2010 College Football Preview – Uniforms Edition

Posted: August 25, 2010 in College Sports

With college football starting next week I feel like this is an appropriate to discuss a pressing issue facing the NCAA. It isn’t the issue of players and their families getting compensated by boosters or agents, overworking players in summer practices, or the current BCS playoff system. A much more important issue of who has the sickest uniforms.

My top ten are comprised up of both Nike and Adidas schools, traditional and modern, and good programs and bad.

10. Texas – Although I hate pretty much everything from Texas, they’re all whites are pretty sick. Especially when paired with blonde died dreadlock tips.

9. Hawaii – Hawaii recently signed a new deal with Under Armour. Outfitting them with all of their apparel needs. Even though green and black don’t go that well together, they are intimidating and frankly I was to afraid to put them on the list in case a local Warrior read this.

8. Penn St. – Nothing says college football like good ol’ Joe Pa in Happy Valley, Pa. They’re uniforms are never changing yet uniqe as no one else has a ringer t for a uniform. Timeless.

7. Michigan – Even though Rich Rod is kind of a doucher and the maize is kinda awk bright, Michigan has the best helmets by far. They’re the only school with the actaully mascot depicted into the design of the helmet.

6. Notre Dame – Even thoug Notre Dame is overrated in almost everything they do. They’re uniforms are dope. They’re the only private Catholic school who can have school colors of green and a leprechaun as a mascot and still rock a 24k Gold helmet.

5. Florida – Royal Blue and Orange go so well together. Florida looks really tight in October when Nike releases their unis with new logos on their shoulder pads and pants.

4. Boise St. – Now that they and UNR will be in the MWC. I will not be mad when I see the smurfs smash the Wolfpack at home on the Smurf Turf. Even though when they were all blue at home, it is a little much and plays tricks on your eyes with the smurf turf background, they are the only school who had the carpet match their drapes. Tehehe.

3. Alabama – Bama is just old school dirty. They look as big and fast as they did when Bear Bryant coach Forrest Gump. And there isn’t even an Auburn fan who can hate on the helmets with the individuals’ number on it.

2. TCU – MWC stand up! Lesssss go! The horned frogs were off the radar ever since LT left. But now that they are on a national pedestal Nike hooked them up. Now at first glance they look like nothing special. But once you take a closer look at this Van Gogh you will be amazed. They’re unis are texturized to match the scales of a horned frog.

1. Oregon – 384 POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS! Need I say more? Yes, I need. Not only do they have a ruh-tarded amount of combos. The players get free ish out the ying yang. Not only do they get the freshest football gear but they get customized gear for every other sport. They highlighter yellow colorway is my favorite. The all black “darth vaders” are ridiculous. And the all white “storm trooper” look cleaner than well, Mr. Clean. Not to mention Oregon alum, and founder of Nike, Mr. Bauerman has left his legacy to alma mater of having the lightest uniform in the world. 20% lighter than any other pro or college uniform.


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