Hard Knocks 2011 Season

Posted: September 17, 2010 in NFL, Television

In the aftermath of all the media coverage and hilarities that the New York Jets have brought upon themselves, I think it is about time to start the buzz as to who the next season of Hard Knocks should highlight. Now, I would like to start by saying the decision should and will not be made until post big game (due to trademark rights and I am not allowed to say the shmuper shmol). Because that is what made the Jets a sexy choice, they were AFC contenders, had a fiery new coach, the up in the air contract for Revis island, and a young yet striking quarterback and leader in Mark Sanchez. Not to mention after the decision was made, all of their off season acquisitions that made the show much more enticing. 

So, if the season were to end today with things the way they are, who would you want to watch? I think the first and most obvious answer would be for the Cincinatti Bengals. Batman and Robin have experience not only on the field and in social media but in their own reality television shows as well. That coupled with their pending success this year could make for a great show. The only thing holding them back, I believe is that they just did the 2009 season of Hard Knocks, which just might be enough to nip it in the butt. Same goes for the Cowboys and Ravens, they would be good, but they already had their times to shine. 

The next team that comes to mind is the New Orleans Saints. They have had tons of media coverage over the last 5 years in wake of the Hurricane Katrina damaging the Superdome, misplacing players’ family members, and their championship. They have a white bread quarterback who you can’t not like, Reggie Bush who doesn’t have as much acting experience as Ray-J but has some controversy surrounding him and his forfeiture of the 2005 Heisman. Not to mention the fact the head coach, Sean Payton, has already thrown their name into the hat. However, I think they will have a so/so season this year and would err on the side of boring, for a series that has been nothing short of riveting. 

Although I believe they are a horrible organization, the Denver Broncos might be able to lobby for their abilities. I think the heart of their storyline would piggyback of their quarterback battle. With golden boy Tim Tebow and pretty boy Brady Quinn there is a good chance we will see some good man butt in the showers. I mean what? I mean they have young and daring head coach who likes to shake shit up a little bit and wears cool sweatshirts. They also just picked up Lawrence Maroney which adds to their long list of “wackbacks”  not being able to succeed in their high altitude weather. 

I have 2 more that I think will have a battle royal for the title of Hard Knocks headliners. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers. I think it is time for another NFC team and with these teams on the rise and they just might be able to pull out some good Home Box Office programming. The eagles have the infamous Mike Vick which everyone would be waiting to see, a long list of notable alumni that would be stopping by their practice facilities, and I’m sure they would figure out a way to do a bit on DeSean Jackson eating a Philly Cheese Steak. They also have they toughest fans in the league which would make for some good b roll. 

The Green Bay Packers are my favorite in the bout. They top my list for several reasons but for one convincing one… How funny would it be to see some old Wisconsin ladies taking us on tours of their Milwaukee homes showcasing their pin collections and old Brett Favre shit. Jermichael Finley is a sick name and he’s sick. Clay Matthews looks like the beast from “Beauty and the Beast” and is sick. Donald Driver is hella old and is still sick. And Aaron Rodgers will probably be the best quarterback and the future face of the NFL at the time and he’s sick. There won’t be any frozen tundra but their will be plenty of humidity and plenty of cheese. And we all know that humidity and cheese don’t mix well, which makes for an invigorating season.

  1. Tom says:

    People in wisconsin aren’t really like that. Green Bay is hours from milwaukee so you won’t be seeing milwaukee homes. Also, the majority of the people here hate brett favre

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