Make em run n tell day friends like a marathon

Posted: September 8, 2010 in My Life, Uncategorized

Well, the training has begun and as of right now we’re only doing the halfsies. Doc said to try the halfsies for this merry-go-round till the shin splints make like a piece of wood and splint. That’s a little athletic training humor for ya. Anyways I’m pretty excited to be competing in something substantial now after being away from intramurals for a year now. Softball just wasn’t getting my adrenaline going enough when you beat unions by 43 runs. Training is pretty basic. For the first month you just run for 30 minute increments 4x a week on Mon/Wed/Thurs/Sat. In high school I would run 10 miles no prob so getting back in the swing shouldn’t be too tough. As for equipment I currently sporting Reebok Zig Techs to alleviate the pressure on the legs. However, with my footwear knowledge and background, I have a feeling that as I get into longer distances they will be too heavy and way wear down quickly. From there I will be most likely looking in to Lunaracers or Adizero Boston’s per my extensive research. However, I would like some feedback on the Nike+. Does anyone use the Nike+ system? How do you apply the receiver in the shoe without ruining the insole? Do you find yourself actually tracking your run afterwards? Also, can you use the Nike+ with a iPod shuffle? I am racist against Asics, New Balance (not counting 574’s), or any other half rate brand like Saucony or Mizuno. So, if you have any suggestions specifically to a halfsy, please limit your options to the preceding brands. The best way to get your run in is early in the morning before work, because it is too hard to find the motivation to run after a long day. So, I have found that most people who workout prior to work, have more energy throughout the day and tend to lead healthier lifestyles by starting their day out with activity instead of a donut. Although you will be missing out on some good primetime programming, there always is TIVO. And for the people who don’t like going to bed early, time is relative. Some people just start their days earlier and end them later. My day will be starting at 5:30am and ending at 10:00pm. On my off days I just may take up reading the Wall Street Journal or really see what is going on in the world by catching up on my recorded Jersey Shores, Entourage, and Hard Knocks.

  1. Adam French says:

    I wasn’t going to comment on your racism brands until i saw Shukis do it. I suffer severely from shin splints that limit my freakish athleticism on the basketball court to 2X week. I too was once a racist towards the ugly shoe brands until I was introduced to the Asics Gel kayano 14’s ( sure there is an updated version now). Jus’ sayin. You should give in Mackin or I guess make the best out of the Ochocincos.

  2. Wow I love that your are doing the half this year. I have been trying to convince as many people as I can. My boss is doing it and now you guys and I’m working on a few others so hopefully we can have a big team of people all with the same jerseys.

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