Sports Nation

Posted: August 27, 2010 in College Sports, MLB, My Life, NBA, NFL, NHL, Pop Culture, Television

Sports Nation is by far ESPN’s best show to date. The recipe provides for 2 cups of accurate sports journalism, 2 cups of actual humor, equality to men and women, 2 tablespoons of social media, and 2 teaspoons of viewer participation.

Colin Cowherd is not only satirically genius but he is well respected in the sports world. He is a younger version of Tony Kornheiser and doesn’t hesitate to give his God’s honest opinion on teams and/or players.

Michelle Beadle brings the pop culture flare with a fair working knowledge of “current sports.” She is in a class of her own in an industry dominated by men and is also easy on the eyes. Not Erin Andrews status but she isn’t Linda Cohen either. She seems like a cool chick you would like to have a beer with and wouldn’t be so mad if she were your congresswoman.

Sports Nation is mainly brilliant because it revolves around fan interaction and social media. In a society run by technology and social media, Sports Nation really takes advantage of growing trends.

Not only does it tweet and update its Facebook status daily but it retweets players and shouts-out to fans on the show. And it doesn’t stop there it conducts daily polls on topics in sports, current events, and viral videos which becomes the bread and butter of the show.

I Tivo and watch daily and would love to work on the show or even just sit in their live audience with the other rowdy interns. Keeep it up.


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