The U is Baaaaaack!

Posted: September 4, 2010 in College Sports, My Life

I could end the blog there but there are so many interesting things to say. They have a ridiculous scheg playing ranked opponents ohio st, pitt, florida st, unc, ga tech and va tech. Not to mention the ACC is super strong this year.

Jacory Harris is stupid good! But the biggest thing is that Randy Shannon recruits from several years ago are finally panning out. Being a former Cane, Shannon is able to recruit what many people including myself, the best talent in the country in South Florida. All there is to do in South Florida ghettos is to slang and ball on fools.

Their defense smashes kids with some of the best corners in the country. The running back core is super shifty, and Lenny Hankerson is one of the best receivers in the nation.

This season, the U will make Mike Irvin and The Rock proud when they remind us of The Old U that hit people in the mouth, ran it back 65 yards, and then danced for 7 minutes. They are going to be exciting and I want to buy an orange hoody.


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