Liars, Cheaters, Low-down, No Good, Darn Athletes

Posted: October 12, 2010 in NBA, NFL, Pop Culture, Television

The digital age that we live in today allows information technology, data, and gossip to travel at speeds never before reached. Gone is the era of secrets between a celebrity and a comrade. The moochers of life have been able to alter the course of celebrities lives for good with the amount of attention that can be brought to them in a very short amount of time.

This hypothesis resides in the hotels and locker rooms of athletes all over the world. First class athletes are no longer only being featured in sport specific highlights, they are the top stories on Entertainment Tonight,, and in National Enquirer. Why all of sudden are athletes being treated like movie stars? Is it because they have diversified their talents beyond sports? Is it due to prior generations not having a daily interest in an athlete’s daily life? Are athletes worse people than they used to be? Or is it an unexplainable phenomenon that just is what is it is and will continue to grow?

I think it is a 1/4 cup of each. We as a society feel the need to be informed consistently per the ongoings of athlete’s daily pursuits, and that goes for everything outside of what they Tweet as well. We don’t just want to know how they did in the game last night, we want to know what and sometimes who they were doing afterwards. I’m one of these people who want to leave their personal affairs behind closed doors for the involved parties to handle, yet I like most others am curious as to what happens.

Of course it is the initial fault of the perp for committing the act but with more and more scandals getting out into the news in the last year, one has to wonder if this our fault for digging and unearthing these secrets that would have never been revealed if we didn’t pry into someone’s personal life. Or is it the society we live in that makes it possible for people with skin in the game to let the cat out of the bag for personal or financial gain? I think we have created a platform for people to make private matters public without the discernment of the people involved.

I am in no way praising people like Brett Favre, Tiger Woods, and Kobe Bryant (3 of the most iconic sports figures of our era btw) for their careless actions but I am almost taking my opinion out of the matter because as Ludacris once said “stay the f*ck up out my bizniss my biznass.” Yes, they are role models that people look up to but no one is perfect and people make mistakes. And because they are in the public eye, we feel as though we are owed the truth.

This is a lose/lose situation for both the people involved and for us as gossip consumers. Because we buy into the attention that some of these people who air out the dirty laundry crave, we only complicate their situations as to how they should deal with it. If it were left behind closed doors, solutions can be made without the thoughts of society having to be taken into account. And we lose as people because we only depreciate the value of sports and entertainment by creating a form of interest outside of the original. 

In matters of legality, my stance is a little different. If an athlete/celebrity breaks the law that is obviously public knowledge and I have no problem with attention being brought upon them for their acts because the solution to that problem can be brought up in court. Whereas, personal matters should be handled on a case by case basis involving the people in the situation. I understand it is a person’s right to exercise their freedom of speech but it really cheeses me off when they use other peoples’ lives as a way of bettering theirs.

WARNING: Again, I am in now way justifying stupid actions made by athletes but I do sympathize with their lack of privacy. If you were the dude who did some stupid ish, you wouldn’t want your panties hangin on a clothesline, you would want to handle it yourself. So, go out there and don’t treat people as you would want to be treated, treat them better. Boom!

  1. Drew Belcher says:

    Athletes have always been, and will forever be above the law. FREE O.J.

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