Posted: August 23, 2010 in My Life

Today marks the first time in literally 20 years that I will not start school in the fall. From pre-kindergarten all the way through college I have opened up my brain to teachers and other kids. I always liked school. Elementary through high school I was a straight A student with a few Bs here and there. I think I mentally peaked around mid-way through junior year of high school.

I am the first college graduate on both sides of my family and even though that seems like an accomplishment it is the minimum now. It used to be where if you went to college you were in the minority and getting a masters or doctorate was going way above and beyond the norm. Now, a bachelors is the minimum and a masters is almost needed in the business world and doctorates are above average.

Now, that it has finally hit me that I am “done” with school, I want to go back lol. Only a few months out of education, I’m itchin to go back. Whereas before I was there for the social aspect of school and when I got really hard, I wanted to get it over it. Now that I’m out, complacency is beginning to set in and kinda want to go back for my masters.

It has always been in the back of my mind that I would get it, but I never took the steps necessary to do so. So, I’ll probs be starting to study for the gmat in the next few months if anyones tryna buddy study. Get at me.


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