There is a “Situation” with Dancing with the Stars.

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Pop Culture, Television

I don’t really give a hoot about Dancing with the Stars but ever since Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino pointed specifically at me at Jet on 1/23/10 and started to fist pump in my direction, I have been intrigued by the activity of the cast of The Jersey Shore. Maybe it was just the bedazzlings on my rented Ed Hardy t-shirt but I think we had a connection.

The next season of Dancing with the Stars will be headlined by the sitch and who was actually voted worst dancer on Jersey Shore so he probs won’t last long on Dancing with the Stars. Especially once they bring in some ex pop star or figure skater to run the table. Audrina is supposed to be on this season also.

I am one who feels for reality stars. Who cares if they are talent less people who got lucky tv deals and are now making millions of endorsements and movies that will go straight to DVD. They’re just tryna get theirs and doing what the rest of the talent less world would be doing if they had a chance.


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