NFL Goes Pink

Posted: October 4, 2010 in NFL, Pop Culture

You may have been watching games yesterday and wondered why some of the players’ equipment were hot pink. This is the 2nd time that the NFL has partnered up with the American Cancer Society to help their current campaign “A Crucial Catch,” which is their increasing awareness of the importance for annual screenings for women (especially over 40). It is one of the many philanthropic stances the NFL has taken recently and almost everyone is on board.

The partnership was made possible by working with Riddell, Nike, and Reebok to bring hot pink colorways to the cleats, gloves, towels, chin straps, and sweat bands of players. While I do think what the NFL is doing by increasing the awareness of this great cause, I do have a few qualms with the execution and with paying attention to detail.

There is inconsistency throughout the league with rockin the pink. Some players, were just pink cleats, some players wear just pink gloves, some players wear pink gloves, pink cleats, pink chinstrap, pink sweatbands, and some players don’t wear pink at all. I understand it is the players’ right to wear whatever they want but I don’t think many of the players have a problem with the American Cancer society and raising awareness for women to stay on their annuals. And if they do I don’t think their mothers and sisters would be very happy with this, if they don’t have anything to say about it I’m sure Jerome Bettis’ Mom (the big Mama from the Chunky Soup commercials) would have something to say about it.

I have a problem with the players being able to unite together to show their strength as a union before kickoffs but not being able to get on the same page with what they should wear as a team. Nike and Reebok brought pink colorways for every cleat they provide from skilled positions to lineman and the same goes for gloves. For me, there is no excuse why LT should be all pinked out and but a nameless lineman isn’t. If the players don’t take the initiative to go along with a great cause the entire league has taken on then team management should take charge, and if the front office doesn’t grow a pair, then Roger Goodell should start going helmet to helmet with fools.

It just looks like a piss poor effort from the NFL to me. It’s great that some players are all bout it bout it but others don’t show support. Maybe it is just a matching problem for me but I find it to be really annoying that they can’t get their shit together. So what is the solution?

I propose that the NFL send out a league wide memo to have each team come to a conclusion as to what they are going to wear, so that at least everyone on the same team has the same uniform on. I don’t think it is asking a lot to have the players wear the same thing, especially when it is for a good cause. So, if Mike Singletary says “you’re all wearing pink everything from cleats to sweatbands,” then they will look good. If Rex Ryan says “Before we go out there and play like Jets, make sure everyone is wearing the gloves with only pink palms because real men don’t wear pink,” that is perfectly fine too.

It just looks shitty when everyone is doing their own thing. It is an awesome program they set up, the league just needs to pay attention to detail and execute professionally. If they commit to something and then don’t do it half-assed. Thank you.

  1. Danny says:

    Eh doesn’t make a ton of sense to force players to match perfectly. I do think that every player should have to wear at least a little something (if anything just to show they support a great cause), but how far they go for the cause is their choice. Especially since the pink looks horrendous on some teams. I don’t think it necessarily provides evidence for a team being “unified” either. Players should be allowed to express themselves individually. If you were gonna make an argument for all players wearing the same pink, then why not exact same uniforms to show their unity.

    • jonmackin says:

      No no no Daniel. I don’t want all teams to look the same. Just each individual team to look the same. I’m not saying they should be all pinked out, sometimes less is more, just as long as their teammates are in line skating.

  2. It seems to me that some players aren’t wearing it to support anyone but to bring more attention to themselves. Therefore if every team was given either a pink chin strap, socks, or cleats, then the whole team would wear that one item and it would go to show the support breast cancer rather than to gain individual attention.

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