MLB Post Season Predictions

Posted: October 5, 2010 in MLB

The MLB regular season has been semi-uneventful in my opinion. Maybe, it was overshadowed by what normally are boring summers but this year had the Brett Favre saga, NBA free agency, and the FIBA World Ships. Nonetheless, October is upon us so break out the mock turtlenecks because it’s time for some exciting baseball.

Texas vs. Tampa: This series may be the battle of the bland. Tampa was in first place a good part of the year, especially when it counts the most. And Texas is a team run by the crackhead friend Jamie Foxx portrays in “Ali.” While, the Rangers may have rallied around Wash and newly solidified ownership with Nolan Ryan, I don’t believe they have enough weapons to beat Tampa. Tampa is pretty good at everything from pitching and power, to defense and experienced. Tampa 3-2.

New York vs. Minnesota: In the past, the Yanks have owned the Twins in the playoffs. But this isn’t your usual Twins teams. For once, they kept their prospects and let them mature into stars like Mauer and Morneau. However, I am still not convinced they have enough W’s in the playoffs to take control over the perennial pinstripes. DJ is playing in his favorite month of the year and I predict a usual outcome of Yankees taking the series in four.
Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia: I have a feeling this will be the most one-sided series of all with the Reds having little recent playoff experience. Philly has been here, knows the drill, has great pitching and will kick the Pete Rose of “Cincinatta” as John Buccigross would say. They’ll sweep them in 3 straight. Sorry Joe Morgan.

Atlanta vs. San Fransisco: This series also has the makings for a good series. This would be my weakest prediction because there is a lot of drama involved. I would like to say that San Fran should have the upper had after pulling out of the tight NL West race but ATL is playing for Bobby Cox and his last season as skipper. Emotionally, I would like to pick the Braves but rationally will pick the Giants to win 3-1.

San Fransisco vs. Philadelphia: Did I mention that to win in the playoffs you need good pitching? Even with “The Freak,” “The Franchise,” “The Freaky Franchise,” and “Big-time Timmy Jim” I don’t think the Giants can play with Philadelphia Fanatics. They are just too talented and are better from top to bottom and will sweep the Giants in four straight.

New York vs. Tampa: As both of these teams progress through the playoffs, I think both of them will get better. Figuring out how to manipulate their respective rotations, letting their leaders take over games with clutch hits and smart/aggressive base running, I predict this series to be a good ol’ American League slugfest. Unfortunately for the 7 Tampa fans, their slugging potential and strength deep into their rotation will cause them to fall short of the Yankees in the ALCS 3-2.

New York vs. Philadelphia: This isn’t your average powerhouse versus wild card who snuck into the World Series. The Yankees could have very well finished the season with the best record in baseball and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs if Joe Girardi (who I had a great conversation with in an elevator once in Cleveland) hadn’t rested the big boys in preparation for this. A lot of people could have predicted this series with the talent both clubhouses have and it has the making for a great series. Both have amazing pitching, which is important to be successful in the playoffs if I didn’t already make note of that, experience, talent, and high payrolls. If you haven’t caught wind yet, they way you win ships is buy purchasing them. It is relevant in every sport, the best players coupled with good coaching, and a common goal of wanting rings – win the rings. Both owners know this and strive for it every year and this is why they are always in the post-season positions. Thus, the winner for me is a little bit of a toss-up but because the Yankees are my team, I subsequently know more about them and feel as though they are more qualified. Plus, Robbie knows Boom!

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Great post man! I am a big believer in the fact that you need a very good rotation to be able to win in the playoffs, and right now the Yankees don’t have that. It’s so difficult to outscore teams in the playoffs, that goes for any sport, because you have to face each teams best pitcher’s night in and night out. Scoring is at a premium in any sport when post-season time rolls around. Burnett, Hughes, Vazquez…who do you start? Tough call, no clear-cut answer and even though they have gone with Hughes only time will tell if it is the right decision. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say.

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