a team from? It’s the NFL, teams everywhere have extremely loyal fan bases, people would be devastated if their football carpet was pulled out from under their feet right?

What NFL team has a lesser brand value? Here is an exercise for you, if you were told a list of team names, your brain would recognize that those were NFL franchises, right? So, now I want you to list as many franchises as you can off the top of your head. You can do it by success, geographic region, however you want. When you’re done see what teams you forgot…

Studies show that the two teams with the least amount of brand recognition are the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills. This may be due to past records, recent downfalls, less big name players, or probably a combination of all the above. So, the big decision is which team? Here is why I think the Buffalo Bills should stay.

The Buffalo Bills play in a very good conference with strong rivalries and it would be a travesty to break up those rivalries and have to pull a team from another conference to fill in. Buffalo is one of the smaller cities with an NFL team which is sometimes a good thing. They may not have a national fan base as big as other teams but the fan base they do have at home is extremely loyal and I would bet more loyal than other teams with bigger national fan bases.

It is also like Green Bay, they brings a sense of nostalgia to the league with traditional fans from decades past. Ralph Wilson, the owner, has been there for 146 years and even with recent troubling waters, fans are still loyal and revel at the remembrance of their teams in the 1980’s, as they wait for him to bring a team back to Buffalo that will do the same. Not to mention that everyone likes to watch football played in the snow in November and December.

I feel as though it is in the league’s best interest to pull the Los Angeles team from Jacksonville. They play in a fair weather state and sadly most of their fans tend to be fair weather fans, which is sad to think of because they haven’t had much success. They don’t have much personality recognition that would break hearts if they were to move. Their coach Jack Del Rio hasn’t been able to do much there, and their only offensive weapon, MJD, would probably be happy to get a fresh start.

I mean let’s be real, try to think of one of your friends or family members who is a die-hard Jaguars fan. Still thinking? That’s because there aren’t many out there. Jacksonville is fairly close to Tampa Bay which may not be much better but has a much more valuable brand and has much more past success. It would suck to leave The Jags in Jacksonville, have them go to the AFC championship, and have no one show up like the Tampa Bay Rays fans did, of which many of those people are the same fans.

So once, the JAX Jags make the move do they keep their namesake and become the LAX Jags? Or do they scrap the old mascot and start new? I would be fine with them remaining the Jaguars, while there aren’t any Jaguars in Southern California, there aren’t any lakes either. Another option for me would be to name them the LA Stars. It would play off of the ties to Hollywood and is a marketers dream for the players they could have.

Do they keep the colors or swirl up their water colors? I would suggest they switch it up with purple and gold. The Lakers have a huge fan base throughout Southern California with people rockin’ the purple and gold from Fresno to San Diego and it would only make sense to play to the region’s strength and align with the reigning powerhouse. And if they were the LA Stars, the logo could be a purple sky ridden with shining gold stars throughout.

So now, all that needs to happen is for Magic Johnson (who has been clearing up his stock ownership in the Lakers and Starbucks for such a move) Ari Emmanuel, and Mark Wahlberg to have lunch with Pete Carrol (future coach) at Katsuya and make it happen.

  1. jonmackin says:

    If there was a Buffalo Bill in Danielle’s class she wouldn’t know it.

  2. Adam French says:

    It’s just too bad that the only people seriously talking about this are Magic Johnson and Ari Gold…. It’s not looking too good.

  3. JR says:

    Alright I see some good points and let me add to it.

    1. The new stadium is already in the process of being built by the same people who own the Staple Center. It will be an entire football complex off the 57 and 60 freeways (yep less than 5 minutes from my house). The Governator has already signed off on the team and approved the area for the football complex.
    2. Jack Del Rio (former Trojan) and MJD (former Bruin) would love to come to LA.
    3. Purple and Gold arent the only colors bleeding in LA. Dodger Blue bleeds strong too, and dont forget the Silver and Black, so they might go with new colors.

    So I think football will be back in LA, with the Jags, but not Purple and Gold. I can see it by 2014. I think thats when the stadium will be down. I will have my season tickets as I am already on the waiting list!!! BOOOOOOOOM

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