Eastbound and Down Was Up and In

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Television

Kenny Powders, Kenny Powdres, Kenny Powers is back and heading south. For this season of Eastbound and Down the infamous and mulleted Kenny Powers left everything he had ever known and went to Mexico to start his life over. He left his school, team, love interest, and most importantly his Jerry curl for tight corn rows and the Mexican desert to become a professional cock fighter and gringo gangster.

Outside of the intro, the first 22 minutes were quite uneventful. His new crew headed up by an Indian midget chroney Aaron and Hector didn’t exactly excite me about the season premier. And the lifestyle of having two loser friends and documenting their trials and tribulations throughout Mexico didn’t seem like the makings of what Kenny Powders, Kenny Powdres, Kenny Powers was used to.

Early in the show, Kenny finds an old lady friend of his and was rejected. The old Kenny would have never been shut down, let alone made to look like a loser. But he was going through a stage in his life of “depressing and sad shit.” However, Kenny has a revelation and is compelled to ride into the local baseball stadium on his mini-bike and delivers what some would consider the most inspirational and motivating monologues of our generation, by taking it upon himself to bring the Charros and #55  back to the forefront of the American media. Whether it was his compelling speech or his $5 rookie card, the rest of the team just was not having it, but Kenny “doesn’t give a shit.”

It is this personality and character that Danny McBride portrays that I believe has people watching. While the storyline this season may not live up to what it has done it the past, I think that it is the quick one liners by Kenny that will keep people on their couches after Sunday Night Football. Much similar to Entourage where, I believe people watch for the awkward antics of Drama and daring hilarity from Ari and are less concerned with the plot.

The love interest may not be as hot as last season, their may not be as many familiar faces with the Vote for Pedro guy in a supporting role, but all in all I think this season will be aight just as long as he says funny shit and still lives the dream, making sure to stay away from the “depressing and sad shit.”

  1. Jesse Cintron says:

    I’m pretty sure that the little midget, Aaron, was the oompa loompa in Johnny Depp’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” which makes his short lived role even more hilarious than it already was! I loved that dude.

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