God Bless the NFL

Posted: September 9, 2010 in NFL, Pop Culture

With the NFL starting tonight, I felt it was only right to talk about NFL culture. The NFL has risen to become not only America’s most popular and profitable sport but it has become part of our everyday lives. The NFL is mostly run by men but there has been a huge wave of female fans in recent years. And I mean real fans, we’re not talking about supporting girlfriends who will put up with the Super Bowl for the commercials.

These women are some of the most diehard fans you will ever see. They collect shit, wear their pink Ben Roethlisberger jerseys, which is just funny with his past but any who, they are noggin futs sometimes. Children of small ages grow up fans of X team because their parents were fans and their parents were fans. Under Roger Goodell, the NFL has even stepped up their philanthropic duties, in a way to put newspaper on the spill that is outlandish players with outlandish salaries, but the do good nonetheless in becoming a family activity.  

People will rearrange their lives around the NFL. Families who go to church every Sunday, begin to go Saturday evenings, West Coast fans will leave work early to make it to the bar in time for Monday/Thursday Night Football, and now with the growing popularity of fantasy football the NFL has become not only a spectator sport but very much participatory. People take their teams very seriously and often have conflicts of interest when their starting running back in playing their favorite team. These are serious issues that people deal with on a daily basis.

The NFL has been able to give hope to people in cities that lost everything they owned in a natural disaster, it gives hope to people who lost loved ones in terrorist attacks, and it gives people who have lost their jobs in hard economic times a sense of familiarity. Even with a lot of bad apples in the league, messing up on a regular basis, the trillion dollar business that is the NFL has become one of the most successful and respected businesses in America. God bless the NFL!


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