New NBA Uniforms

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

One thing I love about the NBA is that they are always mixing things up. While Ron Artest may still be a little unsure of his actions, David Stern likes to keep the fans on their toes and I think it has worked for the most part. The NBA always likes to pay homage to its past in the 70s, 80s, and even the ABA. That being said they also like to implement modernism into the game by staying fresh with fashion forward uniforms and logos. This year several NBA teams have released new logos. Most of which you probably wouldn’t notice the subtle changes. But a few have completely redone their uniforms.

The NBA and Adidas have created a successful partnership over the last few years and that relationship was rejuvenated with their new ClimaCool unis. ClimaCool is a material designed to wick away moisture away from the body and out of the uniform. Thus, if their is less moisture in your clothes you become lighter and therefore faster. How much faster? I’m not really sure but these new unis are similar to the Nike Elite unis used on Team USA and several Nike Elite schools. The tops are form fitting and shorts are long. And these are a few of the teams who went out and got new wardrobes.

Cleveland: When LeBron James first came to Cleveland not only did they have their Godsend but they also had new uniforms that were branded well and were pretty popular of the last 7 years. And upon LeBron’s departure, so went the uniforms, and the little hope their city had. It is relatively the same color scheme but with bolder tones and larger lettering. They’re not the nicest uniforms in the world but they could be a lot worse. One thing is for sure, we won’t be seeing the new uniforms in the playoffs.

Utah: Utah has reverted back to the retro look of purple, gold, and green with the music note as the logo. If any of you have never been to Utah, you would realize their is no Jazz there. There’s no jazz music, there’s no jazzy people, the thing with Jazz maybe a few of the high school cheerleaders’ hands. It never made sense to me my they didn’t rebrand the team when they moved it from NOLA but it is what it is. The uniforms are nice but they just don’t fit in Salt Lake. I always thought the Saints and Hornets should rock those colors anyway with them being the colors of the whole region.

Golden State: They kind of confuse me. It’s kind of like their the Swap Meet version of their old school uniforms they were going for with royal blue and yellow. It looks like Chris Mullin would wear it but at the same time it’s not the same. It just looks like it’s trying to hard to be from the bay area. Good luck Steph Curry I hope you’re still available in the 2nd round of my NBA draft.

LA Clippers: As much as I hate the Lakers, I love the new Clippers unis. The worst owners in sports have finally made some good draft picks and this is the year we will see if they paid off. And hopefully with new, fresh, and modern uniforms they can become recognizable in the Western Conference. They put “Los Angeles” on the unis instead of “Clippers.” Which is a fair attempt to grab fans from all of SoCal. Good thing they didn’t name themselves the Los Angeles Clippers of Los Angeles like dumbass Anaheim did.

Which btw, if you want in holla at your boy for more info.


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