NBA Philan-thrasy League: It’s Philantastic

Posted: September 16, 2010 in My Life, NBA

Fantasy baseball was the forefather of all the fantasy leagues, the NFL holds title for most popular, and NBA Fantasy Leagues are rising as though they were the Intercontinental Championship Title holder like Sting was in 1999. This billion dollar business has boomed over the last few years involving all aspects of life including hardcore fans, casual fans, bandwagon hoppers, posers, and Gambler’s Anonymous members. But next in line is definitely the NBA. While David Stern has been busy bettering the league’s image with standout citizens Ron Artest and Gilbert Arenas, that was quite rough over the last 5-10 years, and with the emergence of worldwide entertaining stars like Bron, KD, and D-Rose NBA fans want to compete with these charismatic athletes on their teams, their fantasy teams. 

Some people are skeptical of NBA fantasy leagues. They have the misconceptions that are like baseball where you have to update it everyday with pitchers and whatnot. But there are many different types of leagues all catering to different types of fantasy players, from the hardcore to casual. And the league I have designed will fall right in the middle by being competitive but you don’t have to get updates sent to your phone every time Deron Williams gets an assist. This league will be for the people who like to talk shit in fantasy, but more so like basketball. It will be a 10 person league with $25 buy-in. Carry the 1, bring up the remainder = the pot is $250. The tentative draft will be on Thursday 10/28 at 7:30pm. Primetime baby! 

However, there is one twist. There’s always a twist. One of my many bad entrepreneurial ideas to jumpstart the economy was to have a fantasy sports website utilized by businesses to raise employee moral throughout the office, and taking normal gambling habits and turning them into corporate responsibilities. Half of the pot ($125) will go to the winner, and the other half ($125) will go to the charity of the winner’s choice. If the winner’s choice is dumb then I will choose the charity. This comes in light of me not being able to think of a catchy domain name (the best I could come up with was, not having the financial backing, or it just being and all together bad idea for small business. 

If you would like to participate in the league, have input as for league rules, philanthropic donations, buy-ins, global warming, Obama-care, or thoughts on Edgar Alan Poe’s “The Raven,” please send any inquiries to the comment section below the blog, others may respond via my personal electronic mail account,, a message on the much more socially accepted Facebook will also suffice, and I am also in the process of being able to learn how to read Morris Code, smoke signals, and how to flash blinds like the blonde cop did when he was locked inside a bank being robbed on “Pacific Blue,” so I may or may not be able to respond to that form of communication. Thank you for your time and happy researching ☺ 

BTW this email is trademarked, so don’t steal my idea.


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