Never Forget

Posted: September 11, 2010 in My Life, Pop Culture, Uncategorized

Much like every other American, I remember exactly where I was as the 9/11 events were occurring. It was like the 3rd week of freshman year of High School. I was on the way to school when I first heard about the first plane hitting the tower. I didn’t really think much of it. It seemed more so like a small private jet crashed accidentally. I was in the hotel directly across the street from the towers 3 weeks prior for my uncles wedding. So, I was very familiar with those couple of blocks.

As the day went on and we were watching the news in classes it began to settle in that it was not an accident and that we were under attack. It was kind of an unsettling feeling. I remember I was also nervous because it was the first day of basketball conditioning after school. After running bleachers for what seemed like fuggin forever, my friends Mom took me home. I then ran a bath and brought a radio into the bathroom. I then sat and soaked for hours while I listened to all the breaking news about this piece of shit Bin Laden.

It was the events on this day that brewed my views on defending our country. It birthed my sense of patriotism at a young age. And t was these events that gave me the sense of respect for our military, police, and fire departments. How selfless some people can be to risk and give up their lives for the well being of others is truly admirable and they should NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.


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