It’s a hard knock life for them…

Posted: August 26, 2010 in NFL, Television

Hard Knocks on HBO is by far the best reality show on TV since the first season of Survivor had Richard Hatch prancing around on the beach with his lil wenis hangin out all over Primetime.

It has people watching it that don’t like the Jets, or football in general. It is dramatic with the cutting of players, season ending injuries, and especially with the cat and mouse game hosted by the best corner in the league, Darelle Revis.

It is absolutely hilarious with the antics performed by head coach, Rex Ryan. From his absurd and out of context swearing to his impromptu one-liners. Bart Scott is probably one of the funniest shit talkers I have ever heard. The fuggin punter ordered everyone in camp a Shake Weight (TM). And Mark Sanchez is surprisingly witte when he isn’t busy throwing interceptions or handing the ball off. Not to mention one of the best pieces of Television ever, brought to by Antonio Cromartie. Dude has 8 kids, from 5 baby mamas, in 3 states. And he tried reciting their names like his 4th grade teacher was asking him for his 9s on the multiplication table.

There is tons of bonecrushing action. Rookie fullback, John Conner lights fools up on the daily, Vernon Gholston smashes dudes, there are fun loving skirmishes, and they haze 🙂

The show is taped every week and edited every week with only a 2 day delay, so it is always up to date and relevant to what just happened. It will eventually surpass Entourage, as HBO’s greatest series ever!


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