BCS Conference Favorites

Posted: October 1, 2010 in College Sports, Uncategorized

While the BCS is steadily under microscopic pressure, I would like to present my favorite teams from each conference. Obviously UNLV plays in the MWC which as of now is not a BCS Conference, so I find it allowable to have favorite schools in different conferences. Keep in mind that when I am asked who my favorite school is, immediately my reply is “UNLV.” That being said I would like to take this opportunity to address my favorite football schools in other schools. This list is for football schools only, as I have different basketball favorites for different reasons.

ACC: Ahh the Atlantic Coast Conference, it just sounds like a conference you would want to play in right? And it just so happens that my favorite school (outside of UNLV) resides in this conference. THE UUUUUUUUUUUUU! The University of Miami is my favorite for a multitude of reasons. First being, that is my hometown and my Dad played college baseball. The second being their alumni, there are so many NFL players that were Canes. Jeremy Shockey, Jonathan Vilma, Frank Gore, Ray Lewis, Clinton Portis, Edgerin James, Michael Irvin, Vinny Testaverde, current Head Coach Randy Shannon, and even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The last reason being their hood rating. They recruit mainly throughout the unbelievable breeding ground of South Florida and produce unbelievable athletes with uncanny speed and very shakable dreads.

Big East: The former home of The U isn’t having their best days of football. They have some good but inconsistent schools like WVU, Pitt, and Cincinnati. However, there are known most for their basketball programs and with the changes in college football, I think they should be the BCS conference removed to make room for the MWC. That being said, my favorite team is Syracuse. I like their colors, I like Greg Paullus, I like Donovan McNabb, I like their huge dome they play in. They haven’t been too much to root for but I see their football program as the little engine that could and sympathize with them.

Big Ten: In most cases I really don’t appreciate Big Ten Football. Up until this season, they have been big and slow with sub par athletic ability. I don’t like the Ohio St./Michigan rivalry and see them as more old school. Which is cool, I respect that but the school I respect the most is Penn St. How could you not like Penn St.? Jo-Pa is Penn St. He is just the cutest, frailest, and oldest coach in all of football. He’s the guy you want your Grandpa to hang out with. His system hasn’t changed in like 300 years and he wins. Not to mention produces more dirty linebackers than anyone else.

Big Twelve: With the Big 12 no longer having twelve schools, it just contributes to my disliking of them. They are dominated by schools like Oklahoma and Texas and I hate everything in Texas. It seems like the schools have this sense of arrogance about them that is undeserving and I perceive to be overrated. So, if I had to pick one school it would be Oklahoma St. Not for anything really outside of Barry Sanders and Dez Bryant. Even though Dez is a Cowboy in Dallas now I still have an affinity for his athletic ability.

Pac 10: Now we are starting to get into some exciting football. Kids with athletic ability not available in the Midwest. The Arizona schools are cool, Cal is hood, Stanford is smart, the Washington school aren’t very good but they practice in the rain a lot, UCLA basketball is my dude, I absolutely hate USC, but as much as I hate USC I looooooove Oregon. Why? Pshhh a lot of reasons. They play in the loudest stadium in the country, their fans are nuts, they are always ridiculously fast, they recruit nationally, but as I have stated many times before – their uniforms. Soooooooooo sick. The dark green and highlighter yellow stand out like no other school and I love that they showing it off all over national TV this year, especially this weekend against Stanford. Not to mention the Civil War rivalry with Oregon St.

SEC: The best conference is all of college football. They have the fastest and strongest kids in America and it really shows in, especially in HD. They are rich in tradition, have the best and most prominent coaches in the land (many of which coached in the league), they produce National Champion after National Champion, and my favorite of which are the Florida Gators. They have great rivalries with The U, Florida St., Georgia, Tennessee, and #1 Bama. They have great players, changing offenses, Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer, nice colors, are a huge party school, and Tim Tebow.


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