Apple Mac-kin

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Music, Pop Culture

Now, I have been semi-prejudiced against Mac products ever since they had the computers with the colored monitors. I thought they were kinda girly back then at The Boys and Girls Club and I stuck with the boyish Hewlett Packard. As I progressed as young man and Apple grew astronomically into this global brand, I was still skeptical to hop on board. It took me forever to even get an iPod Mini 2 years after it was released, which I then gave away because as much as I liked music I hated to download it.

More recently I have been against the Apple brand because they seemed too liberal for my conservative views. I think someone’s phone says a lot about a person and I could personally identify with a MackBerry. I liked its keyboard and its practical business functions in comparison to its arch enemy the iPhone (sometimes confused for a children’s toy). However, recent developments in my electronic life have brought me to the dark side.

Danielle and I were given a Macbook by our dear Jewish friend, Kelly Blaustein. To whom we are very grateful for and will be taking her out on the town, wining and dining with Manischewitz and potato latkes. Neither here nor there – it is pretty cool, especially since it was $Free.99 sucka. This coupled with my new recreational lifestyle of halfsy marathon training; I have found that music makes the run a lot more exciting. Pandora on my MackBerry was sufficient, but I wanted that extra boost to incorporate power songs, workout playlists, and being able to track my runs. This all becomes possible with the Nike +.

Nike + coupled with the iPod nano I Indian-took back from Danielle has given me this ability. Running is much more educational and interesting with these technologies at my fingertips. I also have recently come across the new iPod Nano touch. It has much more features than its predecessor, my favorite of which is its clip. The clip is cool because you can clip it your clothes or to a watch-band accessory, so that the iPod functions as a running watch.

That being said, I would love if someone were to make the purchase of the new iPod Nano Touch for me, along with its watch band accessory. If no one goes in together on that, I would be happy with iTunes gift cards. If that is still asking too much, I would be perfectly happy with someone with similar music tastes (hip hop and 90’s pop only) to sync their iTunes with mine. My last resort would be my accepting of a suggestion of how to download free music without messing up my computer or getting porn spam sent to me every night at 12:47am. That says a lot for me because it goes against everything I believe in. I also would accept pizookies from BJ’s or any cool Mac-kin tricks. Thank you for you time and God Bless America.


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