Boardwalk Empire

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Television

Such a good show! It is almost hard for me to believe that it is a cable tv show and not a movie. It took them 3 months to build and replicate the boardwalk of 1920 Atlantic City. And back then it didn’t look like the AC or Jersey Shore boardwalk, littered with guidos and crackheads. Back then, the boardwalk was new, clean, and the placed to be seen; kinda like how Rehab is in the morning before it is infested with bodily fluids. 

The show is centered on the 18th Amendment and the beginning of prohibition and how Nucky Thompson, Atlantic City Treasurer, begins to assemble a crew to illegally import alcohol and sell it at a premium underground. Nucky is played by Steve Buscemi, who must of us don’t know by name, but he is actually a pretty good actor. He was in Fargo, he played the homeless guy in Big Daddy, and the creepy lipstick sharp shooter in Billy Madison. When Nucky is isn’t out and about mingling and spending perusing ladies of the night, he politics around town going to women’s club functions and making it appear as though everything is peachy keen. 

The first episode also brings to life a character, Mrs. Schroeder, who was compelled by one of Nucky’s speeches to ask him to give her alcoholic, wife-beating, husband a job. She brings out an almost admirable side in Nucky, where he gives her money, gives her a ride home because she is pregnant, and then takes care of her husband by putting him to sleep with the fishes, literally. It was also during this era, that famous mobsters Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Luciano, and Al Capone begin to emerge in the illegal underworld. They begin to make alliances, forms crews, and start to earn their stripes by taking the initiative to make deals and break deals on their own. 

Guys will like the show for the action and smut, whereas the women will like the show for the flapper fashion of the times. But adults alike will enjoy the show for the story line, the acting and the people behind the scenes that make the show awesome. The show is executively produced by “Marky” Mark Wahlberg, his 8-pack, and Martin Scorsese, who have combined their experiences with Entourage, Planet of the Apes, Casino, Goodfellas, not to mention Boogie Knights… 

The show is on Sunday nights on a bunch of random times on a couple HBO channels, you can also tivo them, or watch them the next day on HBO On Demand. This show is destined to be a home box office hit. Some reviews say it will eventually top Sopranos and Entourage as HBO’s best series. Plus next week it will batting in front of the new season of Eastbound and Down next Sunday evening.  

“You ever watch Sunday night programming on HBO? It’s spectacular.” 

  1. Danny says:

    This is your first blog I’ve ever agreed with.

    I would like to say you left off Steve Buscemi’s most entertaining role in any of his movies…Garland ‘The Marietta Mangler’ Greene from Con Air. Not to mention the guy who goes crazy on the asteroid in Armageddon.

  2. Jake says:

    Shut up rick, legit mackin keep after it

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