Boise St.

Posted: September 8, 2010 in College Sports

Now that Boise St. has beaten Virginia Tech last night, they pretty much added 56 hours of banter to all of ESPN’s shows alone, about whether or not they will play for the BCS Championship. They usually play one good team each season, run the table, and then cry because they’re not playing for the championship.

The arguments for both sides that their strength in schedule is weak, there is the side that all they do is win no matter who they play. I feel bad for the players and coaches because all they do is prepare themselevs everyday and smash fools. I think it is the university’s fault that they don’t play for ships for planning weak schedgies. Most likely they’ll get snubbed again this year because their next semi-formiddable opponent is #24 Oregon St.

Hopefully next year being in the Mountain West, planning a little better of a schedule they will be able to shut critics up. I personally don’t care, they have tight unis, run sick trick plays, but play JV teams, so I see both sides. Watch they’ll probably lose in the WAC to Louisiana Tech, which why they are in the same conference as Hawaii is a blog in itself, and this will all have been a waste of time.


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