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Posted: August 31, 2010 in My Life, Uncategorized

In this blogging I would like to discuss the intricacies that make a specific type of gum, well good. There are many types of gum in the market all offering their own special benefits. What kind of gum are you looking for?

Well, if you are looking for gum that has long lasting flavor, I would refer you to Stride. The commercials don’t lie, they will have to get a goat to ram you in the nuts in order to spit it out. However, while the flavor may be nothing short of everlasting, the texture is in extreme opposition. About 8 minutes into your chewing experience, it feels as though you are chewing on a tasty tire.

Want a gum that doesn’t taste like a $2.98 basketball from Wal-Mart? Well, then you will be able to experience the clean and refreshing taste of Orbit. Orbit will leave you with a gum that resembles a soft and buttery sea scallop. Never hurting your jaw, never making you weep. However, something is forgotten here, flavor. While you may no longer have a dirty mouth, your taste buds are only teased with a very short-lived and premature flavor.

Now you may be asking yourself, what gum can I find that has both lasting flavor while maintaining a supple chewing texture? I ask myself that very same question every night before I sat my prayers, but luckily I have the answer. Oxiclean! I’m just kidding, your gum to the rescue is Trident Layers. It has layers upon layers of flavor that last about 2 hours before they begin to lose their spark. And the texture never displeases, leaving you ready to chew a piece of rare prime rib immediately upon completion of chewing.

Thus, I would let someone pay me in Trident Layers 🙂


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