Cheaper Movie Tickets!!!

Posted: September 5, 2010 in My Life, Pop Culture

First of all I don’t understand why people wait in line at the box office when they go to movies. When you use the little kiosk in front not only is it 85% faster but it is also cheaper. Cheaper what? Yes, cheaper. When you use the electronic kiosk you are not IDed and can purchase tickets either as a senior citizen or as a child.

When seeing a PG-13 movie and lower I recommend selecting the Child option because it is the option closest to the adult. When seeing a movie rated R, I recommend choosing the Senior Citizen option. Movie theatres have been inflating the price of tickets and refreshments at a rate of 15% annually and that is not fair.

I don’t believe is discrimination of any kind, especially when it comes to price. The service that theaters offer is does not differ upon age, and neither should the price. I am all about discounts, for military for senior citizens, and for children, however this particular issue really chafes my hind parts. For no reason should you pay a higher price, when a service being offered has no special incentive for the price difference.

I realize that movie theaters are a business and it’s their job to maximize their profit margin. I also realize that by spreading the word about my system, that it could in no way lower prices. And in extreme cases where a lots of people take advantage of this ability, prices could increase even more.

I hesitate in spreading the word on this small scale, knowing it could only hinder the situation but fuck it. Go get cheaper tickets.


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